TS1- In Another Life: Time to Move On

The Sims 1- In Another Life Challenge Chapter 7: Time to Move On

To keep them busy Xander has been making gnomes and Lyric has been canning jam.
This was really cool.  Ginny was playing with this toybox thing and fairies flew out and left fairy dust.
Okay a little backstory is required for this pic.  I was trying to get the tragic clown to visit so I made Lyric miserable.  This lasted for days then she went into the workshop and kicked one of Xander’s gnomes (there were a lot by then) and all of them exploded!  I sold the stupid clown painting but I swear I kept hearing this creepy laugh and crying even after I sold it.  I think it was bugged.
Ummm yea.  Prank phone calls.
Or odd ones.  You notice it’s Ginny that answered the phone right?  Of course I said no freaking way!
A couple more things that I gave up on.  Supposedly if you have 6 jack-o-lanterns outside Grim will show up at the lot.  Days went by, he never did.  Every night Xander looked through the telescope but was never abducted by aliens.
Santa did come though!
He left 4 presents and a chess table.  The presents were empty.
Lastly, after training Munchkin a couple of tricks Lyric took her to the kennel club show.
Apparently my dog sucks.
Okay so my last thoughts on Sims 1…  Near the end I couldn’t stand the family.  All Lyric wanted to do was nag and all Xander wanted to do was tease.  One time, near the end, Xander tried to kiss Lyric and she freaked the hell out and they got hearts with x’s through them.  Ginny was pretty boring and she kept eating snacks from the fridge instead of the food her mom cooked.  The dog needed constant social and baths.  Taking care of the four sims became more like a chore than fun.  I had planned on taking them back on vacation but decided to end it here.  Lyric and Xander want to have another baby and want to move to a bigger house.  That house will be in Sims 2.  I’ll add a link when that happens!

TS1- In Another Life: And Baby Makes Three

The Sims 1- In Another Life Challenge Chapter 6: And Baby Makes Three

It took about 20 times “playing in bed”…
…to get this pop-up!
Yay a girl!  As you can see her name is Ginny.
And a bassinet appears in the room.
(Kinda like Sims 4, you’d think by now they’d be more advanced.)
The baby cried constantly.  Between her and the dog they barely slept.  Play with baby looks corny as hell.  The sound of her crying is extremely annoying.  The only interaction I liked was sing to sleep.  One time I had it on high speed and wasn’t paying attention to the baby and a social worker took her.  I had to quit without saving!
I love the dog bath thing.
Xander has been cooking with no skill and I haven’t thought a thing about it until he sets fire to the kitchen!
Between him and the fireman they manage to put it out.  Meanwhile Lyric was taking care of the baby and didn’t notice, lol.
Okay so I decided if Ginny has a haircolor other than black like Xander’s then that is Lyric’s natural color.  I’m not doing this challenge with a blue-haired sim the whole time!  I tried to get a pic of her aging up but it was way too quick and with no warning whatsoever.
The bassinet disappears magically and there stands a full-grown child.  She has brown hair with pony-tails like Mom’s and blue eyes.  I’m not thrilled with her outfit and I’m not sure if she can buy new clothes or not?
One cute thing is that she can play tag with the dog.  I tried getting a pic but they were never close enough to each other to do it.  It brought her social right up.
I think I’ll have one more chapter with Ginny and then they’ll have to wait until I get a new PC to “move” to Sims 2.

Chapter 7: Time to Move On

TS1- In Another Life: Doggie

The Sims 1- In Another Life Challenge Chapter 5: Doggie

So I had this idea that Lyric would dabble in magic.
Xander will make gnomes instead of getting a job.
I’d also like for him to get abducted by aliens so he looks through the telescope a lot.
The “at home” magic was pretty boring and needed all kinds of ingredients that frankly, I have no interest in getting so I had this idea that Lyric could earn coins to buy one of the Magic Town houses.  Parlor tricks were okay but didn’t give many coins.  It also got really repetitive.
 Dueling for coins absolutely sucked.  I have a cheat sheet that said what colors to use to counteract their colors but there’s just not enough time to even look.  Lyric dueled like 3 sims and I decided to give up on the whole Magic Town thing.
Then I had the idea to have them have a baby.  They “played in bed” like 5 times with no baby pop-up.  The barking and purring noises they make are really funny though.
Someone had suggested a pet to take to pet competitions so I decided that whichever pen one of them goes to play with first is the type of pet they will get.  Xander played with the dog so they got a dog.
The dog is a girl named Munchkin.  She looks like a french bulldog.  The only interaction with her is to pet.  She came home with very low social so there was a lot of petting.
One time when Lyric was playing with Munchkin the “train to jump” option popped up.  I selected it and they did it for a couple of minutes.  It’s very cute but didn’t increase social so I quit.  Lyric can now wrestle and play fetch with her.  The losing relationship when you scold the dog is driving me nuts.  I have a mod in Sims 2 that stops that.

