TS2→ T-Park & Beyond: Well Hell

Screen Shot 08-23-18 at 04.27 PM

As I mentioned in the previous chapter, despite me just saying I was going to keep doing this series, It looks like it’s just not possible.  Do you remember in the recently published chapter when I messed up moving Willa Rae and learned near the end of the day and several saves that she’d lost all of her relationships?  I saw her intact family tree and memories so I thought it wasn’t that big of a deal.

Screen Shot 08-26-18 at 08.53 PM

But, it was.  This is her sister Abby Lyn that just aged to teen.  I figured once she introduced herself she would show again in her relationship panel as her sister.  But she didn’t.  So, I checked the family tree and realized that it still has Abby Lyn and her twin Addie Lyn as children.  Moments later the game crashed.

The Sims 2 is a very temperamental game.  It needs babying even more than Sims 3 does.  When I moved Willa Rae and her whole lot into the bin by accident and then placed her back down again I somehow made her like a new sim.  So the game thought there were 2 Willa Rae’s but there was only one.  She still had her memories and her family tree was there but it was like she was a copy of the original Willa Rae.

Screen Shot 08-29-18 at 02.08 PM

Anyway, I thought it was still salvageable.  I could just find the backup save and play up to where I am right?  Uh, no.  This is her relationships in the backup save.  All the kids are in their previous lifestage.  Basically, I’d have to play a whole lot to catch up and nothing would happen the same like Stevie Ray getting that job or Bobby Ray meeting that girl.  I believe this was right after all of the kids moved out actually because even Ginger Rae is a teen.

I was already having some problems with this save before this.  Like there were no graves at the graveyards and a few weird things here and there.  This is the save that I’ve used for years for my challenges so who knows what other things I did to mess it up.  I was looking over T-Park chapters trying to find pics for the finale chapter and even came across a few times I mentioned that I thought the lot was bugged and went as far as to move them all out which resulted in losing their pictures and a few other things.

My only option would be to save all of them using SimPe and Bodyshop and move their clones to a fresh save which I’ve tried to do before and it was really confusing so I decided to just cut my losses.  On the bright side, I thought up a little ending story for each of them to wrap things up nicely.


TS2→ T-Park Po’ Livin’ 2.3: Yard Sale Time Again!

Gen 2 Chapter 3


Neoma cooked up some pancakes for Bobby Ray’s sendoff meal.

And then, after he’d announced he was leaving the whole family gathered around him to say goodbye.

I’ll admit, I was pretty sad even though I knew I’d be playing him again in a few days.

Ginger Rae took the dogs on another hike while mom picked up the always-knocked-over trashcan.

Then, she went to Walmart and grabbed some food.  She’s also wanted jewelry for quite some time so she bought an earring.  With her hair I didn’t see the point in spending the money on a second, lol.  Then, she met some people including Malcolm Landgraab who looks nothing like I’m used to and I have to say is pretty unattractive.

Back at home, Trent has finally started rolling the easy wants that I’d expected him to get all along and why I’d chosen a Pleasure sim in the first place!  Jump on the couch, pull a prank, take a bubble bath, watch tv, play a video game… so easy!

Ginger Rae returns with the groceries while the parents are encouraging Stevie Ray to be nicer.  I don’t think any of the encouragement took hold.

And I was shocked to realize that Alegra was getting on in years and needed to try for puppies before she couldn’t anymore!  I checked using SimBlender and she is indeed pregnant.

And Ginger Rae got promoted.


Yard sale day is finally here!  Ginger Rae must be thinking she’ll attract more customers in her nightie.  One of her other ever-present wants is to sell lemonade.  Now that I think about it, I should have sold the darned thing!

As the boys head off to school Neesy Lyn shows up wanting to buy the stupid broken stereo!  Neoma kept trying to distract her from it but she was obsessed with the thing.  I was worried that she would buy it and when I got to them again the money would be gone.  I ended up cheating and making her leave.

In the end, I realized that both the stereo and potty chair were somehow bugged.  When the sims looked at them their meter dropped but they would obsessively stare at them.  I spent most of the day spamming sales interactions trying to get buyers and eventually put them in the house because I wasn’t able to remove the price tags.

