TS4- (AT 1.4) Blackburns Ch 3: Having a Blast!

AfterTime BACC
Rotation 1 Chapter 4

It’s morning and everyone grabs a bite to eat and takes care of their needs.

Ya know, when I married her to two guys I never expected to actually play them.  It is kinda odd.

They show up in the lounge and this time the mixologist is one of my testers Jace Lambert who is married to Liberty.  There was a big mess from the previous day so Ava starts cleaning while the guys grab some leftover food.

Zaiden starts practicing mixing drinks and Moose comes in to tell them how great everything looks.

Oh my it looks like one of the barracks residents Zachary Petty is having a date with Anaya Nair!  So much juicy gossip from owning a lounge!

While Ava flirts with her husband I become obsessed with the lighting.  She how Liberty and Layne are glowing back there?  It was driving me nuts.  I finally found the culprit was two big lights inside that glass box behind Zaiden!

Ava’s twin sister Ella stops in to check on her.  So sweet.  That’s Brody Lo working as a mixologist.  I was still trying to figure out why nobody was buying drinks.  I never did really figure it out but what I started doing is if nobody bought anything for awhile I’d force the mixologist working to leave and someone else spawned and it worked so I think they were getting bugged somehow.

Quite a crowd in here tonight!

Once again, I was so happy seeing my sims interact with each other!

Awe look Liza finally gets to see her daughter.

Okay so, I totally forgot about that cooking mod and I sent Tevin to grill while the others were at work and he couldn’t!  So I had to send him to his in-laws to steal a little produce!

Yum veggie burgers.  I’d not realized he’s a vegetarian.

Back in the lounge once again.  I’d had him leave so I could try to figure out the no buying drinks thing.  Of course, he had to purchase one for himself.  I sure hope that Missy isn’t making one of her famous blood drinks!

Her twin sister poor pregnant Dolly is napping over there.  Unfortunately, she’ll be pregnant for quite awhile since I lengthened it for Baylee’s pregnancy!

Ava gets home from work and heads to the lounge where she gets a veggie burger.  As you can see back there I’d made Missy leave and Sabine Vatore replaced her and now sims are ordering drinks.

After another night in the tent, they all head back to the lounge.  Ava needs to increase her comedy skill so she tells jokes to entertain the patrons.

And Tevin goes back to his fishing.  It’s a shame he’s a vegetarian.

Sabine is bartending again and things are going smoothly.  The Curses family are all in and out of the lounge.  I suppose they’re enjoying their newfound freedom!

Our resident entertainer Marco Nair tells some jokes and everyone seems to really enjoy it.  I don’t ever remember seeing an entertainer at a lounge before but he shows up every day.

Tevin takes a break from fishing to have a bite to eat.  It’s convenient being able to order bar food.  See how Ira is using the computer?  They earn money from that!  It’s like $10 but still pretty cool.  The lady he’s chatting with is Goopy GilsCarbo’s mom.

Ava returns to the lounge after work with a promotion but needing fun so she dances to the jazz speakers.  I actually enjoy the music and ambiance.

Speaking of music!  Marco has been here so much he’s actually getting okay at the piano!  When they first bought the lounge he sounded horrible.  Sims watch him and tip him.  It’s pretty cool.

Zaiden returns from his job with a promotion as well.  Tevin has a job just keeping the place clean!

Ava wanted to perform a comedy routine so she worked on writing one about cookie overdoses.  She must be thinking of her mother’s constant baking when she was a child!  Poor girl ended up sick too.

Awe true love.  When you watch your sick wife perform comedy and laugh your butts off.  But now they are all tired and it’s the wee hours of the morning.  I think we’d better let Sabine and Marco go home.  They’ve both been here all day!


When I realized he couldn’t cook a darned thing!

The vampires kept getting this thought bubble apparently it means low energy!

You don’t even have a house!

I really did find this hilarious considering the amount of baking Baylee did!

Blackburn’s Chapter 4 coming soon!


Chapter notes:

Seriously?  I’ve been having so much fun playing them and the lounge I don’t want to leave!  I realized finally that you have to have the computer on the owned lot to get the daily income from it.  Even then though they get quite a bit from drink sales when the mixologist doesn’t get bugged.  Hopefully making the sim leave has fixed it.  So weird.

3 thoughts on “TS4- (AT 1.4) Blackburns Ch 3: Having a Blast!

  1. When I was playing my owned lounge I was getting income from purchases at the bar. But when my waiter changed shifts I noticed I made less money as well. (I didn’t think to make him leave) I also didn’t think to get the daily income from the computer because I was receiving money from the purchases. 🤦🏻‍♀️ either way I deleted the lot but still 😂

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