TS2→ Beyond T-Park Separated at Birth Part 2

Part 2



I don’t think Drew minds Fannie waking him up in the middle of the night to be changed.

Ohmygosh Peppa!  Don’t challenge Leader of the Pack!!!  Darned small dogs always think they’re the big ones and big dogs think they’re little!

I had to rearrange the bathroom because I realized there was no tub!  This involved moving the door to the bathroom into the guy’s bedroom, ugh.

Fannie aged to toddler.  Why do all of my girls age up with that hair???

Much better.  She is freaking adorable!

I think Peppa enjoys having a buddy on the floor with her.


Drew had day shift and now it’s Todd’s turn to care for Fannie.  He really needed a shower but toddlers come first!

Awe so sweet!

After a bath and a short nap for Fannie, it’s back downstairs.

Look at Peppa on the other couch like she’s ruling over the roost!  Love that dog… actually, I love them all!

And so does Fannie!

Todd decided to help with her xylophone playing and she seemed tickled pink when he sang along with it.

I guess we must have ordered the scheduled nanny!  She showed up and sat down reading the paper.  Then charged §95 when asked to leave!

I love this interaction.  So sweet!

And now it’s Fannie’s turn for a bath.



I was kind of leary of the new nanny until she did this!  So cute!  I really had no idea this was possible.

The game asked me what I wanted to classify the bouncy seat as and I said a crib so the nanny just keeps putting her in it.  She really doesn’t seem to mind.

A maid was hired.  That’s the only thing you’ll be doing in that bed missy!  I know how you maids are in this game!

I couldn’t stop laughing when she had to squeeze back between the house and hedge to mop up cat pee!

Then, daddy arrived home from work and Ivy was all smiles.

Now, those of you who think that Sims 2 is an inferior game take note: She is watching the nanny walk by as her mom holds her!  So cool.

Ezra needed logic for work so I replaced the little table that seemed to have no purpose with a chess table.  I took the pic because of the funny look on his face though!

And Ivy aged up… with the same freaking hair!

There.  Whew.  I was actually a bit surprised she looks very different from her twin… at least to me she does.

Bath time!  After this, I found the thing to take the censor thing out.  It annoys me when taking baby/toddler pics.

And I decided that since she has this huge house and maybe won’t get as much attention to give her a toddler bed.


One benefit of the toddler bed is that they change miraculously out of their PJs when getting up.  But, it’s also kinda weird.

Mom’s needs were finally halfway decent and so she got up to take Ivy to the potty this time.  Look at that chin!  Where did she get that?

I felt like this family wouldn’t want their daughter just drinking a bottle on the floor so got her a highchair.  Hugs for Ichapod!

And then mommy starts teaching her to talk but it didn’t last long before she had to get ready for work.

Kincaid’s eyes couldn’t get rounder I swear!  I could not stop laughing!  So freaking cute.

When I was playing the Orphan’s household I had to re-download those small floor blankets and I also found these large quilted ones.  I swear, everyone that enters this house is obsessed with the cats!


I almost lost my mind with her trying to get her to paint for a needed-for-work creativity point.  I realized after like the 5th time that whoever built this house must have placed the easel using move objects and it wasn’t accessible!  Silly me.

The nanny NPC is from a mod in which I access from that wall hanging behind her.  But she was creeping me out constantly going to stand by it!

This boy, who I now realize is one that Willa Rae had a date with, just walked up into their house.  This floorplan is super weird.  I finally got all the gates and doors properly locked.  I think I would have been better off just picking an in-game house.

I did a comparison of the girls just for fun!

T-Park Po’ Livin’ 2.1

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