TS2→ Beyond T-Park Interim: Moving On

A/N: I took some silly shots of moving the boys on and had no idea what to do with them so I thought I’d make a little mini-chapter to show you the setups.

I’d spent a long time making this cool little building to send them first to change their clothes and such and then realized that it was over §8k to move them in!  Obviously, they didn’t have that much!  They didn’t even have the §1k for the smallest plot of land!  What was I to do with them?

I ended up dropping them onto an apartment lot but not renting an apartment and doing motherlode.  Then, I had them buy the little building and change their clothes.

And names.

I thought I’d picked the correct options in the stay put shrub or whatever it’s called but when I moved Stevie Ray and Vaughn in all of the stuff was gone and I had to start over!

More changing of clothes.  I just did every outfit category for all of them figuring if they’d come from CAS that’s how it would be.

I moved first Bobby Ray and then the twins onto the least expensive empty lots and then dropped their money to zero after going into SimPe and changing their household names so that the familyfunds cheat would actually work.  So, you’re probably like what the heck are those things on the ground for?  One changes the season to whatever you want so I changed it to what all of the other households are at and the other vase changes the day to whatever you want.  So I changed them to whatever day they’d moved out.  The last is a loan jar.

I got them all a tent, lantern, and flamingo for fun.  Stevie Ray and Vaughn didn’t need as large of a loan because they’d left with more money due to the yard sale.  I thought briefly that it was kinda boring starting them as well as Willa Rae out almost exactly the same but then again this is pretty much how I start everything in Sims 4 and if it works why change it?  All the kids leave with practically nothing so there aren’t many options.  I gave them all tents because they can’t sleep on community lots like you can in Sims 3 and 4!

I ended up realizing a few minutes after starting to play Bobby Ray that I’d used the fall setting that I’d written down for Stevie Ray and Vaughn and that it was actually 2 days left in summer when he’d moved out on Sunday.

And last, I’d been saving this screenshot and trying to figure out when I can use it and I finally can!  In case you were wondering how I added the kids all to different households.  I teleported them with Simblender and then used a cheat to add them to the families.  I also had to change the season for all of them but not the day because I lined them all up to start on a Monday.  I didn’t use the loan jars for the DuPonts or Orphans but just gave them money and cheated the amount I didn’t want away later.

I hope you enjoyed this weird little look into how insane it is to do a rotation in Sims 2!

Matchmaker Chapter 1

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