TS4- (AT 1.9) Nobles Ch 2: Playground Antics

AfterTime BACC
Rotation 1 Chapter 9
Nobles Chapter 2

I figured that since Lark and Joi got quite a bit of starter money and it seemed cruel to make a child live off of the land that they should get a little house.  It’s Cute Starter by Ambersparks23 it was empty for $11,000 and I bought them very little in the way of starting furnishings because as you know from the extra chapter I wanted them to own a playground.

Joi’s bored and Lark’s looking at her phone trying to think of something for them to do.

They go to the library where Lark sees that they can buy the land for a playground and charge an entrance fee.  They’re a little short on the money needed so she gets a small loan for the difference.

Then they headed over to Super Super Mart.  This time both Cannon and Marco are working and Cameron is dancing.

Now, Cannon, she’s a teen and you have a child of your own!  The girls were there to grab some groceries for home as well as some for the playground and seeds to plant.

Here it is!  Clover Fields by Pollyannasims.  I changed a few things but not much.  I put in the toddler area for when other families visit with their kids when I’m playing them.

Lark’s first task is to add a few cooking ingredients to the cooler so that next time someone visits they can grab it to cook with.

Not much. I wasn’t sure if fish would go in. I’ll have to have Tevin add some. Mushrooms and tofu. Unfortunately beef and chicken won’t go into it.

Then she sets the seeds out and starts planting.  I hope this will turn into a nice community garden.

Mara no!  We just got you back!  *sigh*  I decided I had to do something about this problem pronto so I found… a mod.  How’d you guess?  I have SO MANY mods nowadays I’m sure it’s predictable!  Here it is if you’re interested: DayWalker Vampires.  Apparently, it tricks them into always thinking there’s no sun.  Beats me.  I don’t understand much about mods other than how awesome they are.

More sims start showing up.  Alessandra shows Kerri something on her phone.  I wonder why Violet is glaring at her like that in the background?

Umm Nia, talking to her isn’t very helpful.

This is Violet’s twin brother Vance.  Kaylin, you should know already as Nova’s daughter from the Robinsons if not well her and her twin sister Kira are our resident aliens.

Looks like Nia has moved on from trying to chat with Lark to little Shelley.

Lucas plays sea monster.  Next to him is Tatum.  Uzuri you should know.  Next to her is Angelo who was from the rotation neighborhood but was an MCCC baby, not related to anyone.  And I’m sure I’ve mentioned Goopy in the red hat more than once.

Most of the teens seem to be hanging out over here.

Now, Raymond, those girls are too young… and so are you!  Like father like son I suppose.  He’s Cannon’s son.

I was afraid that the teens wouldn’t play basketball.  It’s nice to see that they do.

I’d tried using LittleMsSam’s gardening service but they never showed up.  Oh well, it was worth a try.  So I had Lark form a group with some of the teens to help her water the stuff she’d planted that morning.

Joi takes a break to nap.  Lark took a nap or two as well.  I should have made sure their energy was full before they left to do everything but I was excited to get started… again.

Looks like Lark has woken from her nap.  Aubree would be her 2nd cousin?  She’s Lark’s cousin so I think that’s right.

Zhang sure seems to be enjoying his newfound freedom.  We’ve seen him out several times with and without Kumiko and Uzuri.

Speaking of Uzuri.  I caught this a few minutes later.  So cute!  I can just see her cringing in embarrassment because her dad kissed her in front of her friends!

Good girl Tatum!  Although, I think she made the mess in the first place.

Lark looks so different without her glasses!

I wanted to get a pic of Kira and Kaylin together but they decided that they’d rather be one with nature.

I was looking for Lark and found her… and most of the other teens in the bathroom.

Lark was miserable and Joi was tired too so everyone headed back to their houses.  Holy cow that’s a lot of kids!

Joi seems in better spirits than she did that morning at least.  Lark… not so much.

AfterTime 1.10/Nobles 3 coming soon!

Chapter notes:

I think that the reason that a gardener never showed up when called was because I have that mod preventing random townies.  I guess I’ll need to assign someone as a gardener.

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