TS4→ On Their Own: Outtakes, Bloopers, & Credits

Basically, everything that wasn’t in Chapter 8: The Youth Center

Nico and Ace were at the youth center for almost a week.  I had a blast and even considered extending their time there.  I definitely want to do this challenge again but with a single teen that isn’t related to another save that depends on their return to continue like this did.  I tried writing this in the order the screenshots were taken but decided to rearrange them by topic…

09-05-18_4-54-43 PM

Watching all the kids piling into the building after school was so funny.  I actually had to start over.  I played almost a day with Ace and Nico in their own household still but the kids in the youth center weren’t taking care of themselves so I started over after adding the boys in.

09-05-18_4-41-47 PM

The pet rat Ratbo was a big hit with the kids.

Screen Shot 09-05-18 at 05.56 PM

09-05-18_5-04-36 PM

The candy bowls were a big hit too

09-05-18_5-10-39 PM

09-05-18_6-47-50 PM

09-05-18_6-48-40 PM

Screen Shot 09-05-18 at 05.04 PM

09-05-18_5-03-45 PM

I suppose that’s a way to get kids to learn yoga eh?

09-05-18_6-16-54 PM

09-05-18_5-08-03 PM

The radio that I put upstairs since both Nico and Jia are music lovers drew everyone up there too and drove me crazy.

09-05-18_7-04-52 PM

09-05-18_7-15-16 PM

09-05-18_5-12-21 PM

Vlad’s visit…

09-05-18_5-28-04 PM

09-05-18_5-29-07 PM

09-05-18_5-29-53 PM

09-05-18_5-30-32 PM

09-05-18_5-31-40 PM

09-05-18_5-32-09 PM

09-05-18_5-32-39 PM

09-05-18_5-33-10 PM

09-05-18_5-33-57 PM

It was so odd!  Shea didn’t act all under his spell like they usually do.  I sent him back to bed and the dazed moodlet eventually wore off.  I suppose it’s no surprise that he left the next day!

09-05-18_9-34-00 PM

Caleb showed up another night and just stood there a few minutes then left!

Harvestfest Pumpkin Carving…

09-05-18_7-01-47 PM

09-05-18_7-05-34 PM

09-05-18_7-08-43 PM

09-05-18_7-13-09 PM

09-05-18_7-18-05 PM

09-05-18_7-21-29 PM

09-05-18_9-27-02 PM

Nighttime pic.  Ace’s broken one cracked me up!

Harvestfest Gnomes…

09-05-18_7-15-30 PM

09-05-18_7-16-02 PM

09-05-18_7-23-31 PM

09-05-18_7-24-04 PM

09-05-18_7-24-59 PM

09-05-18_7-27-11 PM

09-05-18_7-27-55 PM

09-05-18_7-28-12 PM

09-05-18_7-29-20 PM

09-05-18_7-30-33 PM

Nico:  See, that’s how it’s done.

09-05-18_7-30-57 PM

Ms. Plumbottom: I’ll show you how it’s done, kids.

09-05-18_7-31-34 PM

09-05-18_7-32-42 PM

09-05-18_7-33-33 PM

09-05-18_7-34-46 PM

09-05-18_7-35-32 PM

09-05-18_8-30-07 PM

Ms. Plumbottom singing for pop star Kyong while cooking the tofurky for vegetarian Diana.  Poor girl, I kept forgetting and feeding her meat!

09-05-18_9-31-08 PM

Speaking of pop stars.  Poor Jessie.  Speaking of Jessie, he just randomly walked into the building!  The day after Shea left.  I saw he was in a household alone so I added him.

09-05-18_6-31-28 PM

Sims, including vendors, kept randomly coming into the house!  It worked out for my benefit with Jessie.  The rest were an annoyance.

Screen Shot 09-05-18 at 06.39 PM

Miranda: Gotta pee!

Screen Shot 09-05-18 at 06.39 PM 001

I shouldn’t have had that glass of water!

Screen Shot 09-05-18 at 08.28 PM


Jia’s birthday…

09-05-18_9-09-14 PM

I tried the “sing together” thing.  They sounded so bad!

09-05-18_9-10-44 PM

09-05-18_9-11-52 PM

I gave her the childish trait.  Thought maybe her time around Ms. Plumbottom might have rubbed off.  Her other traits are geek and music lover… same as Nico.

Screen Shot 09-05-18 at 09.41 PM

I’d made a holiday so I wouldn’t forget about the boy’s birthday.  I didn’t actually plan for them not to go to school that day!

Screen Shot 09-05-18 at 06.14 PM

Random moodlet that would have gone with the other chapter from when Ace and Damion were playing water balloons in the cold.

Wolfgang and Miranda…

09-05-18_4-59-36 PM

I can’t really explain why I was so captivated by their relationship from the start.  At one point, I’d considered seeing if he and Nico had chemistry but after I saw how he acted around Miranda and vice versa I decided not to even try.

Screen Shot 09-05-18 at 04.59 PM

Miranda took an immediate liking to Wolfgang.  Eventually, I added both Wolfgang and Gulliver to the household for pretty much the same reason as I added Nico and Ace.

09-05-18_5-06-17 PM

I don’t think either Nico or Ace were happy about it.  They were always giving them these looks.

Screen Shot 09-05-18 at 05.17 PM

But, eventually, Wolfgang decided he liked Miranda too.

09-05-18_5-15-06 PM

I think Ms. Plumbottom must have decided to talk to him about it.  After all the girl was pregnant!

09-05-18_5-16-20 PM

I looked and saw her texting…

09-05-18_5-17-19 PM

Then saw him looking at his phone!  LOL!

09-05-18_5-18-18 PM

Little tease.

