TS4- AfterTime 1.12/Curses! 4.14: So Many Sims!

AfterTime BaCC Rotation 1 Chapter 12
Curses! Gen 4 Chapter 14

On Halloween, I decided to celebrate with the Maledire family!  The kids all got costumes and carved pumpkins.

Perhaps Shaina and Uzuri are a little young for knives?

They all did a great job!

There was spooky music playing to set the mood further.  Kevine danced with his dad while Beal chatted with Kumiko.

Looks like grandpa Sterling approves of Shaina’s costume.

Looks like Uzuri got a trick with her treat!

Gotta have some selfies to remember this!

Everyone’s costumes look so cool!

In the morning the kids don’t have school so Shaina plays on the pirate ship.

Then Rieko goes to cook and I realize that there’s no food!  Later I remembered the veggies they’d grown but she still needed to get some other stuff.  So off to the store, she goes!

Kumiko was playing guitar and it was making everyone tense.  I found this odd since she’s level 3.

Time to take care of all the plants.

First I saw the beebox and remembered that I still hadn’t had one of them make honey and then I remembered that I’ve yet to test out the jam making either.  The animations are kinda messed up with the jam making but the results are pretty cool.  The neat thing is that it’s a skill and they can learn new recipes for jams, spreads, and pickles.

A honey and a jam.  It’s awesome that they can be sold!

Looks like Shaina talked Teague into playing dolls with her.

I just happened to pause the game and see him like this!  I had to take a picture.

And then it’s Teague’s turn to age to adult.

I have no idea where Sabine came from.  It didn’t say a vampire was breaking in.  Maybe she knocked on the front door and someone called her back?  No clue.

Looks like the old folks need to head to their beds!

Today the kids do have school and I got to see them in their adorable uniforms.

Okay then.  It must be one of my mods that make them keep picking up plates and dropping them on the floor as a pile of trash. Probably the one that stops them from washing invisible dishes.  I just can’t win.

Sterling started painting…

Then he walked over here and I thought he was watching Beal smoke the bee box.

Apparently, that wasn’t it.

I’m not positive but I’m pretty sure that the mod that allows sims to make money in retail stores using the computer and motion gaming rig is also charging them when using it at home.  Once again, I just can’t win.  The good thing with the newer version of the challenge I’m working on most of them won’t be using this stuff at home anyway.

Raymond Ikeda came home from school with one of the girls.  I think he’s adorable.

I was wondering why Kanai was just standing in the middle of the road.  But then Sterling answered my question for me.

Not only was he having a mood swing but he started a phase too.  I swear between the mood swings and phases I can’t stand the kids half of the time anymore.

At least I can enjoy the girls as children for a little while longer.

Awe so sweet.  Oh, and this is when I finally found Nia that came home from school with one of the teens.  I’d looked for her for hours!

Look at the look on her face!  Y’all are just tempting fate!  I guess they don’t care seeing as how all of the elders are on their last days.

I got to name Dolly’s triplets! I went with ABC names.

Aftertime 1.13 coming soon!

Curses 4.15 coming soon!

4 thoughts on “TS4- AfterTime 1.12/Curses! 4.14: So Many Sims!

  1. The best family to celebrate halloween! And my favorite family of yours lol.
    I had the bee box mod but never really used it and i never noticed that it was bear shaped. It is so adorable!!!!! The little detail in these mods people do makes them even more perfect!

    Also this was screenshotted before you started doing the BAC withthem yes? Because I thought they moved.

    Liked by 1 person

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