TS2→ T-Park Po’ Livin’ 1.12: Smartmilk Rocks!

Gen 1 Chapter 12

Ginger Rae seems to like the brick toy even more now that she’s a child.  I’ve even seen her kissing it!

Time to soothe the savage beasts.

Bobby Ray was still in this goofy formal outfit.  I did make one of them put him in pjs after this and later I went and got a default replacement because why on earth would my toddlers need to wear that?

The counter looks so gross when dirty!  Mom makes up some mac’n’cheese which is pointless because the only food Ginger Rae grabs for herself are snacks!  I did get annoyed at some point and made her grab food.

Neoma needed a little fun and I felt like Ginger Rae needed to get out of the house so I had them toss the ball for a bit.  It seems like Ginger Rae is a bit aggressive.  I had Neoma encourage her to be more outgoing.  Maybe that will help?

Neoma gave Bobby Ray some smartmilk in hopes he can get all of his toddler skills up but the babies pulled her away before she could get past potty training.

They just kinda stood like this for a bit.  I thought it was cute how Ginger Rae was looking at her mom.  Will she be our heir?  No clue!  I can’t roll her aspiration until she ages to teen.  The twins were wearing poor Neoma down that’s for sure.

Oh, thank goodness dad’s home!

I don’t know if it was because there were two or they were just fussy or maybe I was doing something wrong but I felt like they cried all the time!

I was curious about why the babies diapers always have flies and found this.  It’s because both of the parents are slobs!  So funny.

Guys, really?  I decided to just let them do whatever.  She needs one more pregnancy per challenge rules but I don’t think that will be a problem.

The twins aged up while dad was at work.  I’m actually confused as to why I have no other screenshots of this day.  I had the same problem I always have with twins.  She aged one up and then was queued to age up the next but didn’t.  As you can see she put him down and went to bed.  I had to get out Simblender and trigger his age up again so she’d go do it.  I really like both of their outfits but did change the second haircut.

Here’s Vaughn with his new haircut.

Dad was on toddler duty and needed some fun so he played with Bobby Ray for a bit.

I’d gotten a default replacement for Ginger Rae’s nightie.  Looks like Vaughn might have some musical skills.

She’s really enamored with that brick.

If nothing else I want them potty trained so I can tell them to go themselves.  The smartmilk teaches them in one go but I never seem to be able to teach them much else beyond that now that there are so many of them to juggle.

I think they might get skills from the toddler toys faster but I’m not sure.

This boy Jim Jefferson came home from school with Ginger Rae and made a beeline for the punch.  Please drink it all!

I’m allowed to direct her to do fun stuff so I made her play cops and robbers with Jim.

There’s just not room for two potties so it’s kind of a traffic jam at times.  Bobby Ray barely held it in while waiting for Vaughn who apparently didn’t get trained up last time.

The desk claimer thing works which was pretty cool.

Jim came in and tickled Bobby Ray and then announced he needed to leave.

Which is probably good because after yet another autonomous woohoo the parents came out to dance together in their underwear.  Vaughn and Bobby Ray sat and bopped their heads to the music too.

I was excited to see that Hunter Bifrost from my Awesimsauce legacy came home from school with Ginger next.

They played Mary Mac.  His face looks strange in this picture.

Then Bobby Ray aged to a child.  Guys, this is his everyday wear!  First, it’s formal wear for toddler every day and now pjs for every day???

I needed to get clothes for him but Neoma’s needs sucked and Trent was at work.

Speaking of Trent.

I love this interaction.  But she needed to sleep sooo bad so I had him stop and go shopping.

Off to Walmart.  He grabbed a new outfit for Bobby Ray and some groceries for the fridge.

A little side-eye as he walks in.  What’s with the look guys?

And Bobby Ray gets a regular outfit for every day and the pink pjs for his… pjs.

I thought that I could use a two-seater to have two assigned spots for homework but it didn’t work.  I did eventually sell this stuff at the yard sale.

Chapter 1.13

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