09-05-18_6-10-31 PM

Bad day in school I think.

09-05-18_6-11-03 PM

First real autonomous flirt beyond the few I did here and there in the beginning.

09-05-18_6-11-49 PM

Pouty face.

09-05-18_6-23-26 PM

So cute!

09-05-18_8-38-10 PM

Time out!  I think you’re in labor.

Screen Shot 09-05-18 at 08.43 PM

Looks like he’s made his decision.

09-05-18_8-51-01 PM

This was so confusing.  As you can see from Wolfgang’s reaction above, she was in labor but she didn’t have the moodlet or act like she was!  Partway through the meal, she got up and started walking out the front door to “have baby.”

09-05-18_8-51-49 PM

I wanted to see and I wanted Wolfgang to be there so I reset her and sent him with her.  She didn’t have to go to reception she literally walked straight to the delivery room where the doctor was already!  I had to teleport Wolfgang inside!

09-05-18_8-53-27 PM

I suppose Amadeus is a bit cliche but I thought she’d like to name him after Wolfgang even if he’s technically not the father.

09-05-18_8-55-50 PM

Back home here is where I found him!  I can understand the floating weirdness from my crib mod but why there?

09-05-18_8-58-00 PM

I had to age him up so I could move him out with Wolfgang and Miranda.

Ace and Gulliver…

09-05-18_4-24-58 PM

Like Nico said in his journal, Ace and Gulliver were inseparable.  They were already friends when they moved in there and they were constantly seeking each other out.

09-05-18_6-34-03 PM

Even into the bathroom!

09-05-18_6-35-18 PM

Which is where I decided to finally initiate the first flirt.  Unlike Wolfgang and Miranda, I was really nervous about this one.  Maybe because I had so much more invested?

Screen Shot 09-05-18 at 06.46 PM

Screen Shot 09-05-18 at 06.46 PM 001

After I initiated a few flirts to see if there was anything there.  I sure was right!  Their friendship is so low at this point because Ace was going through one of those ridiculous mean phases where he’d alternately be nice and then yell at everyone.  I hate that so much!

09-05-18_7-19-27 PM

After that, I’d find them flirting.  You have to remember, I was dealing with 12 sims so I missed some stuff.

09-05-18_8-27-03 PM

09-05-18_8-30-51 PM

09-05-18_8-31-26 PM

I used the best shots in the diary entry of course.  I have no idea when they had their first kiss.  I did eventually have Ace ask him to be his boyfriend.  It makes me nervous waiting on the autonomy mods when there’s a time limit.

Nico and Jia…

09-05-18_4-13-00 PM

If I was nervous about Ace and Gulliver, I was doubly so about Nico and Jia.  They were good friends almost from the start.  They had the same traits.  But I kept seeing them looking at each other.

09-05-18_5-11-35 PM

And even when they weren’t up on the computers they were together.

09-05-18_6-37-27 PM

Finally, I gave in and had them flirt a few times.

Screen Shot 09-05-18 at 09.02 PM

Screen Shot 09-05-18 at 09.03 PM

09-05-18_7-10-52 PM

09-05-18_7-11-26 PM

09-05-18_7-47-38 PM

09-05-18_8-23-01 PM

09-05-18_8-23-37 PM

Screen Shot 09-05-18 at 09.05 PM

Screen Shot 09-05-18 at 09.05 PM 001

09-05-18_8-24-55 PM

It took forever but they did finally start flirting autonomously.  As you saw in the journal their first kiss was the day she aged up.  Before that, it was just a flirt here and there.  But like with the others, I likely missed some with so many sims.


Screen Shot 09-07-18 at 12.22 PM 001

Ally built the youth center for me.  I did change a bit adding in stuff from new packs that had come out over the past year as well as adding in the computer balcony.

Screen Shot 09-04-18 at 01.06 PM

Ms. Plumbottom was a gem!  I found her on the gallery by searching #elder.  I changed her traits of course but nothing else.

Screen Shot 09-07-18 at 12.23 PM 002

The vampire twins that funded the youth center.  I actually had a more in-depth story for them in my failed AfterTime save and plan to grab them out of there and add them into the Robinsons save.

Screen Shot 09-07-18 at 12.24 PM 001

Shea is from one of Meggs stories…

Screen Shot 09-07-18 at 12.24 PM 002

As was his girlfriend.

Screen Shot 09-07-18 at 12.24 PM

Gigglecakes, who made the vampire twins, also made Kyong.

Screen Shot 09-07-18 at 12.22 PM

Cecethesims made Miranda…

Screen Shot 09-07-18 at 12.22 PM 002

As well as Heaven who I renamed Nevaeh since I already have a Heaven and I thought she’d be the type of sim to do that.

Screen Shot 09-07-18 at 12.23 PM

Cassie aka cgeorgopoulos made me Diana and Damion who are actually the unborn children of sims she’s currently playing!

Screen Shot 09-07-18 at 12.23 PM 001

And last but not least, SoulGal made me Jia who obviously I adored from the start.  I even added the computer area just for her story about upgrading computers!

Gulliver and Jessie were random townies.  Gulliver was part of one of those families that looked nothing like him so I didn’t feel bad pulling him out and like I said before Jessie was a single teen household.

I want to thank everyone who made or let me borrow their sims for this project.  There were actually a few others I didn’t use.  One I searched and searched but couldn’t find.  The original plan was to rotate kids in and out of the center as I played there but, unfortunately, I was on a time crunch.

And a huge thanks to CathyTea who created this awesome Youth On Their Own (YOTO) challenge!

