TS2→ T-Park Po’ Livin’ 1.13: Moar Babies?

Gen 1 Chapter 13

Yes, she’s preggo again for the fourth time which is how many the challenge requires.

*sigh*  I wasted my money on this toy bench.  The bricks sell for less than it cost him to make them!  Luckily, I’d only made 3 by the time I realized this.

The yard sale was coming soon and I was disappointed that there would barely be anything for them to sell.  I should have just had them dig up some stuff in the yard.

Ginger Rae barely painted before she was pulled to do homework instead.

A little smustle with mom to give them some fun back that the homework sucked away.

Vaughn is so cute… maybe it’s just the hair?

Stupid fishing pond.  Another attempt to have something to sell that went nowhere.  I had him fish for a few hours and he caught nothing.

The kids needed attention so back in the house he went.

Thankfully, Neoma’s pregnancy was progressing normally this time.  I was very relieved.

Just a goofy pic.  Couldn’t get it with the walls up or even with the regular screenshot thingy I use.  Why on earth is Stevie Ray emitting cornflakes?  Ginger Rae about lost her mind over her improved grades.

I gave in to my annoyance of the kid’s constant need for fun and bought a gaming system.  Vaughn aged to child sans awesome hair and I made him pose because he just looked goofy standing there.

Stevie Ray aged up in the same pjs that Bobby Ray had but also with long blonde hair!

I gave Vaughn his hair back after fixing Stevie Ray’s and had him put on his everyday outfit… it’s this.

Back again eh?  Your kid didn’t like those clothes?

Uh, these are for other kids.

And so, all of the baby stuff is now removed from the room.  Except for the mobile that I couldn’t get to move and eventually had to delete.

Since Stevie Ray was sleeping when his dad got home with the new clothes he popped out of bed and ran to the bus like this!  The teasing in school must have been terrible!

Mom and dad had a little dance party to celebrate having the house to themselves for the first time in like ever.  Won’t last long though by the size of that belly.

I don’t know why I didn’t just have them dig in the yard.  I had him start painting on the second easel but really the paintings in Sims 2 take ages!

This time it’s Kelly Bifrost to come home from school with the kids.

A girl named Carla came home with them too.  Ginger Rae seemed exasperated that her mother would choose to give birth when they have guests.

Just one!  Whew!  A little girl named Willa Rae.  So, I should be done then right?  Four pregnancies and all.

Are you kidding me Neoma???

Deciding to ignore Neoma’s insane wants I had her drop little Willa Mae into the dangler and care for her own needs.  Careful there Stevie Ray that you don’t smustle on your new baby sister!

Then it came to my notice that Ginger Rae was having some major issues.  Namely, was about to pee herself among other horrible needs but Kelly and Carla were chatting in the bathroom.  I only noticed this because I’d also sent Neoma in there.  She had to ask them to leave and then leave the room herself.  Sheesh!

Last promo unless I want to try Criminal now!

He got home from work and Vaughn tore out of the house to give him a hug.

Then it was yard sale time.  Slim pickens considering almost everything is from inside the house.  That tv is the one that Trent gave as a date gift the day before he moved in.

It was chaos with the kids outside running around playing.  The lemonade stand might have done better if the household members wouldn’t have bought most of it.

Trent’s new work outfit cracked me up!

An overview of the “fun.”  Notice that Vaughn is buying more lemonade?  Ugh.

Buy the brick.  You know you want it.  It costs half what it cost to make it!  Quite the deal.  In the end, it was just the two column things used to place the pics on the desks and the boot left.

Trent got a chance card and got demoted.  Oh well.

I had been so busy with the yard sale I forgot that it was Ginger Rae’s birthday until it was almost 6pm!  I tried to get her to eat quickly before she became completely uncontrollable but I was too late.

Oh!  She’s adorable!  Those are her pjs which are cute.  Her everyday outfit was not.

Primary aspiration Popularity and secondary Family.  She has some interesting turn-on and turn-offs.  I remembered to check her personality when writing this.  She’s sloppy, grouchy, outgoing, active, and playful.  Annoyingly, I looked at the rest of the kids and Vaughn is the only one without the exact same personality!

This time it was mom off to buy clothes.  Sheesh.  Good thing they aren’t as broke as they should be thanks to mom’s many dates in the beginning or they’d all be dressing pretty weird.

Ugh.  She really wants more babies!

Chapter 1.14

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