TS2→ Beyond T-Park: Runaway & Orphans Part 4

Part 4

A/N: I’m going to confuse the heck out of you now.  There is an over 5-month gap between when I played Sunday and when I played Monday.  This and 5 other T-Park (& Beyond) chapters have been collecting dust in my drafts folder here on WordPress all that time.



Sunday dawned with a determined Willa Rae.  She decided this camping isn’t her thing.  She spent hours digging and sold all of her finds to Tawny Bifrost for quite a bit of money.

She was just calling around to see if anyone wanted to hang out when she realized even though it’s Sunday she still had work!

She arrived back at the camp earlier than expected because she was demoted!  A boy from work, Bruce Leive, came home with her.  She didn’t mind getting demoted if it meant cute boys follow her home.

And Bruce seemed to feel the same about her.  They really had chemistry!

Both feeling hungry, they headed for a date at the All-in-One Shack for some food.

They did a little smustle dancing which was kind of awkward so close to the table!

They had a lot of fun joking around.

And in the end, there was a little more than joking.  Willa Rae has a definite crush on Bruce but she is her mother’s daughter and darned romance sims are hard to please so she immediately decided she wanted to make out with more sims!

She arrived at the arcade to play pool like she does on most days and realized she knew this man.  Didn’t her mom almost marry this guy?  Why is he so young?  (LOL!  Freaking Sims 2 aging!)

And this one?  He’s the jerk that got Twyla Fae pregnant!  She decided to hustle him to get back at him even if she’d never met the poor girl.

But he seemed to be onto her and took her money instead!


Screen Shot 08-23-18 at 04.06 PM

Thankfully, she didn’t lose much money because early Monday morning she arrived to rent her very own apartment!

Screen Shot 08-23-18 at 04.13 PM

The guy she was renting from was kinda weird.

Screen Shot 08-23-18 at 04.15 PM

She found out that it was going to cost more than she’d originally thought.

Screen Shot 08-23-18 at 04.16 PM

She went inside and stopped in shock.

Screen Shot 08-23-18 at 04.17 PM

Empty!  Completely empty.  She could have bought a small trailer for what she’d paid upfront to rent this place!!!

Screen Shot 08-23-18 at 04.19 PM

At first, I thought perhaps this wasn’t the place that I’d planned to move her but then I saw this.  Yes, it’s the place.  LOL!

Screen Shot 08-23-18 at 04.21 PM

Trying to decide what to do, she made herself some lunch.  At least the fridge was stocked.

Screen Shot 08-23-18 at 04.23 PM

Not having a table isn’t so bad.  The roof area is pretty cool.

Screen Shot 08-23-18 at 04.24 PM

Noticing that the trash was knocked over she ran to fix it.  (OMG NO ROACHES PLEASE!)

Screen Shot 08-23-18 at 04.26 PM

This boy was just standing there watching her so she walked over to chat.

Screen Shot 08-23-18 at 04.30 PM

Just chatting and playing red hands is kinda boring.

Screen Shot 08-23-18 at 04.35 PM

So they went to the arcade.  Geeze dude, we know you don’t like her but do you need to think about it constantly???

Screen Shot 08-23-18 at 04.45 PM

She was hungry and pool was boring so off to the All-In-One Shack.  I guess he couldn’t wait because he started grilling.  (Why do I keep forgetting to write down names???)

Screen Shot 08-23-18 at 04.46 PM

The chef’s special… always.

Screen Shot 08-23-18 at 04.48 PM

Expensive tastes.

Screen Shot 08-23-18 at 04.49 PM

Oh no!  It’s that creep who steals people’s wallets!

Screen Shot 08-23-18 at 04.51 PM

Maybe she can make him go away.

Screen Shot 08-23-18 at 05.00 PM

The outing over she headed back to her apartment… to sleep?  I forgot this happens after a good outing or date!

Screen Shot 08-23-18 at 05.00 PM 001

So, she spent most of the night digging in the building’s yard looking for things to sell so she can get more furniture than just a bed.