Oh, and every time I left any of them without instructions to sell they would start chatting with the sims dropping their meters completely!

I thought Trent looking at the camera was funny.  Like look at me selling a fish to this silly teen!  Also, there is Sienna Bifrost to the far right.  I’m so annoyed seeing them all the time.  I put them in the college bin for a reason!

I was so busy with the yard sale I forgot it was the twins birthday.  The last yard sale Ginger Rae aged to teen.  They aged up almost simultaneously but annoyingly that window popped up asking who I wanted to age with them and I didn’t get a good pic of Stevie Ray aging.

Are you kidding me with these clothes right now???  I got a mod that supposedly lets me choose the age up outfits but I keep forgetting to try to figure it out.

Freaking-A!  It was bound to happen with one of them.  Vaughn was just on the edge as well.  Darned Fortune sims and their wanting to buy things!

Sadly, the therapist was invisible so I didn’t get a pic.  I had this happen in the Poverty Challenge house too.  I think it was because he was too close to the couch.

I aged up Sienna Bifrost while she was there too.  Her and Ginger Rae totally had the hots for each other but unfortunately, I’m only allowed to marry townies and NPCs.

In the end, this was all that was left.  I’d put everything in order by price and only tagged the items in front three at a time as they sold moving my way back.  So these were the least expensive items.  If I hadn’t had the issue with the stereo and potty chair I’d have sold it all I’m sure.

I ended up nuking them.  I couldn’t remove the price tags and I couldn’t get them into their inventories.

And then Stevie Ray and Vaughn were off to seek their own destiny.  The rest of the family stood inside waving like idiots to the door.

Once again, I felt needlessly sad.

That is an odd sight!

Beyond T-Park Interim

TS2→ T-Park Po’ Livin’ 2.2: The Dating Begins

Gen 2 Chapter 2


Thursday I know beyond the shadow of a doubt that they had only ~§270!  What the?  The only possible explanation I can come up with is that when I’d played one of the other “Reeves” households Thurs or Fri morning I’d used the familyfunds cheat!

Each morning Ginger Rae has the exact same wants: go hiking, catch butterflies, catch lightning bugs!  I decided to have her take the dogs for a hike in hopes it would spin her wants to something more exciting.


After returning she gave both dogs baths.

Then returned to the lot that you never saw the pictures from because it had crashed.  Happily, it hasn’t crashed again!

I’ve been using the “scope room” thing a lot.  She thought this lady is hot.  Likely because she’s wearing a bathing suit.  But, it was only one bolt… we’ll see.

I took her to a club after that and she wanted to DJ.  I didn’t realize at the time that she could make money by doing this and had to, once again, cheat money away!  No making money on community lots.

She thought this girl was hot (Seriously, she’s only thought one guy was hot so far!) so she chatted for awhile and danced with her but her needs were getting pretty crappy.

Meanwhile, back at home while she was gone I had her parents digging holes in the backyard in hopes they’d find something exciting to sell at the yard sale Monday.

The boys all came home excited about improved grades.  For some reason, Vaughn did his hopping up and down on the porch so isn’t in the pic.

Ugh.  This aspiration thing is driving me nuts with these uncontrollable teens!  I had Neoma go tell him to clean which used up almost all of the influence she had left!  She used to have so much!

And Bobby Ray cooked spaghetti which all three of them stood in front of and ignored until one of the parents called them to eat.  Ginger Rae got home and went straight to bed and that’s about it for Friday!


I decided I’d better close the heir poll.  Bobby Ray didn’t have a chance!

Ginger Rae took that girl she’d met at the club out to breakfast in the fancy newly remodeled car.

Note from the future: Apparently, I left the name blank to fill in later and I’m too lazy to go find it, lol.

And I learned that she’s a fortune sim which was highly disappointing.

I did the “chef’s choice” thing as usual and they both ordered expensive foods.  I’d given Ginger Rae the coupons Neoma hadn’t used so at least it didn’t cost anything.