Robinson Reunion

TS4→ On Their Own Ch 8: The Youth Center

Chapter 8

A/N: This is Nico’s journal from their entire time at the youth center:

I can say without a doubt that our time at the youth center changed us. Hopefully, for the better but only time will tell…

09-05-18_8-17-47 PM

Ms. Plumbottom runs the place…

09-05-18_3-52-52 PM

She’s the epitome of a kid at heart…

09-05-18_5-57-36 PM

09-05-18_5-01-31 PM

And you can tell she just loves it here…

09-05-18_4-18-38 PM

And she loves all the kids and wants the best for everyone…

09-05-18_6-09-36 PM

Even if it means watching over some of us if we’re getting behind on homework…

09-05-18_3-57-11 PM

It’s actually really nice here. The place is funded by a couple of vampire twins that lived here when they were teens…

09-05-18_6-28-09 PM

All the others have their own stories and truthfully after I’ve heard them all I feel embarrassed about the way we left…

09-05-18_4-06-23 PM

Especially after Jia hacked into the public records for me. We found marriage certificates for both of my sisters. In the end, Ella married Heaven the day we left. I don’t understand how that happened. And then Ava seems to have decided not to choose between Tevin & Zaiden and married them both!  And our parents let them get away with it…

09-05-18_7-49-18 PM

Which makes me think maybe our parents weren’t as strict as they seemed. I mean everyone has their thing and dads were working out and sports. Maybe he just wanted to share his interests with us and it had nothing to do with us not being manly or whatever.  Mom was okay I guess. She was just busy and more concerned with the girls…

09-05-18_3-54-39 PM

But our parents are nothing like some of the others here’s parents. Like Shea’s stepdad hits him and stuff. And Nevaeh’s parents kicked her out for liking girls.  Diana and Damion’s dad just disappeared one day and they came here since they had nowhere else to go…

09-05-18_4-25-46 PM

Kyong is apparently some sort of pop star. He likes hiding out here and since Ms. Plumbottom is a big fan she stretches the rules for him. He even showed Ace and Shea some guitar stuff…

09-05-18_7-14-03 PM

09-05-18_7-42-51 PM

09-05-18_4-29-49 PM

09-05-18_4-28-07 PM

Miranda is pregnant. Some rich guys baby. He broke up with her when he found out and her parents kicked her out… Anyway, she’s okay I guess. A little high maintenance. Wolfgang seems to get along with her so I try to make an effort to be nice…

09-05-18_4-24-23 PM

09-05-18_4-10-01 PM

09-05-18_4-10-52 PM

09-05-18_4-16-27 PM

Speaking of Wolfgang, it must be really nice here considering that both he and Ace’s friend Gulliver practically live here now too…

09-05-18_4-07-21 PM

09-05-18_4-01-35 PM

09-05-18_5-13-00 PM

09-05-18_5-14-38 PM

09-05-18_4-17-35 PM

09-05-18_4-02-00 PM

Ace has always been the more social one. He’s really enjoying it here…

09-05-18_6-13-34 PM

09-05-18_6-14-12 PM

09-05-18_6-16-21 PM

Personally, I mostly keep to myself. It’s usually just me and Jia up here on the computers. She’s supposedly upgrading all of the computers as some sort of community service for hacking into the FBI but I’m pretty sure most of the time she’s hacking.  If she’s that smart she has finished with the upgrades long ago. She’s nice to talk to. Calm like Wolfgang. I’m gonna miss her when we go home. And we’ve decided that we are going home. Although Ace is dragging his feet on making plans and I can’t figure out why. He’s been weird lately. Maybe it’s just being here and not constantly camping alone…

09-05-18_5-24-08 PM

Jia did some more digging for me.  I didn’t ask her to.  I’m starting to think she just likes prying into our lives.  She finds all of the lies I told while we were on our own hilarious.  Anyway, it turns out I’m an uncle!  Four times an uncle to be exact.  Which gives us even more incentive to go home…

09-05-18_5-25-30 PM

Shea went home.  At least we think he must have.  One day his girlfriend showed up after school and the next thing we knew he was gone…

09-05-18_6-03-52 PM

09-05-18_6-04-16 PM

09-05-18_6-05-50 PM

09-05-18_6-07-00 PM

09-05-18_6-07-34 PM

It wasn’t long though before someone came to take his place.  His name’s Jessie.  I think I heard his parent’s died or something.  I kinda feel bad that I don’t know…

09-05-18_6-24-45 PM

But, he seems to fit in okay so I guess that’s good…

09-05-18_6-32-46 PM

I just kinda do my own thing most of the time…

09-05-18_7-03-15 PM

It’s not like we don’t talk to other people.  It just seems like we’ve all fallen into our routines and hang out only with certain people most of the time.  This sometimes makes things awkward but all in all, I think everyone makes the best of it…

09-05-18_6-26-47 PM

09-05-18_5-49-21 PM

09-05-18_5-44-48 PM

09-05-18_7-37-21 PM

09-05-18_8-26-13 PM

Harvestfest was a blast but I think everyone was missing their families…

09-05-18_8-40-32 PM

09-05-18_8-44-28 PM

09-05-18_8-47-19 PM

Miranda went into labor and when she tried to go to the hospital alone Wolfgang jumped up saying she would take her…

09-05-18_8-48-40 PM

09-05-18_8-53-53 PM

Even weirder, he texted me afterward that they’d named the baby Amadeus and that he’s taking her and the baby home to live with him and his family…

09-05-18_9-01-14 PM

Jia had her birthday soon after…

09-05-18_9-04-41 PM

09-05-18_9-10-51 PM

09-05-18_9-21-35 PM

09-05-18_9-21-57 PM

We’ve decided to go home.  I asked Jia to come with me…

09-05-18_9-25-57 PM

I hope she gives me an answer soon.  Today’s our birthday and we want to leave and now that she’s a young adult as well she needs to leave too…

09-05-18_9-40-16 PM

Obviously, Ace asked Gulliver along.  Those two are inseparable…

09-05-18_8-34-05 PM

09-05-18_8-36-41 PM

I think we all get along well.  I’m really looking forward to this next stage in our lives…

09-05-18_9-06-17 PM

09-05-18_9-23-43 PM

Stay tuned for the credits, authors notes, bloopers, and outtakes. (There are a lot)

Bloopers, Outtakes, & Credits

TS4→ On Their Own Ch 7: Unexpected A

Chapter 7

08-28-18_2-14-40 PM

I think if anything it’s Ace that this is wearing on the most.  He always seems sad when he wakes up like he realizes he’s not at home.

