TS2→ T-Park Po’ Livin’ 1.16: Aspiration Issues

Gen 1 Chapter 16

Ginger Rae rolled this want that may just finally pull her out of her near-aspiration failure once the new baby is born.

A lamp was delivered but I have no idea why or for whom.  I know I’m allowed to use if for anything but money so I’ll have to think about it.

Okay then, thanks.

Life, when the older kids are in school, is so different!  It’s calm and peaceful.  Things get cleaned and accomplished.  I’m not looking forward to the weekend.

Now that Buck is fully potty trained he goes crazy wanting to get down the steps to pee!  This results in having to carry him out to let him do his business then carry him back in.

Bobby Ray’s aspiration level is already inching down.  One of them brought a girl named Elizabeth home from school.  Neoma suggested that instead of playing on the computer maybe he should go talk to the girl since he wanted to be friends with her and talking is how this happens.

There we go.  Chat it up, guys.

Or not.  Is she really playing fetch in the house?

Dad comes home from work and again encourages Bobby Ray to talk to the girl.  He did but it didn’t last long enough to become friends.

Ginger Rae’s mini-me Willa Rae aged up to a child.  Her hair is okay and her clothes were decent so she’s left as is and let loose into semi-autonomous life.

Dad is getting close to aspiration failure thanks to his ever-present fears of diaper changes and wants only to purchase fun items like games and bubble blowers.  The pleasure aspiration is not a good one, unfortunately.

In an attempt to get a want granted for Trent, he helps Bobby Ray with his homework.  It didn’t work darnit.

Ginger Rae somehow managed to get her A grade back and Trent came home with a promotion.  Grr.

That promotion you gave me?  Thanks but no thanks.  I quit.

Ugh.  I’ve been having him look for a Criminal job for days and it hasn’t come up!  Now he’s unemployed.  The ray of sunshine here is that I had to purchase something to take away the promotion money and he had a want for an expensive game so I bought it and fulfilled his want and now the game is forever lost in his inventory.

Ya know, I thought Buck was a rottweiler.  I was very wrong when he aged into a collie.  He looks identical to a stray that roams the lot occasionally so when he aged I thought that stray had gotten into the house!  Alegra seemed pleased.

Note from the future: I couldn’t figure out why after he’d aged up I’d started mistakingly calling Buck Max in my head.  Then, I was re-reading my Poverty Challenge trying to decide if one of the kids that moved out should do it and realized they had an identical dog named Max!!

I almost had a heart attack when Willa Mae got off the bus and passed out.  I paused and tried to find information on what needs that they get taken away for but couldn’t find specifics.  I’d assumed it was only hunger but now I’m worried.  Stevie Ray, on the other hand, is just upset that his sister passed out where he was walking.

A few hours later it’s time for the twins to age up.  Vaughn is such a cutie.

I’m actually pretty upset about this.  I’d hoped to have Vaughn in the running for heir.  The money aspiration will drive me insane though.

Next was Stevie Ray who decided he wanted to be just like his twin…

Well, at least they can’t have full therapist inducing aspiration failure until they are adults.

I’ve become a bit obsessed with watching everyone’s wants trying to keep them at least minimally happy.  Stevie Ray needed fun and wanted to play with a family member and have a snowball fight.  Mom’s needs were better so off they went.

Bobby Ray’s needs were halfway decent so he got to do homework supervised by dad again.  This time it did complete the want which was great and I will avoid diaper changes from him even if it does annoy me.

Ginger Rae, in a snit, went outside to ruin a painting.  Mom played red hands with her for a few minutes bringing her fun up a bit and she then began painting.  Apparently, it was her own painting she was destroying!  Whatever.  Maybe she’ll finish it and we can sell it at the next yard sale.

Chapter 1.17

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