TS2→ T-Park Po’ Livin’ 1.6: Yard Sale Time

Gen 1 Chapter 6

This, folks, is the Simblender.  A magical tree that can grant your every wish.  It is so cheaty and so tempting I usually don’t keep it on my lots and just buy then sell it back as needed.

It’s time to get serious in the search for a husband!  The best way is to eliminate those that have no chance.  First was Destry that she’d met at Walmart and declined a date twice before she finally convinced him.  Jerk.  He doesn’t deserve a date to help decide.  He gets a see ya later phone call!

I found it endlessly entertaining leaving the dream date bouquets in the yard so decided to continue doing it through every date after her 20th woohoo.  The guys all walk past them like they aren’t there.

Kent.  I’m sorry Kent but I’m just not a huge fan of white hair on dark skin.  I decided to be very picky at this point since there were 18 other guys to vet.

There were still a few hours left between the time Kent left and 7am when she can call the next victim date.

Sam?  He was out almost immediately!  He kept getting wants for another girl!

Pfft!  See ya, Sam!

I seem to have forgotten to write down why I decided against Troy.  Maybe I didn’t like his looks?  No clue.  I later remembered I’d married him in one of my failed attempts at the Poverty Challenge!

Marcel goes to the second round.  Why?

He’s so darned cute!  Wowza!

Mayhew got eliminated because he has the popularity aspiration.  I briefly considered bringing him back into the running at the end but decided against it.

Shannon was taken out of the running because of his aspiration as well.  Despite his hillbilly outfit, he has the money aspiration.  In this challenge that would drive me nuts!  I’d have Poverty Challenge flashbacks.  Those sims were in aspiration failure a couple times a day!

Woo!  Stuff for the yard sale!  Thanks, fellas.

Adrian the elder restaurant host was very sweet and he even gave her discounts on meals… with other guys.  He wanted to be engaged as well as be married and had the family aspiration.  I thought briefly of using the elixir to extend his life but really he was just good on paper there was nothing there otherwise.

Next was Jack who moved on to the second round.  He also had a want to be engaged to her.

Phil wanted to marry her.  But, he was the guy who got her the promotion that forced her to quit her job so I’ve always been kinda meh about him.  Also, he’s kinda goofy looking.

Ash failed the dance kiss test!  See ya!

Adrian and another previous date walked up the front porch at the same time and seemed to have some sort of route fail.  Adrian came inside and the other guy left!  Darn, I could’a used those gifts in the yard sale!

Last day of summer it’s now or never.  I looked around the house trying to think what I’d like to replace in the next year.  I’d already replaced those stupid lights that got in the way of all my screenshots and had them all in the spare bath.  Move objects is allowed so out they went!  The only other things of hers were the desk, chair, and doormat cuz why not?

It has been so long since I’ve done a store in Sims 2 that I forgot how to do it!  Finally, I realized she needs to run the register which was hilarious because she did the interactions as if it were on a table despite it being on the grass!  I need to figure out what household this poor forever pregnant woman lives in and play them so she can finally give birth!

This teen thought very hard about the fountain and I shouted to him that his parents would be so pleased!  He must have heard me because he bought it.  Even at ridiculously cheap she got over §2k!

Things wound down really quick.  I thought briefly about my original dig for things to sell idea but nixed it because her needs were getting pretty bad.  The thing that sucks is now and forever the lot is considered a home business and I have that stupid thing in the top right corner of the screen!

Rollin’ in dough!

Chapter 1.7

7 thoughts on “TS2→ T-Park Po’ Livin’ 1.6: Yard Sale Time

    1. No, you have to use the phone to designate your lot as a home business. It sucks because forever you have this business thing in the top right corner of the screen.


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