08-28-18_2-18-04 PM

Nico seems able to just roll with the punches and make the best of it all.  (No Geoffry, just no with that shirt!)

08-28-18_2-19-15 PM

The key to all of this is getting an A in school so they can earn a place in the youth center.

08-28-18_2-20-48 PM

Even Candy seems to be rooting for them.  I guess she figured things out after the dinner party the other day.

08-28-18_2-28-19 PM

The cooler weather seemed to cheer them up.  I thought that Wolfgang’s brother Lucas was going to say hi but he just walked by smiling at them.  Cutie.

08-28-18_2-30-06 PM

This teen was walking by so sad!  Nico was still eating so Ace ran over to ask if he was okay.

08-28-18_2-30-37 PM

He burst into tears!

08-28-18_2-33-12 PM

Seeing his brother was busy, Nico headed back into the library to read.

08-28-18_2-35-35 PM

Ace managed to get him somewhat happy.

08-28-18_2-37-32 PM

Wolfgang showed up.  Them just staring at each other cracked me up.  Like challenging each other to the chess match.

08-28-18_2-41-23 PM

But moments later the tension broke.  They’re good friends now.  (Despite his mean trait, I’ve always liked Wolfgang.)

08-28-18_2-43-05 PM

Finally, Ace got the boy to laugh and learned that his name is Gulliver Hooks and he’s also a music lover.

08-28-18_2-43-22 PM

Seems that the chess match is over.

08-28-18_2-44-42 PM

And Ace’s new friend has left.

08-28-18_2-46-21 PM

Nico met Hugo who is also a teen but he didn’t stay long enough to become friends.  (I hate that outfit!)

08-28-18_2-48-29 PM

Out of nowhere, it started pouring so Ace headed inside.

08-28-18_2-49-03 PM

But not before he got soaked!

Screen Shot 08-28-18 at 02.53 PM

Just when I was trying to figure out what they can do next.

08-28-18_2-55-23 PM

Truthfully, I don’t think Ace really wanted to be there.

08-28-18_2-57-12 PM

Gunther was much more accommodating this time and chatted with Nico about books.

08-28-18_3-02-20 PM

Ace wandered into the kitchen and made them all some dinner.

08-28-18_3-02-42 PM

And then took advantage of a soft surface to sleep on.

08-28-18_3-04-33 PM


08-30-18_1-23-03 PM

But in the end, they were back to their favorite camping spot.

08-30-18_1-30-43 PM

In the morning they woke up early to prepare for school.  They headed to the gym to shower and stare at fossils to become focused.

08-30-18_1-32-23 PM

And eat a bunch of produce that they’d been carrying around to fill them up a bit.

08-30-18_1-35-28 PM

And when the school day was over there was quite a shock!  Their school projects, great moods, and hard work had somehow earned them both an A!


Screen Shot 08-30-18 at 01.34 PM

Screen Shot 08-30-18 at 01.35 PM

Screen Shot 08-30-18 at 01.20 PM

Truthfully?  I was thinking they’d get an A Wednesday.  I’d have them visit the youth center once and then head home.  Either before or shortly after their birthday Friday.

Screen Shot 08-30-18 at 01.55 PM

These are the teens that everyone made me a year ago for this project!  I’ve been re-reading their bios and trying to get some ideas.  I’ve got a kind of rough draft in my head of how I want the rest to play out with the boys but really my only plan for the rest of this series, when I started playing them again, was for them to make some good friends to take back to the other save with them!  I think the new ending will be 100% better but now I’ve gotta figure out how to make it happen!

Screen Shot 08-30-18 at 01.23 PM

Just thought you’d think this is funny.  I guess it’s from all the collectibles they’re both carrying around.

Chapter 8

T-Park Finale

The Finale!

Ginger Rae married the girl she had been dating who brought in so much money that they bought several vacation properties and hunting grounds.  Her wife was obsessed with making more money leaving Ginger Rae alone most of the time.  Ginger Rae was much more interested in spending time with her many friends than having a family and since their trailers were so nice she didn’t see the point in working.  It wasn’t until their old age that they realized they’d never had children to continue the legacy…


Bobby Ray married the girl that the matchmaker had sent him, Annie.  He provided a nice house and held a steady job.  One day he caught Annie cheating and later learned that their children weren’t his!  Annie told him it’s his own fault for being so cheap when trying to find a wife.  She ran away with the mailman and Bobby Ray continued to raise the children as if they were his own…


Stevie Ray and Vaughn succeeded in resurrecting Twyla Fae.  By then Stevie Ray had topped the Scientist career and Vaughn was quite high in the Paranormal career.  They had a very nice home and were able to provide Twyla Fae a life of luxury she could never have imagined in her past life.  The girl that gave Stevie Ray the job in the first place called him incessantly and wore him down until he eventually married her.  Vaughn and Twyla Fae became an item but when he asked her to marry him she acted afraid and refused.  None of them had any children due to Twyla Fae’s hysterical reaction when the subject was mentioned but they lead a life of luxury beyond what any of their family could imagine…

