TS2→ T-Park Po’ Livin’ 1.17: Weekend From Hell

Gen 1 Chapter 17

The joys of uncontrollable teens.  They spent hours outside in the cold playing.  I had to have one of the parents call them inside because as you can see StevieRay is getting cold!

This kiss is so funny!

Know how I’ve been wanting to get Trent into the Criminal career now that he’s too high in the Culinary and Slacker careers?  I can’t!  At first, I thought it was the job board making it start at level 4 and still had him checking the newspaper and computer.  It finally came up one day and sure enough, it’s level 4!  So no army of gnomes for us.  Unless I just buy some and that’s not nearly as fun.

To the children’s horror mom goes into labor.

More twins.  When I saved and logged off to fix the first one’s skin color I realized I’d never done the stupid randomizer pacifier thing so that the first twin will be clone #5!  I was so ticked.  It was two girls Addie Lyn and Abby Lyn.

Shockingly, now Trent has the want!

Oh sure, why not?

The already chaotic house is even more so now that we have dogs.  Probably the way it was intended when the rules were written.

Ugh.  This was only Saturday.  It gets worse.

Like when they decided that both babies needed to be on the toddler sleeping mat.  When he couldn’t put the second one there he put it in front of the bed and then nobody could use two of those beds!  I had to put them into the main room!

This looks sweet yes, but what’s he taking her outside for???

Speaking of outside.  My tent plan isn’t such a great idea considering they keep sleeping out there and getting cold.  Freaking winter.

Just put the baby down so her diaper can get changed, please!  I kept having to have Neoma (because Trent can’t change diapers!) tickle the kids to make them put the babies down.

If there was a bottle on the floor the teens swarmed to it like locusts so that the could snatch one of the twins out of a crib and feed them.  Then they’d either stand holding them for hours or lie them on the floor.

Once again, I had to wake Neoma for diaper duty.  Which was put on hold as she realized that she is yet again pregnant.

We found the trash can culprit.  They always look so sad when scolded it breaks my heart!

The moment I saw this I thought of Megs!  It started in a chapter of her Beaumont Legacy when she saw a penguin with this speech bubble and said she wouldn’t mind seeing a penguin for president.  Later there was a second hilarious post Vote for Penguin 2016!

Whyyyy????  Alright so, I bought the computer for the sole purpose of trying to get Trent into the Criminal career.  But since that will never happen I just let everyone play games on it.  But then I had to move the chair away from it.  Why?  Because the noise wakes up toddlers!  Just like the stupid TV did!  The worst part though?  Even after removing the chair Willa Rae was freaking obsessed and would stand like this the whole darned day!!!  Oddly, I couldn’t get the thing to go into anyone’s inventory.  I ended up cheating and selling it and then buying something that cost a little more than I sold it for and putting that in their inventory instead.  Grr!

Bobby Ray took his grilled cheese obsession to new levels and cooked it at least twice a day.

Why’s everyone happy?  A snow day!   *cry*

I was trying to get Trent to bathe Alegra and found her out here with the penguin.

Stevie Ray got to do the honors and aged up both of the twins.

And then promptly took one outside and sat her by the street!

Get off your sister’s head!  Another snow day are you kidding me?!?  At this point, I was just making sure nobody was gonna starve or get taken by social services.

Neoma’s needs were worse than she’s ever been during a pregnancy.  She did nothing but care for her needs and change diapers.  That’s it.  Finally, her fun was so low I couldn’t ignore it anymore.  Plus, adorable penguin walked by so ya know.

In the bathroom?  Okay, whatever.  It was a boy.  He had the weird skin again.  I named him Odis Lee.  Then, I realized I didn’t do the freaking pacifier thing AGAIN after starting the game!  So now there will be 6 clones!  I’d say you can’t tell but I’m constantly mixing up Bobby Ray and Stevie Ray because other than that hair they are identical.  Also, I’m really ticked because I had her do the fertility treatment with the inteen thing and she didn’t have twins meaning another pregnancy and she’s close to elder!  All of the teens have super low aspiration meters and keep doing the freakout-scream-wave-hands thing.   All.  The.  Time.  Which is one reason there are barely any screenshots of Monday and Tuesday.  The thought that they’d be going to school was all that got me through the weekend!

Chapter 1.18

4 thoughts on “TS2→ T-Park Po’ Livin’ 1.17: Weekend From Hell

    1. It was really bad. If I hadn’t had Sat/Sun and then two snow days on Mon/Tues I could have dealt with it better. And the uncontrolled teens were in their version of aspiration failure pretty much the whole time because all they had were stupid wants like going to university and getting into private school!


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