TS2→ Beyond T-Park Matchmaker Ch 1: Make Me a Match

Chapter 1



A/N: I have no idea what the deal is with the weird spacing in this chapter.  This was written a few months ago and I can’t seem to fix it.

So, here we are.  As I mentioned in the Interim chapter, I’d forgotten the correct season for Bobby Ray so it’s changed sometime after this.  I really had no idea what to do with him.  I’d actually planned for one of them to do the Poverty Challenge but when it came down to it I didn’t feel like it.  I searched and searched for another challenge that started with them being broke but came up empty.  Finally, I decided I’d just come up with my own little story for them all like I’d done already for the ones who’d moved out.

Bobby Ray is a Family sim and I thought he’d be eager to start his life with someone but after hearing stories of his mother trying to pick a husband and then seeing what his sister is doing to find a spouse he decided to just cut his losses and hire the Matchmaker.

I had to buy him a phone then sell it back to get her there.  He asked for a blind date and gave her the hundred odd dollars that he had left after buying the tent and stuff.

She was not pleased!

But she accepted his money nonetheless and did the whole crystal ball thing…

His future wife dropped from the sky and he didn’t even look to see if she was okay and instead thanked the Matchmaker profusely.

He asked her if she liked what she saw and she said she did.  But her turnons are hats and glasses so I’m not really sure how that’s possible.  (I’ve noticed that a lot of sims do this when asked that but end up turning down all advances so I’m not sure what the deal is with this interaction.)

He did not return the sentiment and was constantly throwing off the x’d hearts which cracked me up!


Ginger Rae strode by on a “hike” with Buck.  Suuure, we’re onto you now!  Hiking to Bluewater Village to snoop on your younger brother!

Neither was getting very helpful wants so I had them play catch for awhile trying to at least get their relationship up.

Then, out of nowhere, he started getting wants to flirt with her and such.  Maybe it was because they’d become friends?  He even developed a crush which I thought was impressive since he kept being repulsed by her!

What a gentleman.  I’d thought, with that getup, she was a sorority girl or something but when I searched her name it didn’t bring anything up so she is indeed a random townie.

The date timer ran out without a dream date but really what did you expect?  He even gave her a sweet kiss goodbye.  That actually went quite well.


He walked back to Belladonna Cove to the job board at Walmart and got a job in the Journalism career since he already has quite high Creativity skill.

And then I was like what do I do with him now?  He doesn’t have a penny to his name and he’s starving!  Then, I remembered Ginger Rae made money DJ’ing.  It might be against the rules in that challenge but this is my own challenge-type-thing I’m making up as I go so I decided it’s allowed!

He drew quite the crowd and I had fun watching everyone dance.  I think the hidden dance skill is pretty cool.  All of the older T-Park kids have high dance skill from when they smustled so much before the stereo broke!


The host, who incidentally is the elder his mom dated, sat him at a table outside that had this huge candle arrangement on it and when his food was delivered it disappeared!  So, I had him steal this burger and I went back later to remove the candle thingies.


Monday morning loan balance check.

He arrived home from his first day at his new job to pouring rain stinky and needed the bathroom.

So, he went back to the club and used the toilet and had a quick sponge bath in the bathroom.  Sloppy sims have their advantages!

Then, he got to work DJ’ing again.  This woman wanted to greet him and just stood behind him for a few minutes.  She looks like a hot mess.  Those are not clubbing clothes girl!

I tried to get a shot of her goofy dance moves but it’s so hard to pause in time.  Sometimes I want so badly to record the silly things they do!

Heck yea!

I had him ask to be seated at the bar this time even though I’d fixed the candles just to be sure.  He asked for the chef’s special because I was curious what on earth the food was he kept thinking of.  I still have no idea.  It looks like pumpkin pie.  It was only §13 so that was good.

Holy crap!  He was gone for 10 hours and most of that time he was DJ’ing!  Between his money from work and the DJ money, he was able to pay off the loan in full.


I’d gotten some new default replacements for the witches.  Doesn’t she look awesome???  You’ll see the good witch in the next chapter with Stevie Ray and Vaughn.

Beyond T-Park Ghost Chapter 1

A/N: I’m sorry to say that this will be the only chapter with Bobby Ray… as well as the next with Stevie Ray and Vaughn.  I’ll explain why after the next chapter.

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