Screen Shot 08-23-18 at 04.27 PM

Oh, also, I didn’t realize until I’d saved several times that all of Willa Rae’s relationships were wiped out because I’d messed up the first time I tried to move her.  Her family tree and memories are all intact though.



Sunday morning cereal for breakfast.

Now, this is a house full of kids, you didn’t really expect them to save that fish money did you?  They ordered a gaming system.

And some remote control toys!  A stray dog zeroed in on the kids and convinced Abby Lyn to play some fetch.

Then, as soon as Abby Lyn turned her back it knocked over the trash!  Archie went over and scolded it and then shooed it away.

The girls hadn’t finished their homework Friday night so the teens thought it would be a good idea to take care of it then.  Neesy Lyn and Abbie Lyn have such a horrible relationship she can’t even help her!

Archie decided that they shouldn’t waste all the money on toys and headed out to get some groceries.  He was surprised to find that this little grocery store was nicer than most of the other places they’d visited in Riverside!

He couldn’t resist buying another game for the console before he left, though.  Spore!

He arrived home and put the groceries away.

The younger girls had been taking naps before he got back since they’d woken so early but ran out to see the cool new game.


Screen Shot 08-23-18 at 06.06 PM

It was 2:30am and the entire house was awake with almost full energy!  If you’re not familiar with Sims 2 you might not know that they can’t sleep unless they’re tired.  You can’t just have them top off their energy!

Screen Shot 08-23-18 at 06.08 PM

The kids all began jumping on their beds.

Screen Shot 08-23-18 at 06.12 PM

Two of them can jump at once.

Screen Shot 08-23-18 at 06.09 PM

The teens were the only ones that actually needed something.  I don’t remember him liking her before… it’s just been so long!

Screen Shot 08-23-18 at 06.14 PM

A rousing game of Spore.  I love that game.

Screen Shot 08-23-18 at 06.23 PM

Then, they were all off to school.  It’s funny watching all six of them board the bus.

Screen Shot 08-23-18 at 06.28 PM

The teens arrived home first bringing some girl with them.

Screen Shot 08-23-18 at 06.34 PM

She just kinda did her own thing so I left her to it.

Screen Shot 08-23-18 at 06.30 PM

Thanks to the early morning bed jumping shenanigans the kids all came home exhausted.  So exhausted that apparently, Abbie Lyn fell asleep standing up just as she was about to crawl into bed.

Screen Shot 08-23-18 at 06.40 PM

Get out of the house creeper!

Screen Shot 08-23-18 at 06.43 PM

Most awkward age-up ever!  Standing in the doorway waiting for her brother to finish with the toilet.  I forgot that the new day starts at 6pm.  I thought their birthday was the next day.

Screen Shot 08-23-18 at 06.47 PM

Yes, theirs.  I also forgot that they’re twins.  Yikes.  Abby Lyn aged up as well.  Despite one of them being born second and thus not subject to the pacifier issue they look identical to each other… and Ginger Rae.

Screen Shot 08-23-18 at 06.49 PM

This girl stole their paper.  She’d hung out in a group with Stevie Ray and Vaughn one day.  Weird.  Maybe one of them turned her down?

Screen Shot 08-23-18 at 06.52 PM

Since they’d napped after arriving home they were, once again, wide awake late at night.

Screen Shot 08-23-18 at 06.54 PM

I didn’t bother looking through the girl’s new clothes yet.

Screen Shot 08-23-18 at 06.57 PM

I did need to find a way to get rid of their elementary school homework.  Which can’t be deleted.

Screen Shot 08-23-18 at 06.57 PM 001

But it can be nuked.

Screen Shot 08-23-18 at 06.58 PM

Archie woke up and started cleaning all of the house.  It was such a disaster.

Screen Shot 08-23-18 at 07.02 PM

And Otis Lee hadn’t done his homework so he helped him so he could get to bed faster.  Neesy Lyn woke up and started helping clean too.  And that’s where we’ll leave them for now.

Separated at Birth Part 4

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