TS2→ T-Park Po’ Livin’ 1.9: Ugly Baby

Gen 1 Chapter 9

He’s only allowed one more promotion!  Yikes!

I was sooo excited when the goofy looking dog showed up in the yard that morning!  I had her spend longer than I really should have becoming friends.  Meanwhile, with his promotion, Trent had only a few hours to get his needs up a little before heading back to work!

Neoma had to stop befriending the dog and get her own needs up including sleep which she was woken from a few hours later with labor pains.  At least labor doesn’t last so darn long in this game!

I won’t lie guys.  My first thought wasn’t awe yay a baby!  No, it was ohmygosh it’s so ugly!  Moving on… she’s a girl Ginger Rae.

An exhausted Trent arrived home from work shortly after the birth and barely made it to the bed before passing out!  Neoma is wearing those pjs because I’d been trying to figure out how to change her maternity ones.  Which apparently I can’t.  Geeze.

I got off the game and found this adorable default replacement for Ginger Rae so that she doesn’t look terrifying anymore.  I swear to you, Trent is her father.  Trust me, I even checked because her skin-tone is way darker than either of theirs.  Maybe this game doesn’t like custom skin?  I guess I’ll look into it.

Note from the future: I never found anything until after the last kids were born and I was looking for a way to make the babies born with hair!

So sweet.  And tiny!

Trent woke up and baby number two is on the way.  I’m pretty sure it was a risky baby because I’d told them to woohoo in the bed and they didn’t listen to me and used the couch.  Silly sims.

Bottles out of the fridge!!!

Is it wrong I’m not happy he was promoted?

Awe!  They don’t have many baby interactions but they’re cute.

The juice has to stay outside until it’s empty so both of them keep going out to drink it.

So, this is life now huh?  I will admit, I’m a bit nervous about the actual start of the challenge.  Kind of how I felt after I’d really started the Apocalypse challenge… after uni and the job was topped.  I’m sure most people who do this challenge get married to the first sim they see just to get started but I was having so much fun!

Okay, enough introspection.  They were sleeping and it was on high speed and I wasn’t paying attention so I missed the whole “ohmygosh I’m pregnant how did that happen?” moment.  She immediately went out in the pregnancy pjs to get more punch.

I felt weird about Ginger Rae spending all of her time secluded in the kid’s room.  Sims 3 has sure changed me!  Then I remembered I have this thing and she sure does love it!

Neoma was sleeping (again) so Trent did the honors.  That hair!  Blech.  Yes, I know.  Why can’t I just be happy?  I felt the same way about the first Sims 3 toddler when I started playing again.  Sims 4 babies and toddlers are so much better looking it’s a shock!

Another note from the future: I’ve actually changed my mind about the babies not being as cute.  Especially once I got that new baby skin and figured out how to change their little outfits!  But, that’s not until all of them are born sadly.

Trent took her to a mirror and changed her hair.  I still don’t like it.  I have tons of super-ugly CC hairs in there that I can’t find in my downloads folder to remove.  I decided to quit here and try to figure it all out.  Plus, it was like 1am and I’d been playing practically non-stop for like 14 hours and had over a hundred screenshots!  Which have now taken me over 5 hours to write the chapters for!

Chapter 1.10

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