Willa Rae spent her time juggling her many relationships until one day the wife of one of her many “boyfriends” framed her for his murder.  Since she was a well known and notorious criminal by then her claims of innocence were left unheard…

Neesy Lyn and Archie married near the end of their teen years and immediately began working on having 10 kids of their own…

The twins Abby Lyn and Addie Lyn moved out as soon as they aged up and when Ginger Rae didn’t have time for them the girls took over care of and trained Alegra and Buck’s many puppies making their way into show business and touring all over the country.  They became rich and famous…

Screen Shot 08-23-18 at 06.54 PM

Screen Shot 08-23-18 at 06.52 PM

Otis Lee developed a complex after realizing he was named after a doll.  One day he disappeared but there are rumors that there is an imaginary friend in Sims 3 that looks eerily similar to him…

Screen Shot 08-23-18 at 06.06 PM

The red-headed kid ran away when he realized that nobody even knew his name.  He was never heard from again…

The twin girls that were separated at birth Fannie and Ivy met as teens.  Due to their very different upbringings, they couldn’t relate to each other and never became close but they did stay in touch.  Both married and had children of their own and happy lives.  Despite their mother’s differences, their children all became good friends…

Founder Neoma and husband Trent died of old age and haunted all of the kids and their families for many generations urging them to have more grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and so on…

The End!!!

TS2→ T-Park & Beyond: Well Hell

Screen Shot 08-23-18 at 04.27 PM

As I mentioned in the previous chapter, despite me just saying I was going to keep doing this series, It looks like it’s just not possible.  Do you remember in the recently published chapter when I messed up moving Willa Rae and learned near the end of the day and several saves that she’d lost all of her relationships?  I saw her intact family tree and memories so I thought it wasn’t that big of a deal.

Screen Shot 08-26-18 at 08.53 PM

But, it was.  This is her sister Abby Lyn that just aged to teen.  I figured once she introduced herself she would show again in her relationship panel as her sister.  But she didn’t.  So, I checked the family tree and realized that it still has Abby Lyn and her twin Addie Lyn as children.  Moments later the game crashed.

The Sims 2 is a very temperamental game.  It needs babying even more than Sims 3 does.  When I moved Willa Rae and her whole lot into the bin by accident and then placed her back down again I somehow made her like a new sim.  So the game thought there were 2 Willa Rae’s but there was only one.  She still had her memories and her family tree was there but it was like she was a copy of the original Willa Rae.

Screen Shot 08-29-18 at 02.08 PM

Anyway, I thought it was still salvageable.  I could just find the backup save and play up to where I am right?  Uh, no.  This is her relationships in the backup save.  All the kids are in their previous lifestage.  Basically, I’d have to play a whole lot to catch up and nothing would happen the same like Stevie Ray getting that job or Bobby Ray meeting that girl.  I believe this was right after all of the kids moved out actually because even Ginger Rae is a teen.

I was already having some problems with this save before this.  Like there were no graves at the graveyards and a few weird things here and there.  This is the save that I’ve used for years for my challenges so who knows what other things I did to mess it up.  I was looking over T-Park chapters trying to find pics for the finale chapter and even came across a few times I mentioned that I thought the lot was bugged and went as far as to move them all out which resulted in losing their pictures and a few other things.

My only option would be to save all of them using SimPe and Bodyshop and move their clones to a fresh save which I’ve tried to do before and it was really confusing so I decided to just cut my losses.  On the bright side, I thought up a little ending story for each of them to wrap things up nicely.


TS2→ Beyond T-Park Ghost Ch 1: Resurrection Plans

Chapter 1


I know technically I should have put Stevie Ray and Vaughn to the back of the rotation but it seemed to me like it would be weird so I’ve put them in the front instead!  So, as you might remember from the Interim chapter here they are with a similar set-up to Bobby Ray and once again I barely had any idea what to do with them!

I’ve had this vague plan since Vaughn rolled Knowledge for his secondary aspiration and kept rolling wants to see ghosts and stuff that he would find it fascinating that Twyla Fae had died on their old lot before their mom moved in.  I put her urn at the graveyard in Downtown assuming there would be others but there weren’t.

So, Stevie Ray suggested to Vaughn that they take the urn home.  Also, I guess since his secondary aspiration is Popularity, Stevie Ray was able to get his aspiration level almost to platinum with the non-stop wants to interact with his twin!

Then, he got a want to gain a skill point and since I had no idea what to have them do once they’d grabbed the urn they went to the bookstore in Crowborough.

After he’d gained his skill point, I told him to scope the room and he decided he liked the looks of this girl and I had him greet her.  He spoke to her once and she offered him a level 5 job!!!  Now, I hadn’t planned for him to work.  I’d planned to have him use that darned toy machine that was useless at his parent’s house but I’d be crazy to reject this offer!

Holy crap!!!

So while Stevie Ray chatted with that girl, Vaughn scoped the room and met this redhead with short hair.

He asked her on a date and while his twin went back to studying something so he could skill up for work they had a nice date.  Not a dream date though because he had to get home for his new job.  Oh, didn’t I mention that?  He’s going into the Paranormal career so he can get that reward and try to resurrect Twyla Fae!

There’s really nothing on their lots so they all stay out most of the day!

Geeze.  The stupid carpool showed up for Stevie Ray!  And then it popped up that he’d missed work!  He hadn’t even accepted the job until like 2pm!


While Vaughn was off to work I tried to decide where to take Stevie Ray to get his needs up.  I decided to waste money to just have him eat at Walmart and use their bathroom instead of grilling.


