TS2→ Beyond T-Park Separated at Birth Part 1

Part 1



Fannie Lou Reaves, now known as Fannie Jennings, has only lived with Drew and Todd one day and has already become the center of their world.  They’re an easygoing couple that likes to have a good time with friends and so Fannie was dressed in a cute little R2D2 outfit.

After Drew left to do other things Todd cooed at Fannie that he was her dad now.

Babies sleep a lot which left the men with spare time to work on the skills required by their careers.  Although, I think little Peppa wouldn’t have minded a little attention!


Peppa is not sure how to react to this new noisy squirmy creature in her domain.

And let’s not forget stinky!

No worries Peppa you’ll still get lovin’.

Just not all of it.  (I didn’t know they could play with the baby while using this!)

Sadly, while Peppa can stay home alone, Fannie cannot.  She’s not the brightest nanny that’s for sure.  They were glad they didn’t have much need for her services.

Crowborough is a beautiful place to live and with two doting fathers, she should be happy here.



Fannie’s twin sister, previously known as Ivy Lou Reeves, Ivy DuPont was welcomed by Drienna and her husband Ezra.  Being a wealthy couple, a businesswoman and soon-to-be doctor, she will want for nothing living here.

While Drienna was off doing research for her job Ezra took over baby duties.  He laughed that he’d gain some exercise carrying Ivy down from the third floor for her bottles.  Kincaid the cat was unsure what to make of this new small human.

Fed burped and tucked back into bed, just like her sister, Ivy didn’t need much attention those first days.

I’m sure the spoiled cats don’t mind a bit.  Ichapod has a little finger play with daddy.

And then is worn out so he heads for a nap.  Spoiled cats indeed!


The same morning dawns in the Dupont household in Bluewater Village.  The spoiled cats demand their share of attention as everyone readies for their day.

Unlike Fannie, Ivy gets a bouncy seat in which to play.  She pounds the buttons and makes a big racket through the house!

The original plan was to hire a butler to care for Ivy and the house.  But, apparently, they don’t care for children!  He was promptly fired poor guy!

 Once again, a nanny is hired.  I don’t have high expectations for this one either.

Kincaid gets some kisses before Drienna leaves for work.  He does not look enthused!  Ichapod gets a bit of a catnip high and the nanny is obsessed with the poor guy.

Ezra returned home from work to find the nanny placing baby Ivy on the floor and told her to leave.

Already she has him wrapped around her little fingers!

Still, a baby sleeps a lot so there was time for other… activities.

But what to do with our baby since we don’t trust the nanny?

A new type of nanny was hired on a trial basis.  She also was obsessed with the cats.

As well as seeking out the parents to “annoy” them!  I suppose we’ll see how she does with Ivy tomorrow.


This is a very small duplex-type house!  When she aged to a toddler there were a lot of route fails in that hallway!  The creator of Crowborough did a great job though and all of the builds I’ve looked at are great.  But, I didn’t give these two extra cash like I did the DuPont family.

LOL!  I got a yellow pee mod and for some reason couldn’t mop up Peppa’s pee.

§500!  Nice.

T-Park Po’ Livin’ 1.19

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