TS2→ T-Park Po’ Livin’ 1.19: Down to Four

Gen 1 Chapter 19

A/N: I’m going to try to keep these chapters in line with the “Beyond” chapters chronologically.  So this is day one and two otherwise known as Monday and Tuesday…


The family just kind of took it in stride that the rest of the kids were gone.

A/N: You may notice some changes in the trailer.  After the twins Fannie and Ivy were born and I was trying to decide what to do next I thought it would be a good idea to recreate my Mods folder since there was so much in there that I didn’t know what it was.  Well, I screwed up and everyone appeared bugged.  I did end up figuring out after a lot of messing around that it was a mod conflict but before that I’d moved the whole family out of the trailer.  Some things like the photobooth pics were gone despite the stay-things bush!


Obviously, I can’t direct them to do their homework and before this, it was way too hectic to have the parents help so that they’d do it.

Everyone’s aspirations are total crap and they keep crying and acting out.

I decided to start encouraging the kids to hopefully give them some varying traits.  I have no idea why they all went into the bathroom to do it or why Trent and Ginger Ray look like this.  I think he encouraged Bobby Ray to be more outgoing or friendly.

I’ll admit, after playing the other households I was a bit lost as to what to do with four uncontrollable teens in aspiration failure who are also failing school.

I did a lot of encouraging and influencing.  And trying to fill any possible wants but most of them have stupid ones like go to university or private school.  Teen wants suck.

Bobby Ray is the worst.  Exhibit A: Stomping flowers.

Exhibit B: Kicking over flamingos.  I sent mom out to intervene.

Uh.  When I had her influence him to clean this is not what I expected.

I was going to have her influence him to cook since he wanted to make some grilled cheese but the darned fridge was empty again.  She was off to Walmart with Alegra the weird dog.

Who stood and watched a cat destroying a bench while mom shopped.  I had this exact thing happen in Fannie’s household the day she aged to child!  But that’s days ahead of this and the reason I decided playing them each a week at a time is a bad idea.


They still got it!

It seemed pointless for Neoma to get a job at this point since Ginger Rae would be aging up the next day and Bobby Ray a few days after that and so one of them should get the job… whichever is voted heir, that is!  It’s very weird for me not having the parents constantly busy with children which is how it’s been since the start of their marriage!

Alegra and Buck had “greet mailman” in their queues but apparently, Alegra wasn’t interested in a friendly pat.

She chased the poor guy all over the place before finally, Trent was able to scold her!  Sheesh.  I’ve had quite enough of aggressive dogs in SNAFU thank you very much!

Bobby Ray stepped off the bus and despite his rise in grades promptly kicked the trash over.  Freaking aspiration failure!

It’s funny, I’d originally been very excited about the whole influencing to talk with friends and stuff thing but at this point, I just didn’t have the energy for it and I wanted to try to sort their aspiration failure so I sent them all home.

What a pain.  I have to send someone immediately out to pick up the trash because roaches in this game are terrible!

Both Ginger Rae and Bobby Ray had wants to become BFFs.  Their relationship was already very high so I had someone influence them to play to also get their fun up.  Instead, they cuddled on the front lawn.  Which, to me, looks like a very intimate pose.  But, whatever because they became BFFs and their meters went platinum… at least temporarily.

The new nightly “help with homework” cycle has begun.  Which is still a huge improvement from the way things were before.  By the time Stevie Ray and Vaughn graduate, they should have A’s!

And I’ll admit life is so much more peaceful now.  I’m sure the dogs don’t mind although I was surprised to see that most of the older kids that were taken away had BFF status with both pups despite the choas in the house!

Runaway & Orphans Part 2

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