Double yay!

Vaughn set up Twyla Fae’s urn in a place of honor.  I have no idea if she’ll haunt or not.


I figured the money trees might be off-limits for the Trailer Park Challenge but they’re free game in my made-up-for-the-twins-challenge-type-thing!  And since both of their primary aspirations are Money they’d be interested in such things.

I used some of the money Vaughn had earned the day before to purchase a chess table.  I figured that Stevie Ray needs logic for work and it also gives fun and unlike the telescope you can use it during the day.

I’d bought a sink and stuck it in the corner so that Stevie Ray could sponge bathe before work but couldn’t take a pic because uhhh no censor.  He was leaving for work just as Vaughn was waking up and taking notice of the new money tree.

I used some aspiration points to purchase Vaughn his very own money tree and he seemed thrilled.

Then I’d decided to make a sort of outhouse type thing with just a toilet and the sink for sponge baths and I guess cuz the door is in front of the toilet it wouldn’t close!  Geeze.

I had to get a loan again to do it though.

Which I guess was kind of a waste because, unlike Stevie Ray, Vaughn has all of the skills he’ll need to get up to where he needs to be in Paranormal to get the resurrection thingy.  So since he wanted a skill point and I was bored I sent him to the gym.

Oh!  That’s a cool want that I haven’t seen before.  It’s probably because Vaughn has full points in the nice category.

He got his body skill point and went to nicely chat with some other sims.  He thought this lady was nice looking but I was like bleh.

He also thought that this one was.  If you don’t know how the “scope room” thing works they only zero in on one sim so if you want to do it more than once you have to wait for the other one to leave.  I don’t like this girl.  I’ve seen her constantly.  Actually, there are a lot of townies like her I’m meh about from seeing them so much.

Vaughn got home in time to leave for work and then Stevie Ray got home and happily harvested and watered the money trees.

I thought maybe having them so close to the road wasn’t the best idea.  I’ve read that visiting sims will harvest them!  Eventually, I’ll have to fence them in or something, I don’t know?  He needed fun so I had him play some chess.

Then, he needed social so I bought a phone and had him chat with the girl that got him the job and they became friends.

A/N: As I mentioned in the previous chapter this will be the last of the T-Park & Beyond chapters.  I’d planned to explain why here but it got too long so I’m just gonna publish it as a separate note.  Which is why I didn’t bother going back to find the names of the girls that they’d met.


TS4- On Their Own Ch 6: The End of Summer

Chapter 6

Screen Shot 03-08-18 at 02.26 PM

Remember this?  If you don’t then you’re lucky.  I wasn’t.  This save was written over.  Thankfully, I was able to restore the save.  Unfortunately, it was from before everything I’d done in chapter 5.  So, I had to go back and do it all over again.  I was too ticked off to take pics and after that I rage-quit.  Here’s the thing, I’ve been playing their family The Robinsons again and decided to figure up when the boys are supposed to age to YA on their timeline since their parents are now elders and I’d like them to return home before they pass on.  I was shocked to see that they should age up exactly on the day I last played that household!  Yikes.  So, I’m going to play until when their birthday should be calendar-wise and then take them home.

08-28-18_1-09-47 PM

Looks like Ace is a bit tired of tent life.

08-28-18_1-12-54 PM

But, in true twins fashion, he doesn’t show his upset to his brother.  Maybe it’s the heat wave that’s getting him down?

08-28-18_1-15-32 PM

They’re still only halfway through the B grade so hopefully, the school projects will help give a bit of a boost.

08-28-18_1-15-55 PM

Yay, you built the same thing.

08-28-18_1-17-51 PM

That done, they headed to the gym for showers.  As they were walking in Nico got a text.

08-28-18_1-23-57 PM

They’d been invited by Mila Munch to have lunch at her house.  Nico had met her at the library the other day and she’d gone all mother hen on him when he said her being in a cooking club reminds him of his mother.  Admittedly coming here is a bit risky since their family lives in Windenburg as well.

08-28-18_1-25-27 PM

It was nice getting in out of the heat if anything.

08-28-18_1-28-15 PM

Ace hadn’t met her son Wolfgang yet.  He’d arrived home from his weekend job shortly after they arrived.

08-28-18_1-30-26 PM

Mila invited a few other friends to join them and Penny insisted that she cook.  Her youngest son Lucas returned home from wherever he had been and Wolfgang gave him a hug which was so sweet.

08-28-18_1-31-37 PM

And as they were finishing up their meal, which most of them ate in the kitchen standing, her eldest Gunther arrived home and immediately began cleaning up as if having guests was so inconvenient.

08-28-18_1-37-01 PM

Wolfgang and Nico already knew each other so they chatted for a bit.

08-28-18_1-37-19 PM

And Ace got to enjoy the television.  Strange that they only have one loveseat for a family of four and this big fancy dining room that I doubt anyone uses… maybe Gunther?

08-28-18_1-48-13 PM

Not wanting to overstay their welcome the boys left in search of more entertainment.  They headed back to Willow Creek to the museum which has a large courtyard.

08-28-18_1-48-56 PM

They remembered the fireworks that they’d won at the Humor and Hijinks festival ages ago.

08-28-18_1-49-52 PM

Poor Nico.

08-28-18_1-52-08 PM

A plumbob!!!

08-28-18_1-52-15 PM

08-28-18_1-52-51 PM

A little girl who had been doing her homework earlier at one of the tables moved in for a closer look near the end.

08-28-18_1-53-39 PM

One last firework.  After all, it’s the last day of summer, and fireworks are traditionally a summer activity.

08-28-18_1-59-27 PM

After a quick stop at the gym for more showers, they stopped at the little food stand for drinks.

