TS2→ T-Park Po’ Livin’ 1.14: Roll the Pacifier?

Gen 1 Chapter 14

I found the story that the challenge author wrote on my phone but can’t seem to find it again on the PC to link.  It was called Hold My Beer.  I read the whole thing… without pics.  Darned Photobucket.  It was hilarious and I did learn a few things.

It left me with a lot of questions though.  Reading the challenge rules it kind of infers that there will be sims in other trailers on the lot at some point.  But there never were in her story.  There was a second one added but the doors were locked.  I’m confused about that.  Also, I don’t know how to handle the spares.  It’s already odd to me that I’ll be seeing my sims from other stories as children through the whole challenge.  Imagine the gen one spares walking around as adults in gen 3.

This is also the point where I remembered the whole Roll the Pacifier thing.  Ugh.  So I basically have 4 clone children from looks to personalities.  The only differences will be whatever they roll for aspirations and such.  I’m so mad at myself for forgetting this but really it’s hard to remember things when you go so long without playing!

Before I started playing I bought these two things and stuck them in someone’s inventory forevermore because I hadn’t realized that when first Neoma and then Trent got promoted above level 4 I should have bought something equal to the promotion money.

Ginger Rae had been in the bath when Neoma’d gotten home from Walmart so when she got out I was finally able to change her outfit.

These greetings are so cute.

Everyone seems pretty keen to have me grant Neoma’s 10 baby want and I think it could be pretty hilarious too.  I also feel like, after reading the other story, I had a huge gigantic starting advantage and I’d like to level the playing field a bit so to speak.  Also, I kinda want to test out the pacifier thing.

She’d mentioned this toy oven in her story and I thought why not?  It’s actually pretty funny.

Alegra the weird looking dog showed up in the yard and I woke Neoma to go greet her.  She only interacted a few minutes with her when she had to run to the house to vomit darn it!

Speaking of babies.  Since I knew Neoma is pregnant again and I’d be playing until the birth I went ahead and did this.

Look!  It’s all my clone children together.  I really have no idea why this bothers me so much.  I guess because I look forward to seeing their genetics and all that.  Anyway, despite her horrible mood Ginger Rae decided to feed and then stand holding baby Willa Rae.

Then finally put her down only to begin giving noogies to her brothers.

She finally decided that she needed desperately to take care of some needs but everyone else crowded into the bathroom too.  I had to have Neoma call over all the boys so she could pee and bathe.

The last time we’d seen the weird looking dog Alegra was when Neoma was pregnant with Ginger Rae.  I can’t sit around and wait for her to show up again if it’s going to be that long and regardless I need 2 dogs so they adopted a male puppy named Buck.  For whatever reason, the cop introduced herself to Ginger Rae and not the parents and so she went out and proceeded to spend hours playing with the puppy until I had Trent make her stop.  She would alternately play and then put the puppy down to complain how hungry she was!

Willa Rae aged up to a toddler.  Not sure why Ginger Rae got the honors.  She proceeded to stand holding her until I had Neoma make her stop.  I decided not to change anything on Willa Rae.

She then proceeded to begin her homework.  I had a mod for this and removed it sometime after because they will drop what they’re doing and start working on homework instead even if their needs are horrible!

Chapter 15

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