TS4- (AT 1.7) The Duo’s Dives Ch 7: The Ratskeller

AfterTime BACC
Rotation 1 Chapter 7
Restaurant Challenge Chapter 7 

Ratskeller (German: “council’s cellar”, pl. Ratskeller, historically Rathskeller) is a name in German-speaking countries for a bar or restaurant located in the basement of a city hall (Rathaus) or nearby. Many taverns, nightclubs, bars, and similar establishments throughout the world use the term.  In America, they mostly spell the word as “Rathskeller” to avoid similarity with the word “rat”.  Many universities and public institutions have pubs or student center dining facilities located in repurposed basements. To market these nontraditional eating locations to students and patrons, many of these are termed “Ratskellers”. -Wikipedia

Here we are back again in the newly dubbed Ratskeller restaurant.  We left off with the realization that nobody was being served food.  What’s up, guys?  Where’s the food?

I got this while they were closed.

I never did figure out exactly what the problem was.  I closed the place and went into build mode and made sure move objects was off and moved around stuff but it all seemed fine.  Anyways, the customers left and new ones showed up.

They’ve now hired a second mixologist the waitress Liberty’s husband, Jace because Sabine went home.  Brody and Deangelo are just ordering drinks and roaming around while I wait impatiently to see if anyone gets served.

Sing it Kurtis!

I waited with bated breath as Liberty takes the customer’s orders.

Nice to see Zhang has some new friends.

Yes!  They get their meals!  If you didn’t know already, that’s Layne Barfield dining with him.  You can tell he’s in the Navy because his uniform is blue.

Really Brody, your cousin Tonya is painting non-stop and you’re drinking?  Do you see that stack of dirty plates or the dirty glasses?

Ha!  Someone left a pizza.  Good thing Tonya was hungry.

To make up for all of the poor reviews they’d gotten from the first messed up opening of the day Brody offered all of the customers a free dessert.  Kurtis was the only one I saw get one though.  It’s funny that they were one of the first customers in and last to leave!

At the end of the day, Tonya had finished 7 paintings.  I think at least one of them was a masterpiece.  So let’s see how we did…

At least it wasn’t a negative net profit!  After paying for Tonya’s first painting of the day and hiring the first mixologist I transferred all household funds to the business so that I could tally their income from other stuff…

$1,799 from drinks and entertainment
$10,900 from paintings

Umm… I totally forgot that they got a loan and needed to pay that back first and spent like $10,000 trying to put some of the stuff back I’d sold so they could afford this place.  The front looks sooo much better this way!  I really wish we had pavers that matched the roads.  I really don’t understand why the developers wouldn’t give them to us?

I moved the garden closer to the house because I realized I’d spent A LOT of money on fencing and had to take some of it away.

And they got the second chef station back and tile on the walls and floors!

Oh crap.  Note to self: It’s okay if they do the stuff autonomously but not if I do it!  He had a whim to embrace her and I thought sure why not?  Now they’re both embarrassed because she pushed him away.  This is what I’d expected from the first day!

Why does everyone have to show up at once???

That’s Trey’s son Frankie from the Robinson’s legacy drawing on the placemat.

People are getting food.  I really need to do makeovers on the homeless sims that were originally living in the FEMA camp that I scrapped.

Speaking of makeovers.  In your bathrobe Paris?

I think here is where I made my mistake but I’m not sure.  I hired the second chef as soon as they had enough points.  It’s Marco Nair’s wife Anaya.

See!  What the heck?  All of the sudden sims aren’t getting served again.  So funny, you can see Heaven is singing again back there.

Let’s try this again.  I closed the restaurant and reopened it.  Oh look!  We can now see Dolly’s baby belly.  The lady behind her is Ratna… yes, makeovers are needed very soon.

Is it pregnant ladies eat free day?  Awe look at our Baylee’s belly!

Are you wondering where Liberty is?  So was I!  Here I was watching the customers to see if any got their food when suddenly I realized I didn’t see her anywhere!  I could have closed yet again and hoped she’d show up but I decided to cheat myself a second server.  Meet Isis Ikeda.  Isn’t she so pretty?

Sterling cheers on our mom-to-be as she sings.

Taking a look at everyone’s satisfaction I realized that Betsy has improved her skills greatly and deserves a promotion.  She seemed pleased.

Look!  Over Dolly’s head!  I think this is the first time I actually wanted you to see those darned stars.  Our first 5 star rating!

And another back there from Enrique!  So exciting.  We celebrated by giving everyone free desserts.

Baylee and Nico were chatting with Brody.  Brody, don’t you think you should be doing some work?

Hooray!  More 4’s and 5’s!

And to finish us off we had a special song from Forgotten Hollow’s top model Vladdy!  I’ve decided that he really needs a makeover as well.  I’m going to be busy!

Ugh!  I really need to do some research on restaurants.  I haven’t owned one since Dining Out was first released and it was the one that Brody and Tonya ran which was basically a shack.  It might have even been named that.  I’m clueless.  Maybe there’s a perk they can save up for?  Unfortunately, I was preoccupied with the whole no food thing and forgot to hire a mixologist after the first one left this day so they didn’t make nearly as much as they could have…

$1,150 from drinks and entertainment
$11,491 from paintings
$4,749 from the garden

This time, I did remember their $20,000 loan.  They paid $15,000 towards it and are now practically broke… yet again.

AfterTime Chapter 1.8 coming soon!

Duo’s Dives Chapter 8 coming soon!

8 thoughts on “TS4- (AT 1.7) The Duo’s Dives Ch 7: The Ratskeller

    1. Thanks! I absolutely love that basement restaurant. I’m going to have to save it for when one of them gets enough money to start again… cuz I’m bulldozing everything! Mwahahahahaha!

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    1. Right? But first, the new Cats and Dogs expansion pack comes out this Friday which will probably break all of the mods I use in the game for the stores and stuff so I’ll have to just play a separate save with the new pets while I wait! I’m so excited about them! There’s going to be a new veterinarian career as well and a new world called Brindleton Bay that’s like the American north east. I can’t wait for you to see it!

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