TS2→ Beyond T-Park: Runaway & Orphans Part 1

Part 1

The Runaway


Willa Rae Reaves left her family after her younger siblings had been taken away by social services.  Having no interest in the whole love and babies thing that staying at the trailer would entail she set out on her own grabbing nothing but the clothes on her back and the tent from the yard.  She made camp in a little wooded area off the main path to the shops and such in town.

Unsure of what to do first she stopped at the arcade to send off an email telling her parents she was okay.

Then she played around for a bit until she started getting hungry.

She headed to the park across the street and dawdled in hopes that one of the adults would cook something to eat.

When all of the adults started buying snacks out of the machines instead of cooking she grabbed some of the hot dogs the park was stocked with and cooked them up.

The adults all swarmed over to grab some of her food and she ate a second just to be sure.

She used the restroom and washed herself a bit before heading back to her camp.

She caught some fireflies before going to sleep.

A very good first day indeed.


In the morning Willa Rae was very proud of herself that she’d thought of using the gym for showers.

She decided school didn’t hold much of an allure for her but she should do some sort of studying sometimes so she wasn’t really stupid.  She went to the library to learn about physiology since being at the gym made her wonder more about bodies and how they work.

Then, she headed to the All-in-One Shack and grilled burned some hot dogs.

Finally some teens!  She met a boy named Scott Molyneux.

The rest of the patrons were eating the cooked food from the kitchen but Willa Rae still had no money so she was forced to eat the burnt hotdogs… in the rain.  I think the boy sitting next to her is Ethan Hurt.

And she met one other teen boy while there (where are the girls?) I think his name is Peter Bruty.

A/N:  It’s hard to tell who’s who from her relationship panel because I changed the default hairs and as you may have noticed these three all have the same haircut!

Before heading back to her tent for the night, Ella Mae stopped at the gym to shower and decided it would be fun to smustle dance.  All of the adults there seemed to agree.

The Orphans

A/N: I know they aren’t technically orphans but I didn’t want to use fosters either and what they’re doing is called the Orphans Challenge…


Neesy Lyn, and the twins Addy Lyn and Abbie Lyn and Odis Lee the toddler found themselves moved into a foster home.  There was already a teen boy, Archie, and another toddler boy, Drew, there with an elderly caretaker Ms Jeffers.

Addie Lyn was feeling a little overwhelmed and got a hug as the rest of them settled in.

The teen boy, Archie, is used to caring for younger kids in the homes he’s stayed in so he starts teaching Drew to walk while Ms. Jeffers teaches Odis Lee.

Some of Ms. Jeffers’ friends arrive to welcome the new arrivals.

Neesy Lyn and Abbie Lyn get into a fight!  It turns out that the two sisters have a terrible relationship.  (Who knew?)

Then, Neesy Lyn aged to a teen a day earlier than expected.  It was a hectic first day for all which isn’t surprising with so many kids in a new house.


The day started out fairly normal with all of the kids catching the bus to school.  After returning home Archie and Neesy Lyn played catch outside.

The toddlers entertained themselves.

And then the twins Addie and Abby Lyn arrived home needing some fun as well.

And then it happened!  Grim came for poor Ms. Jeffers!  It seems her time was up.

This left Neesy Lyn and Archie in quite a predicament.  Neesy Lyn suggested they need to call social services and report Ms. Jeffers’ death.

Archie suggested maybe they just didn’t tell anyone.

Which Neesy Lyn thought was stupid and they got into a fight.  Archie took his anger out of her telling her about all of the terrible places he’d lived and that there was no way they’d keep her and her siblings together.

Deciding he did indeed know a lot more about this than she does she agreed… at least for now.


In case you were curious what the setup looks like.  I had to change out the toddler sleeping beds with something else later.

This breakdancer was at the park when Willa Rae was there and I couldn’t stop laughing!

Chapter note:  I had to get this fix Get Parents Fix because I had problems with the orphans kids not coming home with homework and glitching out after the bus.  I thought I’d mention it here in case anyone needs it in the future!

Separated at Birth Part 1

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