Which was a waste because the girl never even ate!  I finally had to cancel out the meal because time was running out!

They chatted a few minutes and tickled and most of the goofy stuff they want to do on dates then I saw this… what?

Holy moly!  I guess that’s a way to get your first kiss eh Ginger Rae?  Not much after this I had to end the date because she needed to get home in time to leave for work.

While she was on her date the boys were eagerly awaiting mom cooking them breakfast by taking turns stuffing their face from the fridge.  I wonder how many food points that uses?

Then, while Neoma painted something for the yard sale the boys stood around for hours alternately chatting and playing with the dogs.

While Ginger Rae was at work she got her bouquet.  Cha-ching!

And then Bobby Ray aged up to an adult!  Unlike Ginger Rae, he looks very different after aging… at least I think so.

And Leader of the Pack visited the dogs and whined at the door for hours.  It made Vaughn happy at least because he had a want to have him visit from his secondary Knowlege aspiration.

And I got a pop-up about having a great date and enjoy this pinball machine!  Wowza!

Yea, I know I’ve been eager to have things to sell at the yard sale but this is just too cool to sell and it looks perfect on the back porch!

Runaway & Orphans Part 4

TS2→ T-Park Po’ Livin’ 2.1: Not a Cinderella Story

Gen 2 Chapter 1


While the teens were all off to school the parents kept busy working on the junk car.  This time Alegra and Buck nicely greeted the mailman for which they were praised.

And then immediately after being praised Alegra seemed to have taken offense to this lady walking by and growled for which she was scolded.  Sheesh!

The teens all returned home from school and zero’d in on the gaming system which is the item that gives the highest fun in the house.  Which is why I almost always have them in my houses along with the fact it allows everyone to interact while upping fun.

Then it’s homework time for Bobby Ray, Stevie Ray, and Vaughn.  Why no Ginger Rae?

Because it’s her adult birthday!  I’m not sure how I feel about that dress.  It seems a little too fancy to me but at this point, I don’t know if she will win the heir poll although Bobby Ray would need 5 votes so she pretty much has it in the bag.

Just in case I had her check the paper to see if either of the allowed jobs were in there.  They weren’t.

This time it was Vaughn who decided to kick the trash can.  Those pjs are weird.  They always make the sims look super muscely.

Inside the others joke around.

And both dogs get a bath.  After this, they all went to bed and I quit playing while waiting for the heir poll results.


At this point, the votes are heavily in Ginger Rae’s favor.  Bobby Ray would need 7 votes to win!  I’ll leave the poll open another day or so but I’m moving forward with Ginger Rae as heir.

What?  You thought this was some kind of Cinderella story?  I can finally control her and her needs were good so she got to work cleaning the house top to bottom.  That dress looks ridiculous!

*sigh*  Why is she just standing there you ask?  Because the game crashed and I lost most of a day at a community lot.  I decided to just delete all the pictures since none of it happened to avoid confusion later.

She went to this maze lot in Downtown and took her required photobooth photos.  I’m so upset that I lost her mom’s.

In the lost time, I’d changed her into an adorable bathing suit but there was nowhere to change here.  One of her turn-ons are bathing suits but the first time and this time nobody else wanted to swim.  Except her.  She wouldn’t stop!

I decided to use the “scan the room” thing to see if there was anybody interesting here.

She walked over and met the girl and talked a bit but I was getting antsy to leave for another lot because that’s the only way to save while away from home in Sims 2.  Also, they only had one lightning bolt.

I decided to get her something to eat and cake is the cheapest which I thought was funny since her mom always ordered it on dates!

After leaving that lounge place where the “scan the room” led her to a teen girl (sheesh) she went to Walmart, got a job, met a guy she had two bolts for… then it crashed again!  It was crashing when I was playing Willa Rae too and I’d taken the CAS non-default folder out but thought it was something else.  I’d put that folder back in because it had the baby clothes in it but I guess there is something in there giving me grief.  I removed it again until I have the patience to test it all.

Now, I had to play out all of the time that Ginger Rae had been away from the house.  Alegra was nice to the mailman!

Neoma and Trent did nothing exciting while the boys were at school.