Chapter 6: And Baby Makes Three

TS1- In Another Life Challenge: Honeymoon Time!

The Sims 1- In Another Life Challenge Chapter 4: Honeymoon Time!

The party is over and it’s time to honeymoon on Vacation Island!
First stop is Bear Essentials.  This is the only lodge that I wrote down the name for so you’ll have to forgive me!  They get right down to business “playing” in the hot tub.
(There should be some hearts or something sheesh.)
After a night in the cabin and a buffet meal they play archery.
Then they go fishing.  Dunno where the fish go, lol.
Xander orders a romantic picnic meal to eat outside of their cabin.
I thought mabye the campfire would give comfort but it didn’t.  They were joined by some random kid.
The next day they make their way to the beach.  At first I thought these were the ticket games but they’re just regular arcade games.
Here’s the ticket games!  Unfortunately I must have messed up when I went to have them redeem their tickets because they didn’t bring home prizes to put on the shelf.  Oh well, they’ll have them for the next trip.
 They use metal detectors on the beach and find quite a bit of simoleans and an old boot, which sits proudly on the shelf in the house now.
They find a beach lot with tents to “play” in.  Once again, disappointed, no hearts or anything, just a moving plumbob.
They spent their last day in the winter lodge where I was able to buy Xander new outerwear after this shot.  I thought there were interactions for the bear rug but I must have been wrong.
One last snowball fight and then it’s off to home and a new adventure!

Chapter 5: Doggie

TS1- In Another Life Challenge: Hawt Date

The Sims 1- In Another Life Challenge Chapter 3: Hawt Date

All credit to the stuff I learned for this part (and most likely the next few) go to this tutorial.

I wanted to get a pic of Lyric’s “Animal Magician” outfit before she gets fired.  I wasn’t too impressed with the different outfits for this career.  I think they changed like 3 times.  I would have had her keep the job and work like every other day but the hours suck and she has bigger and better things to do!
Like lovin’ up her sweetie, cuddling on the couch.
The next day they had a date.  It’s great because you can ask the sim how they are and know what need needs met.  Xander needed fun, so they’re playing pool.
 Next they eat out at the diner.  I must have had the mouse hovering over Xander, lol.
Lyric gets home and gets fired.  Oh well, did want to be an animal magician anyway!
Ugh can’t a girl get some sleep around here?  The burglar comes back to steal the tv I bought for watching with Xander.  He gets caught and she gets enough money to replace the stupid tv.
Lyric invites Xander over again.  This time he brings flowers.  So sweet.
Now, I had planned on them just living together in Sims 1.  But apparently you can’t ask someone of the opposite sex to move in.  They have to get married!  So when the option came up I got excited and clicked it.  Xander said no!
The next day: He said yes!
They change into their formal-wear (which I picked out while they were on a date) for a mili-second, kiss and it’s over.  Boo!  Hiss!
The next day they throw a party.  I started the dancers too early so nobody but Xander and Lyric saw them dance but they stayed for most of the party.
I put out the buffet table and had it catered.  I built a little bathroom area for the guests.  Now, there’s 4 toilets in there and one in the house… 5 sims peed themselves by the end of the night.  The game they’re playing is like charades called Bezique’s Folly.  It’s really cool, except once they started playing it they wouldn’t stop until one of their needs was desperate.  Sheesh.  By the time Lyric and Xander went to bed there were still 4 guests wandering the lot.  I like the timers in later games and also that you can invite the guests in later games.  I didn’t get any party crashers so I guess I didn’t do a good enough job on the party.  Oh well.
Chapter 4: Honeymoon Time!

TS1- In Another Life Challenge: Animal Magician!

The Sims 1- In Another Life Challenge Chapter 2: Animal Magician!

