TS2→ T-Park Po’ Livin’ 1.15: The Weird Dog!

Gen 1 Chapter 15

Neoma spends so much time cleaning it’s crazy.  I usually wait until the kids are in school to do the bathrooms.  Blech.

At first, I thought that little Willa Rae was tormenting Buck the puppy but then I noticed that Buck will approach her wanting cuddled.  Either way, it’s adorable.

And on the same vein, Willa Rae keeps going to Ginger Rae wanting attention.  Sweet but ugh she needs to do other things.

It’s been hours Ginger Rae!  Unhand your sister so she can pee!

The kid’s room is full.  My brilliant plan was to put the crib out here.  Not so brilliant apparently because the TV was keeping her from sleeping.

What did you think would happen when you kept wanting more babies Neoma???

Ginger Rae was practically starving and I didn’t want to waste time cooking so I had Neoma make a meal of those instant drinks and call household.  Which pulled Stevie Ray out of bed darn it.

We managed to get Willa Rae potty trained and she even learned to walk.

Ginger Rae didn’t go to bed until it was almost time for school and thus didn’t wake to get on the bus.

The strategy is to cook a meal and then call household to eat to get Ginger Rae to eat.  Because on her own she won’t.  But, they were out of groceries… again.

Back at home while mom’s at the store Ginger Rae decides to eat out of the trash repeatedly instead of eating the leftovers in the fridge.

She threw up over and over again.  It was disgusting!

Exhibit A.

Soon after her return Alegra the weird looking dog strutted into the yard!!!  Neoma immediately stopped what she was doing to greet her!

And there it was!


Neoma went back to the house to finish whatever it was she’d been doing and Alegra dug a hole.  I had Trent dig for treasure in it a few times and he got a kitchen decoration and a rock which were placed in the yard sale area.

Trent took her for a walk.  Which basically is walking together off of the map.  I thought I’d remembered it being like the Sims 4 adventures with pets.  Like something happened while they were gone but maybe I’m wrong.

I’m not sure if it was Alegra or Ginger Rae but the trash can was knocked over.  I sent Neoma out to pick it up because… roaches.  I hate roaches!!!

I remembered that each pup needs a bed or house so bought our new girl a house of her own.  She seemed smug and laid in it immediately.

Ginger Rae was exhausted but instead of sleeping, she tucked in Bobby Ray and then “relaxed” on her bed.  Sleep darn it!!!!

My annoyance melted away to see the dogs playing.  Awe!

I thought she was going out there to chase or growl at the mailman but she just stood smiling at him.

Then, daddy gave her a bath.

And mommy gave her a treat.  So spoiled!  Look at her face.  That’s the face of a happy pup.

This boy came home from school with one of them.  He has that same hair that one of the twins aged up in!  I can’t figure out which it is to change it!  Poor kid.

I didn’t realize until later that the kids kept hanging out outside because I’d locked the doors at the last yard sale!

I have no idea why they were in the kid’s room but awe sweet!

Ginger Rae never has any wants I can help her with without controlling her and so is getting close to the teen version of aspiration failure.  Which mainly involves goofy stuff like this.

Gotta take the good with the bad.  And the good?  That’s little Willa Rae giving Alegra more lovin’.  So spoiled!

Then, Neoma gave birth to baby number six Neesy Lyn.  I decided to go with a different second name than the clone children.  I’m so mean!

Alright, let’s try again.  It’s funny because I didn’t do this with the first kids.  I waited to see if they did it on their own.

I was watching Bobby Ray waiting for him to age up and he kept messing around.

Finally, he dropped the cupcake and aged up!  He rolled primary aspiration Family and secondary Grilled Cheese.

Ewww he’s attracted to stink???

Chapter 1.16

5 thoughts on “TS2→ T-Park Po’ Livin’ 1.15: The Weird Dog!

    1. Well, in TS3 I’ve never seen the same stray twice. At least in TS2 I saw Alegra 3 or so times but it was spread over a very long period of time if you consider that Neoma used more than one thing of youth potion! Plus, in Sims 2 there is short-term and long-term relationship values so they could spend a whole day with the animal and it wouldn’t matter because it wouldn’t affect long-term.


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