TS2→ Beyond T-Park: Runaway & Orphans Part 2

Part 2



It’s been a long time since I had the need to make an independent teen.  I did remember that Inteen makes teens 15 days to elder when pregnant and apparently it does the same with Simblender!  I couldn’t figure out the day before why there were only adult jobs available in the paper.

Simblender only costs §10 but she had no money!  So, I decided to try digging.  A rock should be enough.

Magic tree purchased she is now a teen-teen.  It did change her clothes darnit.

She continued digging and found this!!!

I’d realized how goofy it would look just having a phone sitting in a wooded campsite and then remembered that cell phones came with University.  I placed a kiosk in the arcade and after that map, she could afford one!

It would also seem weird that she gets a newspaper on a hidden campsite so she headed to Walmart and obtained a job in the criminal career.  It was one of her wants you’ll see later that made me choose this one.

Then it was back to the gym to use the facilities.

And to the park to grill yet more hotdogs.

Finally, a teen girl!

Willa Rae has decided that the best way to make some extra cash is to hustle pool and starts practicing.  (Yes, this was her want!  So funny!)


The All-in-One Shack might draw crowds but the restaurant seating is extremely annoying when you’re grilling your own food.  So, early in the morning, she headed to Ed’s BBQ Shack instead for yet another hotdog.

It’s cool that there’s a bath in there but why is there a couch in front of it?!?

Back at the arcade, Willa Rae practiced more pool and searched for her first victim.  She met a teen boy named John Jeffress and while they have zero attraction to each other she invited him to hang out because it’s always nice to have a boy that’s just a friend.

Finally!  Willa Rae was very confident and actually managed to win the game against Carl Lee winning herself §25!

Deciding to spend her winnings immediately she invited Scott on a date to the All-in-One Shack.

She was extremely adorable in her goofy attempts to flirt!  I especially love how sims in Sims 2 look directly at the screen like “you want me to do what?” so cute!


Back to watching an empty lot while the community time mod counts down.  There was a lighting tree fire and Willa Rae missed her first day of work!

Ugh.  The date at the end?  I did it over and over again trying to find the culprit of this crash!  It was really weird, it ended up not being anything anybody could have possibly been using on that lot.

Meanwhile, in the copied save I made for doing the testing Willa Rae insisted on digging in the trash for food every freaking time she waited for the taxi to take her!

At one point, I took the entire CAS folder out and was shocked to see what a huge difference there is!

The Orphans


Archie and Neesy Lyn had decided they’d take turns sleeping in the big bed in the master bedroom and in the morning Archie showed Neesy Lyn that there was a jar of simoleans under the end table!  At least they shouldn’t have to worry about money for a while.

Neesy Lyn’s eldest sister came home from school with her to make sure everything was okay where they were living.  She would age up to an adult herself that evening and it was unknown whether she’d stick around with her parents longer or break off on her own.

Before school, the teens realized that the toddlers would need someone to care for them during the day.

Just as they were leaving the nanny showed up.

She was a fairly attentive nanny… as nannies go.

(Thankfully that mod I mentioned in the last chapter worked and the kids arrived home with homework!)

But first, a little fun.  Archie must have an interest in sports because he comes home from school every day wanting to play catch.

After the twins arrive home they all work studiously on their homework.  They don’t want to do anything that might draw attention to them at school.

Caring for all of the younger kids isn’t as easy as Archie originally believed.

Thankfully, there are two teens to keep things running halfway well in the house.  Although, neither of the toddlers learned their skills unfortunately there just wasn’t time!


After hearing from their sister Ginger Rae that their younger siblings are living in a house alone twins Stevie Ray and Vaughn come home from school this time to check out the situation for themselves.

They later had an intese conversation in the bathroom but seemed unable to come up with any better place for their siblings.  They couldn’t bring them home so they decided to keep an eye on them the best they could.

And the younger kids seemed happy.  They didn’t seem to mind the situation or even realize there was anything strange about it.

And then it was time for the younger boys to age up!  First was Odis Lee who aged up in outerwear, ugh.

And then it was Drew’s turn.  I’d wondered if he’d age up with that hair.

Archie and Addy Lyn watched a bit of TV for fun before continuing their homework and then it was bedtime for the odd little family.


Why can’t these kids get some wants I can fulfill to keep them happy?!?

LOL!  Neesy Lyn and Addie Lyn hate each other!

§200!  Nice.

Note from the future: As you have probably deduced, I am publishing these waaay after I’d played them!  Reading over them before they go out is making me really miss them all!  Hopefully, I can get back to them.  At the time that I’d quit I wasn’t feeling as wishy-washy about them but I am now.

Separated at Birth Part 2

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