TS2→ T-Park Po’ Livin’ 2.1: Not a Cinderella Story

Gen 2 Chapter 1


While the teens were all off to school the parents kept busy working on the junk car.  This time Alegra and Buck nicely greeted the mailman for which they were praised.

And then immediately after being praised Alegra seemed to have taken offense to this lady walking by and growled for which she was scolded.  Sheesh!

The teens all returned home from school and zero’d in on the gaming system which is the item that gives the highest fun in the house.  Which is why I almost always have them in my houses along with the fact it allows everyone to interact while upping fun.

Then it’s homework time for Bobby Ray, Stevie Ray, and Vaughn.  Why no Ginger Rae?

Because it’s her adult birthday!  I’m not sure how I feel about that dress.  It seems a little too fancy to me but at this point, I don’t know if she will win the heir poll although Bobby Ray would need 5 votes so she pretty much has it in the bag.

Just in case I had her check the paper to see if either of the allowed jobs were in there.  They weren’t.

This time it was Vaughn who decided to kick the trash can.  Those pjs are weird.  They always make the sims look super muscely.

Inside the others joke around.

And both dogs get a bath.  After this, they all went to bed and I quit playing while waiting for the heir poll results.


At this point, the votes are heavily in Ginger Rae’s favor.  Bobby Ray would need 7 votes to win!  I’ll leave the poll open another day or so but I’m moving forward with Ginger Rae as heir.

What?  You thought this was some kind of Cinderella story?  I can finally control her and her needs were good so she got to work cleaning the house top to bottom.  That dress looks ridiculous!

*sigh*  Why is she just standing there you ask?  Because the game crashed and I lost most of a day at a community lot.  I decided to just delete all the pictures since none of it happened to avoid confusion later.

She went to this maze lot in Downtown and took her required photobooth photos.  I’m so upset that I lost her mom’s.

In the lost time, I’d changed her into an adorable bathing suit but there was nowhere to change here.  One of her turn-ons are bathing suits but the first time and this time nobody else wanted to swim.  Except her.  She wouldn’t stop!

I decided to use the “scan the room” thing to see if there was anybody interesting here.

She walked over and met the girl and talked a bit but I was getting antsy to leave for another lot because that’s the only way to save while away from home in Sims 2.  Also, they only had one lightning bolt.

I decided to get her something to eat and cake is the cheapest which I thought was funny since her mom always ordered it on dates!

After leaving that lounge place where the “scan the room” led her to a teen girl (sheesh) she went to Walmart, got a job, met a guy she had two bolts for… then it crashed again!  It was crashing when I was playing Willa Rae too and I’d taken the CAS non-default folder out but thought it was something else.  I’d put that folder back in because it had the baby clothes in it but I guess there is something in there giving me grief.  I removed it again until I have the patience to test it all.

Now, I had to play out all of the time that Ginger Rae had been away from the house.  Alegra was nice to the mailman!

Neoma and Trent did nothing exciting while the boys were at school.

Well, Trent played some pranks.  I thought the woohoo thought bubble was hilarious!

The boys were home all in surprisingly good moods.  Trent was outside working on the junker car so mom helped Bobby Ray.

Then, dad came in so she went out and he finished helping the twins with their homework.

I thought this was so funny how the dogs were looking at Vaughn.

After a snazzy coat of paint, the car is complete.  I wanted to see if it was sellable and realized to my horror that the home business must have been canceled when they did that stupid move!  So I got it back and yes it is sellable but when I looked at the rules I can’t sell it!  Also, that guy watching her was creepy.

I guess the dogs were staring because they wanted to play!  Look how happy Alegra is.  I need to have them try for puppies soon.

Ginger Rae returned home and I took her back to Walmart to sign up for the Culinary job and that guy she’d met was there again.  Two bolts but I don’t know… something about him I don’t like.  Maybe it’s the goofy outfit.

He gave her a free tv… that she’s not allowed to sell.  And when she got home it said she’d missed work!  Doh!

While she was gone I was losing my mind over these people that wouldn’t leave the house!  I decided to have Ginger Rae take care of it because you never know she might take a liking to one of them.  The lady in the middle had goo-goo eyes for Vaughn.  Calm your hormones ya cougar!

When another set of sims showed up to the now locked door and I was searching for a mod to stop this madness it occurred to me that maybe setting the place up as a home business again made it open?  Sure freaking did!  Ugh.


One of the girls from my Poverty Challenge house was taking their cat Meowsers for a walk.  I’d gotten her on one of the last days playing them.  Such a cool cat!

That looks painful!

Runaway & Orphans Part 3

7 thoughts on “TS2→ T-Park Po’ Livin’ 2.1: Not a Cinderella Story

  1. I love those dogs!

    On an entirely random note, when I was a kid I had a teacher whose name was Neoma Jansen. I believe that woman spent half her time gently correcting people who called her Naomi Jensen. 😛 I don’t think I’ve encountered the name Neoma from then until your blog.

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