TS4- (AT 1.8) Nobles Extra: This Never Happened

AfterTime BACC
Rotation 1 Chapter 8
Nobles Bonus Extra

A/N: With LittleMsSam’s Venue mod you can’t make money off of parks or playgrounds.  But how else are you going to upgrade things?  I hadn’t planned to spend almost the entire three days with Lark and Joi trying to figure it out but I did.  So I decided to roll back the save to when I’d first started with them and do it over now that I’ve kinda figured things out.  So technically, none of this ever happened.  For which I’m sure Mara Darkstone will be grateful:

Day one: I decided to try to make a generic lot with the lot traits to attract toddlers-teens with an entrance fee for income.  They’d gotten a $5,000 loan to afford it.  I’m sure the who’s who will confuse the heck out of anyone not familiar with my old rotation.  The boy is Kade Lothario.  The girl is Violet Stark.

Kevine from Curses shows up.  The child is Goopy and the toddler is Marcos Fogel.

Baylee Robinson walks by with her baby belly and I had to get a shot.  I bought that food cart but a vendor never showed up.  I’m wondering now if it’s because I have that no townies mod but I don’t think so because in other saves I’ve had Caleb Vatore run them and he’s not a random.

Uzuri and Aimi Maledire are he now as well as Lucas Munch.

Marcos needed fun so Lark played with him.

And then it started to get crazy!  More and more kids kept showing up!  Obviously, I’m not going to name who is who in this pic.  Sorry.  By this point, they’d made enough to build a little restroom.

What the?  Look at them all!!!

It’s like a toddler invasion!

Even a few adults showed up like Ella Robinson.

The teens hung out and chatted.  Meanwhile, I was still trying to figure out the food problem.  I couldn’t buy a grill because Lark had nothing to grill with!

I think Alyssa L’Amour was tense because one of the toddlers was crying because she’s not a loner.  She was still a child in all of the old rotation chapters.

Awe so cute!  The girl in the black shirt is Tiana Black.  She’s the daughter of Veronica Landgraab and Lucas (Munch) Black.  The other girl is Meagan Westbrook.  She’s the daughter of Kaci Pancakes and Ricky Westbrook.

I don’t understand why but the radio seems to draw them all like moths to a flame.  I had the same thing happen the next day.

Alright, girls.  Let’s go home.  I went to bed myself at this point and while trying to fall asleep tried to figure out a solution.

Day 2:  Yet another attempt.  I’d decided to nix the toddler idea.  There’s no way to check on them to see if they need anything and frankly, it was kinda weird having them just show up without parents.  They’d earned quite a bit of money the day before and after the sale of that lot were able to buy this bigger lot that I thought was more suited to a park.  But, nobody seemed to be showing up so I (stupidly) used the door trick to bring a bunch of them at once.

Lark needed fun so she was playing on the computer.  Lucas and Aimi headed right over to chat with her.

I had Joi invite Tatum, Haven, and Goopy to play with her.

Dangit!  I don’t know how long she was standing here like this!  Stupid vampires have no sense of self-preservation.  I used a cheat to make her leave but she didn’t make it.

I later found her urn when I was trying to figure out what Raymond Ikeda was doing lurking on the road alone.

See what I meant about the radio?

I can’t remember what embarrassed her.  She and Joi were getting hungry and I’d sent her to the store the night before so she had some meat to cook with.  There’s a new mod for the cooler but unfortunately, you can’t put the meat in there.  You can put fruits and veggies though so I think I’ll stock one with them.  At least then they can make veggie burgers or grilled fruit.

Joi needs a best friend for her Social Butterfly aspiration and personally, I’d just like her to have one.  I paused the game and enabled unplayed aging to see who was close in age with her.  The only one close is Kizzy Lothario so I thought I’d have them work on that. Obviously, since none of this happened it was for nothing but at least I know who’s close in age.

I was a little surprised that Goopy will be aging to teen soon.  I’m not sure how old he was when I discovered him though and I didn’t stop aging in that save until sometime after that so who knows.  Joi’s already friends with him but since he’s close to teen I didn’t think he was a good best friend candidate.  At this point, I’d sent everyone home but he didn’t leave because he was in a conversation with her I guess.  Then I sent Lark and Joi home to bed.

  • The next day I had Lark skip school so that I could continue to experiment and just planned to quit without saving.  I tried putting out an expresso stand to see if that could be a way to make income.  No, nobody ordered from it.  I put out an arcade machine but it only makes $5 every time someone plays it which isn’t enough.  But, one thing I didn’t notice until near the end of that day was that there wasn’t a ton of sims.  When Lark got there I’d had her summon like 6 maybe.  They showed up and slowly more did but everyone was doing their own thing.  There were groups chilling out together but there weren’t a ton of sims there.  It was nice!  So I exited without saving as planned and went to bed.  But I couldn’t sleep.  I felt terrible that I’d wasted pretty much all of my time with these two trying to figure this out!  So, I got up to see if I had a save from when I had just started with them.  I found one that is literally when I’d entered their lot.  I plan to restart from there but I thought it would be a shame not to share all of these screenshots!  Hope you enjoyed them.

AfterTime 1.9/Nobles 2 coming soon!

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