Well, Trent played some pranks.  I thought the woohoo thought bubble was hilarious!

The boys were home all in surprisingly good moods.  Trent was outside working on the junker car so mom helped Bobby Ray.

Then, dad came in so she went out and he finished helping the twins with their homework.

I thought this was so funny how the dogs were looking at Vaughn.

After a snazzy coat of paint, the car is complete.  I wanted to see if it was sellable and realized to my horror that the home business must have been canceled when they did that stupid move!  So I got it back and yes it is sellable but when I looked at the rules I can’t sell it!  Also, that guy watching her was creepy.

I guess the dogs were staring because they wanted to play!  Look how happy Alegra is.  I need to have them try for puppies soon.

Ginger Rae returned home and I took her back to Walmart to sign up for the Culinary job and that guy she’d met was there again.  Two bolts but I don’t know… something about him I don’t like.  Maybe it’s the goofy outfit.

He gave her a free tv… that she’s not allowed to sell.  And when she got home it said she’d missed work!  Doh!

While she was gone I was losing my mind over these people that wouldn’t leave the house!  I decided to have Ginger Rae take care of it because you never know she might take a liking to one of them.  The lady in the middle had goo-goo eyes for Vaughn.  Calm your hormones ya cougar!

When another set of sims showed up to the now locked door and I was searching for a mod to stop this madness it occurred to me that maybe setting the place up as a home business again made it open?  Sure freaking did!  Ugh.


One of the girls from my Poverty Challenge house was taking their cat Meowsers for a walk.  I’d gotten her on one of the last days playing them.  Such a cool cat!

That looks painful!

Runaway & Orphans Part 3

TS2→ T-Park Po’ Livin’ 1.19: Down to Four

Gen 1 Chapter 19

A/N: I’m going to try to keep these chapters in line with the “Beyond” chapters chronologically.  So this is day one and two otherwise known as Monday and Tuesday…


The family just kind of took it in stride that the rest of the kids were gone.

A/N: You may notice some changes in the trailer.  After the twins Fannie and Ivy were born and I was trying to decide what to do next I thought it would be a good idea to recreate my Mods folder since there was so much in there that I didn’t know what it was.  Well, I screwed up and everyone appeared bugged.  I did end up figuring out after a lot of messing around that it was a mod conflict but before that I’d moved the whole family out of the trailer.  Some things like the photobooth pics were gone despite the stay-things bush!


Obviously, I can’t direct them to do their homework and before this, it was way too hectic to have the parents help so that they’d do it.

Everyone’s aspirations are total crap and they keep crying and acting out.

I decided to start encouraging the kids to hopefully give them some varying traits.  I have no idea why they all went into the bathroom to do it or why Trent and Ginger Ray look like this.  I think he encouraged Bobby Ray to be more outgoing or friendly.

I’ll admit, after playing the other households I was a bit lost as to what to do with four uncontrollable teens in aspiration failure who are also failing school.

I did a lot of encouraging and influencing.  And trying to fill any possible wants but most of them have stupid ones like go to university or private school.  Teen wants suck.

Bobby Ray is the worst.  Exhibit A: Stomping flowers.

Exhibit B: Kicking over flamingos.  I sent mom out to intervene.

Uh.  When I had her influence him to clean this is not what I expected.

I was going to have her influence him to cook since he wanted to make some grilled cheese but the darned fridge was empty again.  She was off to Walmart with Alegra the weird dog.

Who stood and watched a cat destroying a bench while mom shopped.  I had this exact thing happen in Fannie’s household the day she aged to child!  But that’s days ahead of this and the reason I decided playing them each a week at a time is a bad idea.


They still got it!

It seemed pointless for Neoma to get a job at this point since Ginger Rae would be aging up the next day and Bobby Ray a few days after that and so one of them should get the job… whichever is voted heir, that is!  It’s very weird for me not having the parents constantly busy with children which is how it’s been since the start of their marriage!

Alegra and Buck had “greet mailman” in their queues but apparently, Alegra wasn’t interested in a friendly pat.

