TS2→ Beyond T-Park: Runaway & Orphans Part 3

Part 3

The Runaway


Since she’d been out so late the night before, Willa Rae slept most of the day.  She woke and headed to the gym to use the toilet and shower before the first day at her new job.

A promotion!  She was promoted to Numbers Runner.  Gambling?  That’s right up her alley.

She headed to the library to study up in hopes she could impress her superiors and get another promotion soon.

When she caught sight of her older twin brothers she went to chat.  But Stevie Ray wasn’t very happy to see her.  He didn’t understand why she would run away to live in a tent!

Deciding to prove to her brothers that she’s doing good she invited them to hang out at the arcade and even invited Noelle thinking the presence of a pretty girl might soften them up.

Ohmygosh!  Noelle had her wallet stolen!  Willa Rae decided to report the jerk.  Tricking people out of their money is one thing but flat-out stealing is different!


Vaughn went into the indoor playground and they all had fun just goofing off in there.  By the time the boys left their relationship had increased significantly.

Then, after they left she spent a few hours practicing pool hoping there would be someone to hustle.

She arrived back to her little camp realizing she was barely tired and did a bit more digging.  Perhaps she’d find another of those maps!  There was a crazy lady named Tawny Bifrost who actually makes money selling rocks and bones so she saved those to sell her.


After sleeping most of the day, Willa Rae went to work and then returned a few hours later.  Teens don’t work very long.

At the gym yet again she saw another teen boy, Blake Brooklyn, and introduced herself.

But, there were more interesting things to do than chat with boys!  She attempted to hustle Christian Love but apparently, he’s better at playing pool than he looked.  Perhaps he hustled her in turn!

She popped upstairs to send off a quick email to her parents assuring them once again that she’s fine on her own.  Stevie Ray and Vaughn made it sound like their parents weren’t overly concerned but she thought it was a good idea anyway.

Then, she grabbed some cookies from the snack machine before heading back to the camp.  More hotdogs sounded terrible!


Ohmygosh everyone’s relationships are terrible!  Neesy Lyn doesn’t have many fans.

The Orphans


In the morning before school, the boys played a little cops and robbers.

The older kids all came home from school with improved grades which was a huge boon in Neesy Lyn’s case because she was almost failing!

Probably not the best idea not paying the bills on time guys!

The teens help the younger boys with their homework after the girls went to bed forgetting that it’s Friday and there’s no need!

They both feel confident that they’re doing a great job so far.


The kids all had a nice relaxing Saturday morning.  They’re used to waking early for school so they were up quite early.

Soon, they started to feel restless and decided to visit the Riverside Mall.

First things first Odis Lee needed some everyday clothes that weren’t outerwear!

They indulged in some pinball games and found that there wasn’t much else to do there and headed in search of more entertainment.

They went to the park next.

I feel like all my sims eat is hot dogs!

The kids had fun fishing.

And once they had all eaten and taken care of any other pressing needs they all spent several hours fishing.

And arrived home just as it began to pour.  Exhausted, they all fell into their beds.


What’s the penguin doing here?  It’s summer!

The kids made quite a bit selling those fish!

Separated at Birth Part 3

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