TS2→ T-Park Po’ Livin’ 1.3: More Time for Fun!

Gen 1 Chapter 3

Back again at the Lucky Shack.  This guy was totally into her until…

Uh, sure.  I’ll invite other dude for a date later.

They did this weird kiss-kiss intro which I thought I’d taken a better screenshot of.  Needless to say she wined and dined him and took him home then sent him packing.

This guy was not so easy.  Ugh.  She’d met him while she was on another date and invited him for a date at her house and he showed up with these as his wants…

What the?

It took forever to get him to dream date status and I was pretty miffed by the time he left.  Oh look!  Some bouquets for me.  Better make sure not to use any flirts while they are around!

She invited the guy who’d asked her to have a date with his friend the other day on a date and shortly after he showed up this guy with the same first name was walking by and did the love hearts thing so she met him quick.  I’m thinking the red robe and mirror means he’s Mr. Big.  Oh well, we’re not marrying him.

Remember the guy she’d met outside?  While she was woohoo’ing with her date I realized he was sitting outside the room watching TV.  He left shortly after which was just as well since she had work.

This guy came home from work with her that night and liked what he saw so they did a date.  Why not right?  Looking back at the old photos he’s checking her out at the Love Shack in one.

Can’t we just get to the good stuff?  Why do they all want to play so much?

Back to the Lucky Shack yet again and after sitting down for only a few seconds to play cards this guy greets her.  Oh sure, another date.  That’s what we’re here for right?

Uh.  What?  I clicked yes to see what it said and it asked if she really wants to change careers!  Umm… no!

He needed a bit more convincing once she’d gotten him home.

I find it hilarious that the guys almost always drop off the bouquets while she’s with the next guy.

All of this might seem to you like fun and games but as the days went by I got more and more anxious.  I really wanted to continue on the quest to complete her lifetime wish and yet days seemed to speed by!  Then, I thought wow she must have a lot of aspiration points and looked to see what she could get.  And saw this!  I quickly looked on the rules and it only says no money tree and counterfitter!  Booyah!  We’ve got all the time we need and the fun can continue!

I didn’t know that this could happen.  I think she still needed two logic points.  I don’t remember the guy but apparently, he remembers her!

The bartender from the Lucky Shack calls her to chat all the time!  All her other calls are date invites.


Have I mentioned that she barely has to worry about needs?  She invites someone after work and her needs are pretty much full when the date is over and then she invites someone or goes out to find someone in the morning with the same result!  Another night another guy.  I think he came home from work with her too.  I know without a doubt he works with her.

Sometimes past dates will sneak up and ring the bell then run away only to do it again… and again over and over.  Super annoying if she is sleeping.  Also, kinda funny when she’s got another guy there.  Look in the window dude!

I realized that she has quite a lot of simoleans saved up.  Like around §3k!  So she went to see what Walmart is all about.


She was not impressed with some of the clothing.  Look how she’s holding that hanger!  It cracked me up.  I did find an outfit I wanted her to buy.  It was one I’d almost given her in CAS but then I realized how much they cost and decided to wait.

This guy came over and greeted her.  She’d met him before outside of her house and he’d refused a date.  This time he did the whole love hearts thing and the girl with the extremely revealing dress seemed a bit put out.

When asked on a date he refused again!  Refused?  Oh hell no!  A challenge!  No worries she wore him down in the end.  But it was more annoying than it was fun.

I hadn’t noticed how close to work time it was and she missed her ride while woohoo’ing and had to walk.  Which gave me the opportunity to show off her new outside decor!

Uh, what?  He literally just left the house!

Chapter 1.4

7 thoughts on “TS2→ T-Park Po’ Livin’ 1.3: More Time for Fun!

  1. The very first date that Lissa and Dan went on was a dream date.. lol but I should stop bragging. I wish that it wasn’t an ISBI bc Dan is a sweetie and it would kill me to have him die.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Right? It was so weird she never got pregnant! I thought it would be hilarious to have her have a baby that looked nothing like whoever she married but sadly it didn’t happen.

      Liked by 1 person

        1. Haha thanks. I didn’t really do the challenge anything close to what it should have been but it was a crazy ride! I’ve stopped now waiting for the gen 2 heir poll.


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