She chased the poor guy all over the place before finally, Trent was able to scold her!  Sheesh.  I’ve had quite enough of aggressive dogs in SNAFU thank you very much!

Bobby Ray stepped off the bus and despite his rise in grades promptly kicked the trash over.  Freaking aspiration failure!

It’s funny, I’d originally been very excited about the whole influencing to talk with friends and stuff thing but at this point, I just didn’t have the energy for it and I wanted to try to sort their aspiration failure so I sent them all home.

What a pain.  I have to send someone immediately out to pick up the trash because roaches in this game are terrible!

Both Ginger Rae and Bobby Ray had wants to become BFFs.  Their relationship was already very high so I had someone influence them to play to also get their fun up.  Instead, they cuddled on the front lawn.  Which, to me, looks like a very intimate pose.  But, whatever because they became BFFs and their meters went platinum… at least temporarily.

The new nightly “help with homework” cycle has begun.  Which is still a huge improvement from the way things were before.  By the time Stevie Ray and Vaughn graduate, they should have A’s!

And I’ll admit life is so much more peaceful now.  I’m sure the dogs don’t mind although I was surprised to see that most of the older kids that were taken away had BFF status with both pups despite the choas in the house!

Runaway & Orphans Part 2

Changing Directions

I realized that I never seem to have any explanation when I suddenly shelf a story so I decided to do this.  It actually only started with a rant about all of the problems with SNAFU but a lot has changed since then.  My husband and I are getting a divorce and I’m still reeling over the whole thing.  I feel like, at this time, I need something that will keep my mind busy.  SNAFU was great for that when I’d first started it but now it’s just a frustration.  I’ll tell you my plans after explaining why I’m shelving the current projects:

Let’s start with SNAFU…

Written March 18:

Nothing has changed in the month since I last played this family.  I’d felt like if I took a break I’d come back with solutions to all of my problems.  Instead, I still have no clue what I want to do!  And somehow all of my game settings were messed up when I started it!  All my graphics were at the lowest and my aging was set to defaults.  When I set the ages back to the challenge stage lengths it’s now showing everyone a day or two apart which makes no sense but I don’t really feel like trying to figure it out.  Even all of the lessons and stuff were reset.  I have no clue what happened.  The game was lagging terribly after returning from Egypt too.  I hadn’t touched it in a month.  I don’t know how anything could possibly have changed.  There is one chapter after this.  As with everything else I do, I can’t say for sure how long this story will be shelved and even when I come back to it I don’t know how long that will be for.  At this time, I just don’t have the energy to try to figure out what the heck happened or the direction I want to take the family.

T-Park & Beyond…

The Trailer Park Challenge morphed and changed almost from the beginning into something completely different.  There were times when I was totally frustrated but, in the end, I was actually very happy with the new direction it was taking with the “Beyond” stories.  And yet, there were little things that kept niggling at me.  Little annoyances.  The graveyards were messed up.  There were no graves in either of them!  Apparently, this is a known problem in Belladona Cove.  It’s fixed in the clean ‘hoods that someone made but when it came to deciding if I wanted to save all the sims via SimPe to transfer to a new ‘hood with Bodyshop I realized I didn’t really care.  I’m fond of these sims and yet I don’t really feel a bond with any of them.  Having the unaging sims from the other houses I wasn’t currently playing drove me crazy.  I had to keep telling someone to ask them to leave.  And then, and I’m sure all of you are sooo sick of me harping on this… the townies were driving me nuts!

I know I know.  It happens to me in every game!  I want my ‘hood to be MY HOOD!  I want control dangit! Anyway, at the point that I decided to stop playing T-Park & Beyond at least for awhile, I started trying to decide what to do next.  Unsure where to start, I sat down and went through a list of every single challenge I’ve ever done and made another list of what I liked and didn’t like about them.  I broke that list into sections: ‘hood, starting up, community lots, goals, restrictions, family, relationships, money, and blog.  Whew!  This was a six-page typed list!  All of the “don’t likes” I’d taken from the previous list I turned around into what I would like instead.  Then, I started at the top doing searches and making notes and trying to figure all of this out.  I had kind of a mixture between a build a city challenge, prosperity challenge, apocalypse challenge, test of time, a medieval thing… you get the point.  I just couldn’t figure out how I could do what I had in my mind.

