TS2→ Beyond T-Park Ghost Ch 1: Resurrection Plans

Chapter 1


I know technically I should have put Stevie Ray and Vaughn to the back of the rotation but it seemed to me like it would be weird so I’ve put them in the front instead!  So, as you might remember from the Interim chapter here they are with a similar set-up to Bobby Ray and once again I barely had any idea what to do with them!

I’ve had this vague plan since Vaughn rolled Knowledge for his secondary aspiration and kept rolling wants to see ghosts and stuff that he would find it fascinating that Twyla Fae had died on their old lot before their mom moved in.  I put her urn at the graveyard in Downtown assuming there would be others but there weren’t.

So, Stevie Ray suggested to Vaughn that they take the urn home.  Also, I guess since his secondary aspiration is Popularity, Stevie Ray was able to get his aspiration level almost to platinum with the non-stop wants to interact with his twin!

Then, he got a want to gain a skill point and since I had no idea what to have them do once they’d grabbed the urn they went to the bookstore in Crowborough.

After he’d gained his skill point, I told him to scope the room and he decided he liked the looks of this girl and I had him greet her.  He spoke to her once and she offered him a level 5 job!!!  Now, I hadn’t planned for him to work.  I’d planned to have him use that darned toy machine that was useless at his parent’s house but I’d be crazy to reject this offer!

Holy crap!!!

So while Stevie Ray chatted with that girl, Vaughn scoped the room and met this redhead with short hair.

He asked her on a date and while his twin went back to studying something so he could skill up for work they had a nice date.  Not a dream date though because he had to get home for his new job.  Oh, didn’t I mention that?  He’s going into the Paranormal career so he can get that reward and try to resurrect Twyla Fae!

There’s really nothing on their lots so they all stay out most of the day!

Geeze.  The stupid carpool showed up for Stevie Ray!  And then it popped up that he’d missed work!  He hadn’t even accepted the job until like 2pm!


While Vaughn was off to work I tried to decide where to take Stevie Ray to get his needs up.  I decided to waste money to just have him eat at Walmart and use their bathroom instead of grilling.


Double yay!

Vaughn set up Twyla Fae’s urn in a place of honor.  I have no idea if she’ll haunt or not.


I figured the money trees might be off-limits for the Trailer Park Challenge but they’re free game in my made-up-for-the-twins-challenge-type-thing!  And since both of their primary aspirations are Money they’d be interested in such things.

I used some of the money Vaughn had earned the day before to purchase a chess table.  I figured that Stevie Ray needs logic for work and it also gives fun and unlike the telescope you can use it during the day.

I’d bought a sink and stuck it in the corner so that Stevie Ray could sponge bathe before work but couldn’t take a pic because uhhh no censor.  He was leaving for work just as Vaughn was waking up and taking notice of the new money tree.

I used some aspiration points to purchase Vaughn his very own money tree and he seemed thrilled.

Then I’d decided to make a sort of outhouse type thing with just a toilet and the sink for sponge baths and I guess cuz the door is in front of the toilet it wouldn’t close!  Geeze.

I had to get a loan again to do it though.

Which I guess was kind of a waste because, unlike Stevie Ray, Vaughn has all of the skills he’ll need to get up to where he needs to be in Paranormal to get the resurrection thingy.  So since he wanted a skill point and I was bored I sent him to the gym.

Oh!  That’s a cool want that I haven’t seen before.  It’s probably because Vaughn has full points in the nice category.

He got his body skill point and went to nicely chat with some other sims.  He thought this lady was nice looking but I was like bleh.

He also thought that this one was.  If you don’t know how the “scope room” thing works they only zero in on one sim so if you want to do it more than once you have to wait for the other one to leave.  I don’t like this girl.  I’ve seen her constantly.  Actually, there are a lot of townies like her I’m meh about from seeing them so much.

Vaughn got home in time to leave for work and then Stevie Ray got home and happily harvested and watered the money trees.

I thought maybe having them so close to the road wasn’t the best idea.  I’ve read that visiting sims will harvest them!  Eventually, I’ll have to fence them in or something, I don’t know?  He needed fun so I had him play some chess.

Then, he needed social so I bought a phone and had him chat with the girl that got him the job and they became friends.

A/N: As I mentioned in the previous chapter this will be the last of the T-Park & Beyond chapters.  I’d planned to explain why here but it got too long so I’m just gonna publish it as a separate note.  Which is why I didn’t bother going back to find the names of the girls that they’d met.


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