08-28-18_2-01-35 PM

The food stand girl looked so miserable that they asked if she wanted to skate.

08-28-18_2-03-37 PM

So cool!  (This is literally the first time I’ve used these.)

08-28-18_2-08-24 PM

Then, they went to the library because Nico wanted to work on his book.

08-28-18_2-09-26 PM

And Ace passed the time playing guitar.  He’s gotten a lot better and isn’t afraid for people to hear him.  Someone even tossed him a tip!

08-28-18_2-11-52 PM

Like it or not, it’s tent camping for them unless they can get their grades up to earn a place in the youth center.


08-28-18_1-55-25 PM

Supriya, just yikes.  Those muscles do not look attractive at all!

Chapter 7 

Chapter note: Starting this up after some time away I was surprised to see that the boys have no friends other than the hermit.  I had the idea that I might bring some of their friends from this save back with them to the legacy save which is kinda getting close to inbreeding with so many distant relations floating around!

TS2→ Beyond T-Park Matchmaker Ch 1: Make Me a Match

Chapter 1



A/N: I have no idea what the deal is with the weird spacing in this chapter.  This was written a few months ago and I can’t seem to fix it.

So, here we are.  As I mentioned in the Interim chapter, I’d forgotten the correct season for Bobby Ray so it’s changed sometime after this.  I really had no idea what to do with him.  I’d actually planned for one of them to do the Poverty Challenge but when it came down to it I didn’t feel like it.  I searched and searched for another challenge that started with them being broke but came up empty.  Finally, I decided I’d just come up with my own little story for them all like I’d done already for the ones who’d moved out.

Bobby Ray is a Family sim and I thought he’d be eager to start his life with someone but after hearing stories of his mother trying to pick a husband and then seeing what his sister is doing to find a spouse he decided to just cut his losses and hire the Matchmaker.

I had to buy him a phone then sell it back to get her there.  He asked for a blind date and gave her the hundred odd dollars that he had left after buying the tent and stuff.

She was not pleased!

But she accepted his money nonetheless and did the whole crystal ball thing…

His future wife dropped from the sky and he didn’t even look to see if she was okay and instead thanked the Matchmaker profusely.

He asked her if she liked what she saw and she said she did.  But her turnons are hats and glasses so I’m not really sure how that’s possible.  (I’ve noticed that a lot of sims do this when asked that but end up turning down all advances so I’m not sure what the deal is with this interaction.)

He did not return the sentiment and was constantly throwing off the x’d hearts which cracked me up!


Ginger Rae strode by on a “hike” with Buck.  Suuure, we’re onto you now!  Hiking to Bluewater Village to snoop on your younger brother!

Neither was getting very helpful wants so I had them play catch for awhile trying to at least get their relationship up.

Then, out of nowhere, he started getting wants to flirt with her and such.  Maybe it was because they’d become friends?  He even developed a crush which I thought was impressive since he kept being repulsed by her!

What a gentleman.  I’d thought, with that getup, she was a sorority girl or something but when I searched her name it didn’t bring anything up so she is indeed a random townie.

The date timer ran out without a dream date but really what did you expect?  He even gave her a sweet kiss goodbye.  That actually went quite well.


He walked back to Belladonna Cove to the job board at Walmart and got a job in the Journalism career since he already has quite high Creativity skill.

And then I was like what do I do with him now?  He doesn’t have a penny to his name and he’s starving!  Then, I remembered Ginger Rae made money DJ’ing.  It might be against the rules in that challenge but this is my own challenge-type-thing I’m making up as I go so I decided it’s allowed!

He drew quite the crowd and I had fun watching everyone dance.  I think the hidden dance skill is pretty cool.  All of the older T-Park kids have high dance skill from when they smustled so much before the stereo broke!


The host, who incidentally is the elder his mom dated, sat him at a table outside that had this huge candle arrangement on it and when his food was delivered it disappeared!  So, I had him steal this burger and I went back later to remove the candle thingies.


Monday morning loan balance check.

He arrived home from his first day at his new job to pouring rain stinky and needed the bathroom.

So, he went back to the club and used the toilet and had a quick sponge bath in the bathroom.  Sloppy sims have their advantages!

Then, he got to work DJ’ing again.  This woman wanted to greet him and just stood behind him for a few minutes.  She looks like a hot mess.  Those are not clubbing clothes girl!

I tried to get a shot of her goofy dance moves but it’s so hard to pause in time.  Sometimes I want so badly to record the silly things they do!

Heck yea!

I had him ask to be seated at the bar this time even though I’d fixed the candles just to be sure.  He asked for the chef’s special because I was curious what on earth the food was he kept thinking of.  I still have no idea.  It looks like pumpkin pie.  It was only §13 so that was good.

Holy crap!  He was gone for 10 hours and most of that time he was DJ’ing!  Between his money from work and the DJ money, he was able to pay off the loan in full.


I’d gotten some new default replacements for the witches.  Doesn’t she look awesome???  You’ll see the good witch in the next chapter with Stevie Ray and Vaughn.

Beyond T-Park Ghost Chapter 1

A/N: I’m sorry to say that this will be the only chapter with Bobby Ray… as well as the next with Stevie Ray and Vaughn.  I’ll explain why after the next chapter.

TS2→ Beyond T-Park Interim: Moving On

A/N: I took some silly shots of moving the boys on and had no idea what to do with them so I thought I’d make a little mini-chapter to show you the setups.

I’d spent a long time making this cool little building to send them first to change their clothes and such and then realized that it was over §8k to move them in!  Obviously, they didn’t have that much!  They didn’t even have the §1k for the smallest plot of land!  What was I to do with them?