Using a bunch of random search terms I somehow stumbled onto one thread after another on MTS on what they call integrated hoods. (For Sims 2.) The more and more I read about them the more excited I was!  These are my people!  People like me!  I kept a few quotes because I’m weird and somehow I felt vindicated that I’m not a total lunatic…

In a mod description: This is useful if, like me, you’re a complete control freak playing an isolated village where every sim must be a playable, and even seeing the dang garden club member and mailwoman makes your brain start ticking over ways to eliminate them.”

In a forum thread on tracking sim stats: “The neighborhood, as a whole, matters more to me than any one household.”

Ohmygosh!!!  You have no idea how cool I think all of this is.  Unfortunately, it’s for Sims 2 which means a lot of the information on integrated hoods is hidden amongst mostly dead links.  I have almost a whole notepad full of notes (in like 3 days!) and ideas on age lengths compared to years and seasons, taxes, laws, traits, DNA tracking, ect.  It really is insane and overwhelming and completely consuming which is what I need at the moment.

Now, I originally had an explanation here about how I was going to take an extended break from Sims 3 and 4 so that I could do this thing in Sims 2.  Then, while doing my research, I found someone that had been doing something similar in Sims 2 and then moved it to Sims 3 and then to Sims 4!  Ohmygosh!  Some of you might know about her since I’ve seen a few people that I recognize in her comments section.  Her current ‘hood story is Postcards from Sierra Nova.  The crazy thing is that a lot of the notes that I’d taken for doing this in Sims 2 was from HER Sims 2 tips!

Almost as soon as I started trying to transfer these plans to Sims 4, I realized that I’d already started doing pretty much exactly the thing I was trying to plan out but in a lesser level with the modded version of the build a city challenge rules.  I considered just updating that ruleset but have decided that this is more of a playstyle than rules.

I’ve started writing articles about integrated ‘hoods, personality, genetics, and a few other things as I explore this new direction.  Thanks for being with me on my crazy new journey.


TS2→ T-Park Po’ Livin’ Extra: Scattered!

Eleven kids!  The Trailer Park Challenge somehow morphed into a mix of a dream date challenge and overflowing house or something!  It was crazy and as entertaining as y’all might have found it I was miserable by the end.  I didn’t even know most of the kid’s names!  But what to do?  You know how hard of a time I have letting go of my sims.  I spent a lot of time coming up with plans for them all.  But, before that, I was inspired by this video.  This YouTuber isn’t even part of the simming community but her story is so freaking awesome and inspiring and in a way similar to the beginnings of this…

Okay so, after watching this I was excited.  What stories could I tell with these eleven kids?  Could they be some sort of legacy?  Let’s start from the top, shall we?

So, here’s the story.  Neoma gave birth to the twins, Ivy Lou and Fannie Lou, and immediately aged to an elder.  Social services caught wind of the fact that there were eleven kids, two dogs, and two elder parents living in a small two bedroom trailer and they stepped in.  All of the children, toddlers, and the twin babies were taken away.  Now, those of you who are thinking ohmygosh the parents must be heartbroken listen, you and I know that Neoma was never a model citizen.  First, she wanted to woohoo with a bunch of guys to get presents from them so she didn’t have to work hard.  And once she settled down she wanted more and more babies!  Now, her only concern is that she gets grandbabies soon!  And Trent goes along with whatever Neoma wants.

You may be looking at that pic and counting and thinking but wait there was another teen!  Willa Rae aged to teen on the last day didn’t she?  Indeed she did…

After her younger siblings were taken away Willa Rae snagged the tent from the front lawn and with no money to her name set out to make a life for herself.  It’s sort of a mix of Runaway Teen and the Homeless Challenge but kind of with my own made up rules.

