TS4- (AT 1.10) Nobles Ch 3: Not Just Fun and Games

AfterTime BACC
Rotation 1 Chapter 10
Nobles Chapter 3

I wanted to test out a night light mod and turned the monster back on in MCCC but I haven’t played any kids since then and forgot about the darned night light!

What the heck?  She went back to sleep finally sometime after I put in the nightlight and then woke up again a few hours later.  Ugh.

This morning is not starting out well for Joi.

Leaving the bathroom for her niece, Lark makes some apple salad.  Sounds yummy.

Since it’s Sunday there’s not much else to do but head back to the playground again.

But first, new clothes!

Shortly after they get there some other kids show up too.  Lark shows Nico something on her phone.  I wonder if it’s this Simstigram that we’ve seen on stuff for Cats and Dogs?

The vampire siblings don’t look happy.  I have no idea why not!  They aren’t burning like they should be.  They should be thrilled!  Dancing in the streets!  Uh, wait, that’s Vladdy.  Nevermind kids.  Be broody like most vampires.

See!  What is it on their phones?  Now Aubree is looking at something too!

Then I started mooning over how much some of the kids look like their parents.  Like Kizzy on the left looks so much like her mom Skye!

Or how much Joi looks like her dad Aaron.

The Morrison boys are together which isn’t much of a surprise since they usually are!

Joi and Shaina take a selfie together.  They are good friends.

Lucas is playing sea monster again.

I love that face!!!

Once again, I look for Lark and find her in the bathroom.  It looks like she must have showered because she’s changed clothes which is annoying.  The vampire siblings are hanging out in there too which is weird because she’s not talking to them.

Uzuri I hope you didn’t do anything wrong because it looks like your mom’s on the warpath!

Joi spends a few hours working on her friendship with Kizzy and it starts getting late.

How did you get dirty again?!  She must have either played basketball or went for a jog to clear her mind.  Ugh.  Better get you home.

Seems Joi isn’t in a much better state.  Since she had to pee she got first turn in the bathroom.

In the morning Joi plays with a toy from her new toybox before school.

I finally get to see the child uniforms!  I put every single kid in the entire save in one and Joi is the only one I’m actually playing so I haven’t seen any!

Joi seemed to have had a great day at school… Lark not so much.

School projects!  At least the question of what they’ll do for the rest of the day has been answered!

Oh, and Violet came home from school with Joi.  When they first got home she went into Joi’s room to play with her toys.  I think she might have stuck a toy into her inventory when Joi asked her to help with the project.

That was trilling.  They helped Lark finish her rocket too.  I don’t know why I didn’t take a pic of that.  Then Violet headed… wherever it is she goes.

Well, that was fun if a bit short for the third day.  Good thing their rotation started on a Saturday.  Although, if they get their grades up I think they won’t have many days of school anyway with the mod.

Our social butterfly might not have gotten a best friend yet but she did max social!

AfterTime chapter 1.11 coming soon!

Nobles chapter 4 coming soon!

Chapter notes:

In case you were wondering, they did repay their loan in full.  I’m so proud!  I doubt they’ll be able to spend as much time there as they did in this chapter but it was nice to see all of the kids.  I took the entrance fee trait off and changed it to attract toddlers as well as children for if I take the Robinson’s there when I get to them.

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