TS2- Trailer Park Challenge FAIL Part 3: A Tragic End

FAIL Part 3

Trigger warning!!!  Twyla Fae suffers a very tragic death at the end of the chapter that you might want to just skip.  I put the trigger stopping point with a cute penguin pic.  Once you reach that point stop if you feel the need.

I got the lounge thing but at this time it was too late in my opinion.  I had also stopped having her clean.  It wasted precious time she could be upping needs.

After napping a few hours she was finally able to repair the tub.  It did break again and somehow I managed to get her to fix it that time too.

Note from the future: I’m confused about this because it seems like my current sims have no problem using a broken tub.  They can also nap on couches!

The social bunny popped in after that which I thought was hilarious.

Her needs were too bad to send her out to meet anyone or even to have a date at home.  I’d done the Internet Lovers Challenge a few years ago and had the idea that she might meet someone that way and once she got a bed and things were better she could date them.  Then, her computer promptly broke.

I had tons of these.  I decided to just keep a few.

Without the computer, she started calling the few guys she’d had dates with and chatting to keep their relationships up between tending to her rapidly dropping needs.

You know how in Sims 4 if a sim has to pee really bad they will sit on the toilet and then get up and pee on the floor?  She started doing this with napping on the lounge.  Almost every time!

Her needs were so bad all of the time she kept doing this and other things like it that stopped her from doing whatever I’d told her to do that would have at least moderately helped said needs!

I was finally starting to feel like I’d made headway.  She’d returned home from work and I was close to having enough for a bed.  But as she walked in the mail lady delivered another set of darned bills!

Ohmygosh leave me alone!  Even the Social Bunny doesn’t want to be around her.

Something funny to cheer you up as well as the stopping point for the trigger warning.  See ya!

Her needs were not good but not so low that she was having needs failure so she invited married guy over because they have the highest relationship.  It was a stupid mistake.  My plan at that point was to get her married asap for whatever money they would bring in.

I have a mod that allows them to try for baby without a bed and soon she was pregnant.  A requirement of the challenge to get married.  Because really who gets hitched unless they have to?

OMG her needs!!!

Then, the guy invited her on a date and before she could reach the cab he said she’d stood him up.  He showed up later to steal her newspaper.  I have no idea why it’s invisible.

I would wake her up to eat… there was no time to cook anymore.  She had the liquid meals.  But she’d have a bit and then pass out again!

Desperate and despite her needs she invited him over and asked him to move in.  I have no idea why it wouldn’t work?!?  The merge thing popped up but he wasn’t on the list- only his wife and daughter.  I tried again and tried moving them in hoping it would bring him but it didn’t work.  Then she passed out and he left.

By this point, I’d assumed she couldn’t starve to death while pregnant because her hunger need was almost always red.  The eat a bite or two then pass out struggle persisted and I was frantic.

And then, Grim showed up.  What had I done???  Sadly, she almost had enough to buy a bed.  If she hadn’t been on maternity leave she would have gotten one after the next time she’d worked.  My desperate attempt to move someone in was my failure in the end.  The fact that she was pregnant is what makes all of this so tragic and negates the hilarity of the fact that I failed because a dog ate her bed.

As a bit of humor to hopefully cheer you a bit, Grim proceeded to chat on the phone.

The End.

Yes, I started over.  I really want to do this challenge.  I failed the Poverty Challenge twice let’s hope this one is better.

I was originally going to put these at the beginning of the chapter introducing Neoma but then realized that negated the whole trigger warning so I added them here.  I bulldozed the lot in anticipation of starting over only to realize that I’d just bulldozed Twyla Fae’s grave!  If you don’t know already this is a huge no-no in Sims 2 because it would leave memory gaps in all of the sims that she’d met possibly causing corruption.  Luckily there’s a mod that you can use to spawn a new grave, Sims 2 has the best mods!  And soon we had Twyla Fae off to the graveyard as is proper.

Chapter 1.1

12 thoughts on “TS2- Trailer Park Challenge FAIL Part 3: A Tragic End

    1. Since ghosts aren’t playable in Sims 2 I doubt it. I wonder if there’s ambrosia? The ghosts are horrible in that game. There’s actually a death by ghost because they scare the sim so bad they go into needs failure and die!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Yea, it was horrible. The needs in Sims 2 drop so much faster than the other games. Especially when pregnant. I hadn’t played in so long I didn’t remember.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. I had a pregnant sim die in the shower once, I think that was in the Sims 1 though. I was so happy she was pregnant but she was exhausted and filthy so I sent her to shower before bed and she died. Super sad, I hadn’t saved since she’d become pregnant. 😦 I’m really glad your second try is going better!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sims 1 the babies just came from nowhere, lol! So it must have been Sims 2. I think this is the first time I’ve had a pregnant sim die. Their needs are insanely hard to keep up in this game compared to the others!

      Liked by 1 person

        1. Same! I thought oh okay she’s gonna be alright she must not be able to die pregnant so I’ll figure this out… oops.


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