TS2→ T-Park Po’ Livin’ 1.11: What the???

Gen 1 Chapter 11

I got the notification that Ginger Rae would be aging up the next day and realized she hadn’t learned any toddler skills except potty.  I figured it might be helpful for her to age up with a decent aspiration level so used some smartmilk to learn her.

Her face!  Ohmygosh!  I was cracking up!  Girl, you did this to yourself!  Now, I was actually confused and relieved at once.  Confused because I had been sure she’d gotten pregnant a few days before this when Bobby Ray was born.  When she hadn’t popped after a day I had them try for baby several times with no jingle.  Which was why I was relieved.  The confusion comes back shortly trust me!

Ginger Rae was all taught up and I was about to have one of them teach her a nursery rhyme because why not?  When they started making out.  As annoyed as you seemed to be to be pregnant again Neoma… this is what got you there!

The confusion continues!  A few hours later her belly popped again!  What the heck???

I sent them to bed and when it was almost morning (around the time Bobby Ray had been born and they’d woohoo’d) she popped up into labor again!  I sat there in shock but did think to take a few pics in my confusion.

Do you see this?  Do you see her passing the first baby to Trent!?  Why?  Because there were two!  Twins!  Both boys.  So, here I sat flabbergasted staring at the naming screen trying to think of Ray names and thought of Stevie Ray which cracked me up and I went with the first thought that popped in my head and named the second baby Vaughn.

A/N:  Interestingly enough Vaughn was born with the correct skin color but I did have to go fix Stevie Ray’s.

I really have no idea what happened.  Why I had heard the chimes days before and I assume they were born when they should have been but I’m not sure.  If it’s something to do with one of my many mods I can’t imagine how the challenge creator could see it as cheating.  From reading the challenge rules I imagine she’d cackle at the situation I now find myself in!

I wasn’t sure if I wanted to buy another crib.  Bobby Ray was set to age up when Ginger Rae did later that day so I decided to have him just play in the dangly thing because they actually sleep in it too.  The brick toy was in the way and I thought Trey’s thought bubble was hilarious.

I’ve always had this problem in Sims 2.  At some point, I can no longer grab a bottle for one of the toddlers.  So, Ginger Rae was hungry and I had one of them feeding one of the babies so that she could finish off that bottle and found her eating the dog food I’d set out for the weird dog that hasn’t shown up again, unfortunately.  We’ll get that dog!

 It’s funny with this family.  There are moments of complete chaos where it seems like everyone’s needs are terrible and then there are moments like this when everything is clean and calm.  I’m sure Neoma lives for these moments.

She needed a little fun so she finished the painting she’s been working on for ages.  They have barely anything to sell at the next yard sale sadly.

Ah, crap!!!

Trent got the promotion and then promptly called work and told them thanks but no thanks and quit.

I was not a happy camper.  Not that they are desperate for money but still I like to have something steady coming in.  What were the chances that the only other allowed job would be in the paper?

Pretty high apparently!  Whew.

The frantic diaper change, feed, cuddle, play session over the parents take a few minutes to themselves.

Then it was age up time!  Bobby Ray aged up in a formal outfit just like Ginger Rae had.  So weird.

Longer?  What?

This was her everyday outfit which I think is cute.  I did add in a default for that nightie she aged up in.  I’m not a fan of those ponytails she aged up in either so I switched her to this which I think looks great on her.

I’ve been wanting to test out this desk thingy.  Apparently, if you put the item that has her pic on it on a desk she will put her homework there after school.  Those of you who haven’t played Sims 2 in a while or never have might not understand what the big deal is but trust me when you have to search everywhere for where they put their homework after they got off the bus… it’s a big deal.

Chapter 1.12

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