I ended up dropping them onto an apartment lot but not renting an apartment and doing motherlode.  Then, I had them buy the little building and change their clothes.

And names.

I thought I’d picked the correct options in the stay put shrub or whatever it’s called but when I moved Stevie Ray and Vaughn in all of the stuff was gone and I had to start over!

More changing of clothes.  I just did every outfit category for all of them figuring if they’d come from CAS that’s how it would be.

I moved first Bobby Ray and then the twins onto the least expensive empty lots and then dropped their money to zero after going into SimPe and changing their household names so that the familyfunds cheat would actually work.  So, you’re probably like what the heck are those things on the ground for?  One changes the season to whatever you want so I changed it to what all of the other households are at and the other vase changes the day to whatever you want.  So I changed them to whatever day they’d moved out.  The last is a loan jar.

I got them all a tent, lantern, and flamingo for fun.  Stevie Ray and Vaughn didn’t need as large of a loan because they’d left with more money due to the yard sale.  I thought briefly that it was kinda boring starting them as well as Willa Rae out almost exactly the same but then again this is pretty much how I start everything in Sims 4 and if it works why change it?  All the kids leave with practically nothing so there aren’t many options.  I gave them all tents because they can’t sleep on community lots like you can in Sims 3 and 4!

I ended up realizing a few minutes after starting to play Bobby Ray that I’d used the fall setting that I’d written down for Stevie Ray and Vaughn and that it was actually 2 days left in summer when he’d moved out on Sunday.

And last, I’d been saving this screenshot and trying to figure out when I can use it and I finally can!  In case you were wondering how I added the kids all to different households.  I teleported them with Simblender and then used a cheat to add them to the families.  I also had to change the season for all of them but not the day because I lined them all up to start on a Monday.  I didn’t use the loan jars for the DuPonts or Orphans but just gave them money and cheated the amount I didn’t want away later.

I hope you enjoyed this weird little look into how insane it is to do a rotation in Sims 2!

Matchmaker Chapter 1

TS2→ T-Park Po’ Livin’ 2.3: Yard Sale Time Again!

Gen 2 Chapter 3


Neoma cooked up some pancakes for Bobby Ray’s sendoff meal.

And then, after he’d announced he was leaving the whole family gathered around him to say goodbye.

I’ll admit, I was pretty sad even though I knew I’d be playing him again in a few days.

Ginger Rae took the dogs on another hike while mom picked up the always-knocked-over trashcan.

Then, she went to Walmart and grabbed some food.  She’s also wanted jewelry for quite some time so she bought an earring.  With her hair I didn’t see the point in spending the money on a second, lol.  Then, she met some people including Malcolm Landgraab who looks nothing like I’m used to and I have to say is pretty unattractive.

Back at home, Trent has finally started rolling the easy wants that I’d expected him to get all along and why I’d chosen a Pleasure sim in the first place!  Jump on the couch, pull a prank, take a bubble bath, watch tv, play a video game… so easy!

Ginger Rae returns with the groceries while the parents are encouraging Stevie Ray to be nicer.  I don’t think any of the encouragement took hold.

And I was shocked to realize that Alegra was getting on in years and needed to try for puppies before she couldn’t anymore!  I checked using SimBlender and she is indeed pregnant.

And Ginger Rae got promoted.


Yard sale day is finally here!  Ginger Rae must be thinking she’ll attract more customers in her nightie.  One of her other ever-present wants is to sell lemonade.  Now that I think about it, I should have sold the darned thing!

As the boys head off to school Neesy Lyn shows up wanting to buy the stupid broken stereo!  Neoma kept trying to distract her from it but she was obsessed with the thing.  I was worried that she would buy it and when I got to them again the money would be gone.  I ended up cheating and making her leave.

In the end, I realized that both the stereo and potty chair were somehow bugged.  When the sims looked at them their meter dropped but they would obsessively stare at them.  I spent most of the day spamming sales interactions trying to get buyers and eventually put them in the house because I wasn’t able to remove the price tags.

Oh, and every time I left any of them without instructions to sell they would start chatting with the sims dropping their meters completely!

I thought Trent looking at the camera was funny.  Like look at me selling a fish to this silly teen!  Also, there is Sienna Bifrost to the far right.  I’m so annoyed seeing them all the time.  I put them in the college bin for a reason!

I was so busy with the yard sale I forgot it was the twins birthday.  The last yard sale Ginger Rae aged to teen.  They aged up almost simultaneously but annoyingly that window popped up asking who I wanted to age with them and I didn’t get a good pic of Stevie Ray aging.

Are you kidding me with these clothes right now???  I got a mod that supposedly lets me choose the age up outfits but I keep forgetting to try to figure it out.

Freaking-A!  It was bound to happen with one of them.  Vaughn was just on the edge as well.  Darned Fortune sims and their wanting to buy things!

Sadly, the therapist was invisible so I didn’t get a pic.  I had this happen in the Poverty Challenge house too.  I think it was because he was too close to the couch.

I aged up Sienna Bifrost while she was there too.  Her and Ginger Rae totally had the hots for each other but unfortunately, I’m only allowed to marry townies and NPCs.

In the end, this was all that was left.  I’d put everything in order by price and only tagged the items in front three at a time as they sold moving my way back.  So these were the least expensive items.  If I hadn’t had the issue with the stereo and potty chair I’d have sold it all I’m sure.

I ended up nuking them.  I couldn’t remove the price tags and I couldn’t get them into their inventories.

And then Stevie Ray and Vaughn were off to seek their own destiny.  The rest of the family stood inside waving like idiots to the door.

Once again, I felt needlessly sad.

That is an odd sight!

Beyond T-Park Interim