So I did some research and discovered that buying red roses can help make a relationship romantic and that giving diamond rings as gifts gives a +20 friendship boost.  So Lyric skips work to buy some stuff downtown.
All that gift-buying has made her hungry.  I hate using the diner.  It’s soooo slow even though you order when you’re seated.  If you look at the top left Xander is having dinner with some lady.
Lyric catches Xander after dinner and gives him the red roses.  My source was correct, they got pink hearts in their relationship panel now.
Lyric invites Selena Strange over and gives her a diamond ring.  She works all darned day so it’s terrible trying to keep their relationship up.
I think this is her 6th promotion.  It took 63 days!
Lyric’s new friend is Mama Hick.  She doesn’t seem to like talking on the phone so she invites her over for dinner several times a week.  It’s annoying.
So much for getting some logic and fun by playing chess.  When clicking on the mirror to practice speech it says “I’m too depressed to look at myself.”
Okay so the crank calls are annoying but the calls giving simoleans away are awesome!
Dang it seems I didn’t write down how long it took to get to this promotion.  I think it wasn’t much after the last one.
Lyric gets a new house located at 10 Sim Lane.  I hired a maid and a gardener to keep the place up while Lyric concentrates on work.
I really like this house compared to the old one.
Lyric makes friends with Melissa Roomie, yet another sim that hates phone calls.
Ugh the count is from when you’ve started living in a house, not when you started playing that sim!  So this is 7 days after moving to the new house.
A burglar shows up and steals her computer!
Luckily I had a burglar alarm.  I don’t get the cost of a new computer and the bills go up because I had to buy a new one which sucks.
I decide to throw a party after work because Lyric needs social terribly.  I didn’t realize that you don’t pick the guests!  I had dropped 3 new sims that I named Betty, Debbie and Lola Friendly into a house and met 2 of them already in Old Town.  I wanted to invite them to make friends.  I got the hot tub and bubble blower and made food which everyone ate and the ones that didn’t get any got really pissed!
This is hilarious!  Apparently my party was so boring a mime showed up to entertain the guests.  There’s just one problem…
…he decides that the bathroom is the place to entertain.  Ironically the sims seem to pay him no mind and go about their business in there while he mimes away!
This is several days later.  Lyric has secured the 8 friends and decides to re-build her relationship with Xander.  She was able to give him a few kisses and hugs before he left.
Animal Magician baby!  Lyric tops her career after 24 days in the new house.  So it took around 90 days altogether to top the career.  Look at those horrible hours!  6pm-12am!  Ugh.

Chapter 3: Hawt Date

TS1- In Another Life Challenge: Animal Care

The Sims 1- In Another Life Challenge Chapter One: Animal Care

All credit to this challenge idea goes to Xoxk9 on this forum post.  They weren’t too specific so what I plan to do is have my sim (Lyric) start out in Sims 1, top her career and do a bunch of stuff that’s only available in that version of the game then move on with her fiance (Xander) to Sims 2.  Have kids and do some Sims 2 only stuff then move the family to Sims 3 then 4.  It’s not really as much “in another life” as switching say cities or something but you get the gist.

Okay so I wanted Lyric to be a red-head and downloaded several heads after a struggle to get it to let me download at all and then the heads all turned out with white faces so after all that I gave up.  I figure for Sims 2 she’ll stop dying her hair or something.  The clothes I also downloaded and they didn’t show up so this is what she’s stuck with.  I thought it showed her age, which is just leaving her parents house.
I moved her into a pre-made house at 6 Sim Lane.  At first I was going to have her get an agent until I realized she couldn’t get a job and pursue stardom.
I plan to have her learn how to do the magic stuff.  To me it is seriously confusing so I’m hoping there’s a guide out there.
I added a little bit of furniture to her house so that she would be more comfortable and have her studying cooking so when I get a stove she doesn’t burn the place down.
It took a couple of days but the Animal Care career showed up on the computer.  This career is only in Sims 1.
It only takes her a couple of days to get promoted to level 2 Pet Groomer.
She turns to the stray animals that roam her lot for social.  It’s getting pretty tiring.
I had planned to wait a bit to make her groom-to-be but she needs to meet someone!
She takes the trolley to Old Town.
I love the food vendors in Sims 1.  They’re cheap and easily accessible.  Dining out is less easy.
Luck of all lucks Xander shows up to the lot!  They meet and then say goodbye so Lyric can sleep.
He comes over the next day and they become friends.
When Lyric needs another friend for a job promotion she decides to take the air balloon to check out magic town.
(The poor room is due to all the plants outside dying.)
The lot in Magic Town is really cool.  She meets Selena something there and eventually after many phone conversations they become friends.  It’s hard because the friendships drop so fast and the stupid woman has a job that she seems to work at all different hours of the day!
Lyric gets her 2nd promotion to level 3 Sheep Custodian on day 17.
She gets her 3rd promotion to level 4 Aquarium Technician on day 24.
She gets her 4th promotion to Zoo Keeper on day 29.
She gets her 5th promotion to Dolphin Trainer on day 42.  She now needs 4 friends so the promotions have stopped due to her having a terrible time making friends.  She has gone to Old Town on several occasions only to end up negative relationship by the time the conversation is over!
I ended up putting the “Roomies” Chris and Melissa down into a house and hoping that Lyric will meet them.  One day Chris walks over to the house and they strike up a conversation.  As you can see Selena isn’t a friend anymore because every time that Lyric calls her she’s at work!  I looked up the career online and she’ll need 8 friends to top the career.  I haven’t a clue how she’ll do it!

Chapter 2: Animal Magician!