TS2→ T-Park Po’ Livin’ 1.18: Save Me

Gen 1 Chapter 18

I started up the game and it was paused with Willa Rae like this.  I had to leave the walls down but it looked like she was floating out the door.

Neesy Lyn aged up to a child.  I kinda feel bad for her.  I was trying to decide how to do the voting and stuff and I actually completely forgot about her.

Last time trying for a baby.  Why on earth I decided to grant that silly 10 babies want is beyond me!  Anyway, she was too old to try again so I had to give her more of that life elixir!

Alright, guys let’s do this!  ACR’s settings won’t let her get pregnant anymore because of her age so I have to do it the old-fashioned and much slower way.  The whole “relax” thing annoys me for some reason.

Baby making done, it’s time to get the twin toddlers Abby and Addie potty trained.

Look!!!  It’s a miracle!  They are going to school!  Peace.  Quiet.  I think I may have cried a bit in joy.

And just to make things even more wonderful the twins and baby Odis Lee were all sleeping!

All good things come to an end and it seemed no time at all before the teens were home.  They brought friends from school and these friends left me very confused.  These are the spares of the previous Awesimsauce generation.  They “went off to college” according to the story.  Why the hell are they here?  Do binned sims just appear?

To make things even more confusing the younger kids brought home Sienna and Alon’s nephews!  The aging thing in Sims 2 still confuses me.  Spares confuse me too.  Like, if you’re not planning to play them again what happens to them?  Are they just forever young living on some lot or in the bin?

Bobby Ray’s family inclinations drew him to helping Addie Lyn with her charisma alien toy but he doesn’t seem into it.

For once I actually remembered to do the “roll the pacifier” thing and when I was re-entering their lot I couldn’t help but take a pic cuz wow!

Dad needed fun so he played peek-a-boo with Addie Lyn.

He must have had a fear of one of the kids getting a bad grade because as soon as they got off of the school bus he freaked out and started crying.  Sheesh, get a grip.

I don’t know what happened between them but Neesy Lyn gets this thought bubble of Willa Rae all the time!

Time for Odis Lee to age up.  Stevie Ray does the honors.

The next day, it’s dad’s turn to age to an elder.  (Yes I took no other pictures.  Things are just too stressful!)

That’s kinda harsh.

It’s time for the twins to age up.  First is Abby Lyn.  I think this is the same day as dads.  I didn’t write this until a few real days later so I’m a bit confused.

Addie Lyn aged up and look how everyone reacted!  They did this weird jump back total shock thing!  I couldn’t stop laughing.  She got the same hair as Neesy Lyn so that’ll need to be changed.

Then, Willa Rae aged to teen.  I had to leave the walls down to get everyone in the pic.  She is identical to Ginger Rae as expected.

First aspiration romance, second, family and some pretty decent turn-ons.  It makes it kinda fun having these randomized really.

Oh hell no!!!

Yes, that’s right guys.  Twin girls.  Ivy Lou and Fannie Lou.  I saved and quit for a few days before I even wrote this.

I just rolled my eyes.  Darned family sims.

Extra: Scattered

Chapter notes:

I realized the last days I was playing that I had no idea what most of the kids names were and kept forgetting about some of them even existing.  That’s not fair and it sucked so I have a plan I hope y’all will enjoy reading about.

10 thoughts on “TS2→ T-Park Po’ Livin’ 1.18: Save Me

    1. That was what made it so hard! I’m used to paying so much more attention to my kids and it was upsetting that half the time I couldn’t remember the younger kids names!


        1. I know! I had it in one of my whim challenge sims too! She had a full house. I lost that save but it was crazy! AND the dad got abducted. So much fun… when you can control them all.

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