TS2→ T-Park Po’ Livin’ 1.1: Twenty Woohoos?

Gen 1 Chapter 1

Around the time I was writing chapter 8 or 9 I decided I really need to stop calling this “trailer whatever” and give it a proper title.  So after a lot of thought I came up with some options and did a vote:

Here we go again… meet Neoma.

New trailer because I figured whoever she’s renting from would have replaced it with one a bit nicer looking.  Also, after taking out all of the apocalypse CC it was much easier to find stuff in my price range.

Money left this time!

I can never think of what to do for the turn-ons and turn-offs so I rolled for them.  Immediately I had her disallow pets!

Hmm… that could be interesting.

No luck on the job search yet.

I sent her to this really neat gaming lot and she promptly spends §100 at the table!

 Thankfully, when I sent her to do something else she got it back.

She met this guy named Mark.  I find it interesting that the first guy she had a date with had on of the hair replacements that I’d put in that morning.  Shoutout to Peppermint & Ginger who is a miracle worker!

She was hungry and oddly enough a woman walked around and set hamburgers out.  Okay then.  Bonus, it counted as “dining out” for the date which was a dream date.  Sadly, the first plates that she’d served earlier went bad and she lost it over the environment score.  Time to leave.

This time my sim has money!  She secured her required pics on day one.  This lot is FM and I’ve visited it a few times in other stories.

She met this guy who was married.

Then this unmarried guy with the new hair too who seemed totally into her until…

Umm okay?  Maybe not?

I think it’s hilarious how the game drops them out of the sky like this!

Oh my.  He certainly has a unique style.

And apparently, he is a grown child.  All of his wishes were to play.  Nothing romantic whatsoever.

She was starving and the only date wish he had left was to dine.  Sure let’s do it.  Unfortunately, it’s been so long I kinda forgot how it works and ended up having to cancel it because the date timer almost ran out.

One or two interactions and it switched to this.  Interestingly, all she wanted to do was take photos which he feared for whatever reason.  No dream date there.

This guy came back over and they chatted for a bit but her needs were terrible so I sent her home.

She checked the newspaper and got a job in the Culinary career.  Mark invited her out on a date and she needed to celebrate anyway and was hungry so let’s go!

The sims in the background using the bubble blower had me cracking up.  I finally figured out how to do the ordering thankfully and it took no time to get it.  I also figured out how to have them converse while sitting.

She brought this guy home, they had terrible chemistry and he was a jerk.

But, she got promoted so who cares?

Heck yea!

She invited him over to show a proper thank you.

And by proper, I mean woohoo.  One down 19 to go.  At some point, I’m going to have to decide if she’s getting too old to make it and also have 4 pregnancies.  I cut out most of the woohoo cuz it’s weird in Sims 2 with the cut scenes and all.

A/N: I also checked my ACR settings and risky woohoo is set at 5% so who knows what will happen?

Chapter 1.2

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