TS2→ T-Park Po’ Livin’ 2.2: The Dating Begins

Gen 2 Chapter 2


Thursday I know beyond the shadow of a doubt that they had only ~§270!  What the?  The only possible explanation I can come up with is that when I’d played one of the other “Reeves” households Thurs or Fri morning I’d used the familyfunds cheat!

Each morning Ginger Rae has the exact same wants: go hiking, catch butterflies, catch lightning bugs!  I decided to have her take the dogs for a hike in hopes it would spin her wants to something more exciting.


After returning she gave both dogs baths.

Then returned to the lot that you never saw the pictures from because it had crashed.  Happily, it hasn’t crashed again!

I’ve been using the “scope room” thing a lot.  She thought this lady is hot.  Likely because she’s wearing a bathing suit.  But, it was only one bolt… we’ll see.

I took her to a club after that and she wanted to DJ.  I didn’t realize at the time that she could make money by doing this and had to, once again, cheat money away!  No making money on community lots.

She thought this girl was hot (Seriously, she’s only thought one guy was hot so far!) so she chatted for awhile and danced with her but her needs were getting pretty crappy.

Meanwhile, back at home while she was gone I had her parents digging holes in the backyard in hopes they’d find something exciting to sell at the yard sale Monday.

The boys all came home excited about improved grades.  For some reason, Vaughn did his hopping up and down on the porch so isn’t in the pic.

Ugh.  This aspiration thing is driving me nuts with these uncontrollable teens!  I had Neoma go tell him to clean which used up almost all of the influence she had left!  She used to have so much!

And Bobby Ray cooked spaghetti which all three of them stood in front of and ignored until one of the parents called them to eat.  Ginger Rae got home and went straight to bed and that’s about it for Friday!


I decided I’d better close the heir poll.  Bobby Ray didn’t have a chance!

Ginger Rae took that girl she’d met at the club out to breakfast in the fancy newly remodeled car.

Note from the future: Apparently, I left the name blank to fill in later and I’m too lazy to go find it, lol.

And I learned that she’s a fortune sim which was highly disappointing.

I did the “chef’s choice” thing as usual and they both ordered expensive foods.  I’d given Ginger Rae the coupons Neoma hadn’t used so at least it didn’t cost anything.

Which was a waste because the girl never even ate!  I finally had to cancel out the meal because time was running out!

They chatted a few minutes and tickled and most of the goofy stuff they want to do on dates then I saw this… what?

Holy moly!  I guess that’s a way to get your first kiss eh Ginger Rae?  Not much after this I had to end the date because she needed to get home in time to leave for work.

While she was on her date the boys were eagerly awaiting mom cooking them breakfast by taking turns stuffing their face from the fridge.  I wonder how many food points that uses?

Then, while Neoma painted something for the yard sale the boys stood around for hours alternately chatting and playing with the dogs.

While Ginger Rae was at work she got her bouquet.  Cha-ching!

And then Bobby Ray aged up to an adult!  Unlike Ginger Rae, he looks very different after aging… at least I think so.

And Leader of the Pack visited the dogs and whined at the door for hours.  It made Vaughn happy at least because he had a want to have him visit from his secondary Knowlege aspiration.

And I got a pop-up about having a great date and enjoy this pinball machine!  Wowza!

Yea, I know I’ve been eager to have things to sell at the yard sale but this is just too cool to sell and it looks perfect on the back porch!

Runaway & Orphans Part 4

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