TS4- (AT 1.6) The Duo’s Dives Ch 6: Not Such a Dive

AfterTime BACC
Rotation 1 Chapter 6
Restaurant Challenge Chapter 6

Our restauranteurs plus Tonya’s new hubby Deangelo are next!  Tonya seems pretty smitten with her new hubby already.

Brody heads over to the new place to get everything set up.  Yes, they’re starting with an actual restaurant this time.  The three of them together rolled almost $50,000 and after practically deleting everything I managed to get it down enough so they only needed a $20,000 loan to purchase it and a few beds for themselves.  This is actually the second restaurant I did this to.  I’d spent hours on another one but when I got to their lot and remembered all of Brody’s plants I realized that the new lot took up a whole 30×20 space and there would be nowhere to put them!  Restaurants don’t make much money, at least not at first and they depend on Tonya’s paintings and Brody’s plants to keep them ahead.  I’d absolutely loved this place when I first saw it but thought there’s no way I could get the price down enough that they could buy it.  I managed it with only a small loan but I had to take out a lot.  The house itself is completely bare no paint, no carpets, no doors, the cheapest stairs, the only windows left are the ones on the front, I only left them the cheapest shower and toilet.  In the restaurant, I sold most of the paintings and took away the paint and flooring in all but the dining area.  There I left most of everything intact because I couldn’t bear to take any of it away.

After the restaurant was purchased, menu was set, employees were hired and their uniforms were designed they all headed to Super Super Mart to purchase their beds.  This time it’s Cannon dancing outside.

They are all the cheapest beds but they still seem so expensive!

Woah!  That was unexpected.  Unlike our last arranged marriage Deangelo and Tonya seem to have had no problem getting to know each other very quickly.

Guess it was meant to be?

Brody leaves the new couple to their budding romance and checks out the grocery section.  He spends a paltry $50 buying some cooking necessities and one each of the most inexpensive veggies to plant.

Which he does when they get to the restaurant.  I’m sorry, I just couldn’t make him start over on his garden!  He’d worked so hard on it.  So when I moved them I saved the plants to a room and placed it when they got here and put the plants in their household inventory.

I’d forgotten to buy Tonya an easel so had to use some of the little money I’d left in the restaurant funds.  After this day I decided to move the easel downstairs in the restaurant.  It makes no sense having to have her go up and down.

Ugh.  Really?  He pulled one quick meal out of the fridge and it broke?  It’s brand new!  I guess I should have gotten the more expensive model.

No time like the present.  Might as well open the restaurant.  Our waitress is Liberty Lambert.  She does not seem excited about her new job.  The cook is one of the homeless sims I’d originally made for the FEMA camp but that idea was later scrapped.  Her name is Betsy Cornell and I think she’s adorable.

And last is our hostess Meghan Workman otherwise known to me as Goopy’s mom.

Our first customers!  It’s Teague, Paris and Shaina Maledire from Curses!  I think Paris needs some new outfits if she’s going to be leaving the lot.

Oh geeze, Liberty don’t kill yourself!  Luckily she stopped after a few minutes and took the Maledire’s order.  Whew.

Shaina!  Really?  What a naughty girl.

Deangelo goes over and asks her calmly not to make a mess earning him a negative relationship with her.  Then when he starts mopping it up she sits in the mess playing with a toy duck.  I was just thinking before this how nice it was to see one of the kids for a change!

Since the Maledires aren’t sitting at their table Brody can’t check on them but Cameron is so Brody asks and he says everything is great.  Cameron is one of my original testers.  He’s married to Summer (Holiday) he also works at Super Super Mart.

See!  Ugh.  All of them did this the whole day!

I had to watch them like a hawk for one of them to sit down so I could send someone to check on the table!

More autonomous affection between the new couple.  I have to admit I was a bit baffled but pleased.

Brody had grabbed a quick meal… and sat the bowl on that shelf so I sent Tonya to cook some mac and cheese which ended up not being needed but at least they have it in the fridge.  Good thing Brody bought some ingredients at the store.

Marco Nair and his wife Anaya were there.  I hadn’t realized they were married when I moved them from the Curses save but they seem happy together so we’ll let them be.  See how the pizzas are just laying around?  They stood chatting and drinking and never ate before they left.  Which is why Tonya didn’t need to cook.  I sent them to eat the uneaten pizzas.

See!  So funny.  I used to do that with Brody and Tonya last time I’d played them too.  Free food.  At least there’s a benefit of owning a restaurant eh?

Kumiko, Zhang, and Uzuri came in just as they were about to close and I was so sad but they’d been open for 12 hours! All of the staff was dragging and the household sims kept taking turns napping.

Ugh.  I need to fix the name of the place first of all.  I didn’t name it, that’s what the lot was called.  As you can see, they did terribly. Owning a restaurant is not very profitable in my opinion.  While I tried to sleep I got some ideas to help them along.  Originally, this was going to be a short chapter and I ended it here but that didn’t happen!  Here’s more…

Here we go implementing some ideas the next morning!  I realized the day before that they were making a little money off of the foosball table which I hadn’t expected but was very exciting.  It means that the venue mod changes everything even if it’s not a venue you’ve purchased with it!  So, I sold the jukebox and replaced it with a karaoke machine.  I got rid of the dartboard because for whatever reason it seems to be bugged and they were losing money not gaining it from it.  I moved Tonya’s easel down there where it was and put in an arcade machine.  I also added the entertainment lot trait so sims would use these more often.

Before they opened I checked their needs and they were good all except that they were starting to get a little hungry.  So I had them all grab some leftover mac and cheese quick.

Another part of the making more money plan.  Hire a mixologist to see if they make money off of drink sales.  Spoiler: They do!

Sims are instantly drawn to the new entertainment.  Kanai sings a little for us.

The foosball table was also popular but the arcade machine wasn’t as much which sucks because it costs quite a bit.

Meanwhile, Tonya painted up a storm.  She did nothing else.  I let the guys run the restaurant.

The bar was very popular.  Now Brody stop that!  Summer’s married!

With all of the excitement, I hadn’t realized how much time had passed.  It had been almost 4 hours and nobody had gotten served food!  But, you’ll have to wait and see what happens in the next chapter!

AfterTime Chapter 1.7/Duo’s Chapter 7 coming soon!

Chapter notes:

I’ll have all of the end of day results in the next chapter.  Sorry, I had to leave you hanging like this but I really had no choice since I took a ton more screenshots that day!

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