TS2→ T-Park Po’ Livin’ 1.5: Woohoo Master!

Gen 1 Chapter 5

She’d met this guy walking by her house one day before work and now that she has unlimited free time she invited him over for a date.

“Sorry buddy you gotta go I’ve got another invite.”

“I think I pulled something.”

This time the “group” included only Christopher and blonde dude!  Seriously???  Taking the advice I’d found on MTS I had them go somewhere with food and fun and had them eat first.  I decided this wasn’t a large enough group for a coupon.

Ha!  The elder she’d dated in the beginning is a host!

Back to checking the paper for the Slacker career.  I was wondering if it was worth it.  With two or more dates a day she was doing okay on bouquets and soon it would be summer and she could have a yard sale.  I discovered that the big gifts come after dates following the first which is why she’s only gotten one.

This guy’s persistence paid off but truthfully I was so annoyed with him I wasn’t really into it.  But their relationship was so high it would be silly not to have them on a date.

OMG!!!  She did it!  There was no counter so I wasn’t sure.

After sitting in shock and sending the guy packing I decided she might as well invite some of the guys she’d previously dated for a second shot.  This time to see if they are marriage material.  One of my new tests is to see if they will let them kiss them when slow dancing.  Up to this point, every single guy has freaked out when she does!  Oh, and this is Juan.

Do you remember the guy from the Lucky Shack that followed her around like a puppy waiting for a date?  She invited him over next.  Yet another kiss while dancing.  Also…

He seems very interested!


Neoma, on the other hand, has almost from the beginning had a roll of wants like this after a date was over.  Usually, it’s the guys she’s most recently dated so she’s of no help at all.  I’m thinking it’s between these three… maybe?

She next invited Mark back out.  He was her first date and she’d had wants for him for quite awhile until their relationship was overpowered by whatever guy was a recent date.  Another slow dance kiss.  Apparently, this isn’t as good of a test as I’d assumed.

It seems that her “chefs choice” is always cake!  She might need to start exercising soon!  Didn’t use the coupon again because it really didn’t cost much at all.

After that, she invited Christopher for another date.  Yes, another slow dance kiss.  Oh well, it was an idea.

He wanted to get engaged to her too.

It’s so funny when they cross paths and don’t blink an eye!

Hell yea!  At least she’ll have one thing for the yard sale!

I decided I might have been too quick to rule out Juan so invited him on the next date in which they did very little beyond pillow fights, tickling, and kicky bag.  Yawn!

And, he also wants to be engaged to her!

I’m thinking I might have settled on Sam but uhhh I’m not sure!  There are so many options and at this point, I’ve only been considering the highest attraction ones.  What if it is a mistake and there’s one with 2 lightning bolts that’s a better choice???

I can never get “feed a bite” to work in Sims 4 but was happy to see it worked for me in Sims 2!  He is a cutie… I don’t know?!

Chapter 1.6

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