TS2→ T-Park Po’ Livin’ 1.10: Oh the Novelty

Gen 1 Chapter 10

It took some searching but I did manage to find how to change skin tones in SimPe.  I wanted to at least look and see what it said.  The first two cutouts are her mom and dads.  I put the arrows to indicate the skin tone code.  I was shocked to find the long weird code you see in hers instead of the one that both parents have which is basically skin tone 2.  So I replaced it with the same as theirs.

And the result.  I was surprised to realize that not only did her skin look lighter it actually looked much better.  I also changed her hair.  All of it looks so huge on her!

Mommy was napping away.  Which made me wonder why I couldn’t get Twyla Fae to nap on any couches on other lots?  Is it only available on the home lot I wonder?

Note from the future:  That’s correct.  The only way to sleep on a community lot is with a mod!

No worries, our girl is in good hands while mommy is sleeping.

I got this replacement of the rabbit charisma toy when I was doing the alien thing with Laslo Curious in Stragetown and I think it’s so cute I decided to use it.

Cuddles with mommy.

A little bit of family time.

Trent wanted to jump on the couch and I thought why not?  This is almost as funny as when I pause when they are playing with the kicky bags in my Sims 3 Apocalypse story.

He’s got really high creativity skill so the plan was to have him build some toys for the kids as well as to sell at the yard sale.  At this point, all he’s made is this single brick.

I was surprised to see that even toddlers can interact with it.  Ginger Mae was able to pet it.

I don’t think she’s too interested in learning to walk daddy.

I love these sleeping mats.  I decided against toddler beds due to space restrictions so I use this if the parents can’t take her to her crib.

And then after they’d all gone to sleep Neoma popped back up in labor!  Nooboo time!

Again???  Yes, it was…

I thought you might like to see what the whole thing looks like.  You’ll notice that it’s weird not only in dominant skintone but also in recessive.

And we’re back.  Trent was really excited.  It was a boy this time named Bobby Ray.  Also, these small rooms do not make screenshotting easy at all so you’ll have to excuse these walls-down shots.

Umm… right now?  Really?  Do you think this is the best time guys?  *sigh*  Whatever.  Poor baby.

A/N: Make note of this.  I am positive she got pregnant again here but weird things happened later.

Trent went back to sleep.  He needed to work that day so mom took Bobby Ray out to the dangly thing to play while Ginger Rae plays with the extremely exciting brick toy.

Awe so cute!

Who knew that when this was a feature in Sims 2 that we just thought was the normal life for our sims it would become this huge exciting thing since it’s not possible (unmodded) in other games.  Also, she was starving and there was no food in the fridge so she had to wait for Trent to get home!

I became a little worried.  With just one sim in the house when they return to the lot with the mod I have it makes everything high speed until the time they left the other lot.  So what exactly happens when there are other sims in the house???  Apparently, nothing.  It’s almost like I play that time from her perspective then go back to them and play from their perspective and at some point, she shows up back home.

I’d realized when I tried to change Ginger Rae’s clothes that I needed a changing table.  I had this adorable one tile one.  So cute!  A little powder for Bobby Ray’s bum.

Then both kids were off to sleep.  I thought it was cool how these little cribs almost snapped together when I placed the second one.

A/N:  I decided to cut this chapter short so that I can include all of the weirdness that happened next in one chapter.

Note from the future:  It’s that time again people!  It shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that I’m pretty far ahead of this.  Last I played this household Ginger Rae aged to adult!  Originally, the heir poll was going in the chapter where everyone aged to teens.  But, I’ve decided to just have the two eldest who you already know about in the poll.  I have plans to torture whoever loses too, no worries.  Here we go!

Gen 2 Heir Poll

Chapter 1.11

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