TS2→ T-Park Po’ Livin’ 2.3: Yard Sale Time Again!

Gen 2 Chapter 3


Neoma cooked up some pancakes for Bobby Ray’s sendoff meal.

And then, after he’d announced he was leaving the whole family gathered around him to say goodbye.

I’ll admit, I was pretty sad even though I knew I’d be playing him again in a few days.

Ginger Rae took the dogs on another hike while mom picked up the always-knocked-over trashcan.

Then, she went to Walmart and grabbed some food.  She’s also wanted jewelry for quite some time so she bought an earring.  With her hair I didn’t see the point in spending the money on a second, lol.  Then, she met some people including Malcolm Landgraab who looks nothing like I’m used to and I have to say is pretty unattractive.

Back at home, Trent has finally started rolling the easy wants that I’d expected him to get all along and why I’d chosen a Pleasure sim in the first place!  Jump on the couch, pull a prank, take a bubble bath, watch tv, play a video game… so easy!

Ginger Rae returns with the groceries while the parents are encouraging Stevie Ray to be nicer.  I don’t think any of the encouragement took hold.

And I was shocked to realize that Alegra was getting on in years and needed to try for puppies before she couldn’t anymore!  I checked using SimBlender and she is indeed pregnant.

And Ginger Rae got promoted.


Yard sale day is finally here!  Ginger Rae must be thinking she’ll attract more customers in her nightie.  One of her other ever-present wants is to sell lemonade.  Now that I think about it, I should have sold the darned thing!

As the boys head off to school Neesy Lyn shows up wanting to buy the stupid broken stereo!  Neoma kept trying to distract her from it but she was obsessed with the thing.  I was worried that she would buy it and when I got to them again the money would be gone.  I ended up cheating and making her leave.

In the end, I realized that both the stereo and potty chair were somehow bugged.  When the sims looked at them their meter dropped but they would obsessively stare at them.  I spent most of the day spamming sales interactions trying to get buyers and eventually put them in the house because I wasn’t able to remove the price tags.

Oh, and every time I left any of them without instructions to sell they would start chatting with the sims dropping their meters completely!

I thought Trent looking at the camera was funny.  Like look at me selling a fish to this silly teen!  Also, there is Sienna Bifrost to the far right.  I’m so annoyed seeing them all the time.  I put them in the college bin for a reason!

I was so busy with the yard sale I forgot it was the twins birthday.  The last yard sale Ginger Rae aged to teen.  They aged up almost simultaneously but annoyingly that window popped up asking who I wanted to age with them and I didn’t get a good pic of Stevie Ray aging.

Are you kidding me with these clothes right now???  I got a mod that supposedly lets me choose the age up outfits but I keep forgetting to try to figure it out.

Freaking-A!  It was bound to happen with one of them.  Vaughn was just on the edge as well.  Darned Fortune sims and their wanting to buy things!

Sadly, the therapist was invisible so I didn’t get a pic.  I had this happen in the Poverty Challenge house too.  I think it was because he was too close to the couch.

I aged up Sienna Bifrost while she was there too.  Her and Ginger Rae totally had the hots for each other but unfortunately, I’m only allowed to marry townies and NPCs.

In the end, this was all that was left.  I’d put everything in order by price and only tagged the items in front three at a time as they sold moving my way back.  So these were the least expensive items.  If I hadn’t had the issue with the stereo and potty chair I’d have sold it all I’m sure.

I ended up nuking them.  I couldn’t remove the price tags and I couldn’t get them into their inventories.

And then Stevie Ray and Vaughn were off to seek their own destiny.  The rest of the family stood inside waving like idiots to the door.

Once again, I felt needlessly sad.

That is an odd sight!

Beyond T-Park Interim

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