All the children except the twin babies were placed in a foster home in Riverside… Neesy Lyn, and the twins Addy Lyn and Abbie Lyn and Odis Lee the toddler.  There was already a teen boy, Archie, and another toddler boy, Drew, there with an elderly caretaker.  They will be doing sort of an orphan challenge.  I couldn’t find the rules but I’m following what this YouTuber did here…

It looked like a lot of fun but unfortunately, he didn’t give a link to the rules and I couldn’t find anything but the Orphanage Challenge when searching which isn’t the same as this.  He had a teen, two children, and three toddlers.  I’ll have two teens, two children, and two toddlers!

But what about the twin babies???  Well, both girls were adopted… separately.  Yep, it’s not a challenge or anything but I thought it would be cool to have a separated at birth type of thing.  Both girls will grow up in very different households.  Fannie Lou is now just Fannie Jennings.  She was adopted by a young mid-income gay couple, Drew and Todd, just starting out.  They live in a fairly small duplex type house in Crowborough with a small black dog named Peppa that you’ll meet later.

Ivy Lou is now known as Ivy DuPont.  She was adopted by a wealthy black couple, Drienna and Ezra, who have quite a large house Bluewater Village.  It is unknown whether they adopted because they couldn’t have their own child or out of charity.  They have two male cats Kincaid and Ichapod that you’ll meet later.

Note from the future: Just to warn you, as much fun as I had with this I only played about a week of the younger kids and a few days of the older ones before going back to Sims 4.  Hopefully, I’ll decide to get back to this because I was having fun.

Beyond T-Park Runaway & Orphans Part 1

TS2→ T-Park Po’ Livin’ 1.18: Save Me

Gen 1 Chapter 18

I started up the game and it was paused with Willa Rae like this.  I had to leave the walls down but it looked like she was floating out the door.

Neesy Lyn aged up to a child.  I kinda feel bad for her.  I was trying to decide how to do the voting and stuff and I actually completely forgot about her.

Last time trying for a baby.  Why on earth I decided to grant that silly 10 babies want is beyond me!  Anyway, she was too old to try again so I had to give her more of that life elixir!

Alright, guys let’s do this!  ACR’s settings won’t let her get pregnant anymore because of her age so I have to do it the old-fashioned and much slower way.  The whole “relax” thing annoys me for some reason.

Baby making done, it’s time to get the twin toddlers Abby and Addie potty trained.

Look!!!  It’s a miracle!  They are going to school!  Peace.  Quiet.  I think I may have cried a bit in joy.

And just to make things even more wonderful the twins and baby Odis Lee were all sleeping!

All good things come to an end and it seemed no time at all before the teens were home.  They brought friends from school and these friends left me very confused.  These are the spares of the previous Awesimsauce generation.  They “went off to college” according to the story.  Why the hell are they here?  Do binned sims just appear?

To make things even more confusing the younger kids brought home Sienna and Alon’s nephews!  The aging thing in Sims 2 still confuses me.  Spares confuse me too.  Like, if you’re not planning to play them again what happens to them?  Are they just forever young living on some lot or in the bin?

Bobby Ray’s family inclinations drew him to helping Addie Lyn with her charisma alien toy but he doesn’t seem into it.

For once I actually remembered to do the “roll the pacifier” thing and when I was re-entering their lot I couldn’t help but take a pic cuz wow!

Dad needed fun so he played peek-a-boo with Addie Lyn.

He must have had a fear of one of the kids getting a bad grade because as soon as they got off of the school bus he freaked out and started crying.  Sheesh, get a grip.

I don’t know what happened between them but Neesy Lyn gets this thought bubble of Willa Rae all the time!

Time for Odis Lee to age up.  Stevie Ray does the honors.

The next day, it’s dad’s turn to age to an elder.  (Yes I took no other pictures.  Things are just too stressful!)

That’s kinda harsh.

It’s time for the twins to age up.  First is Abby Lyn.  I think this is the same day as dads.  I didn’t write this until a few real days later so I’m a bit confused.

Addie Lyn aged up and look how everyone reacted!  They did this weird jump back total shock thing!  I couldn’t stop laughing.  She got the same hair as Neesy Lyn so that’ll need to be changed.

Then, Willa Rae aged to teen.  I had to leave the walls down to get everyone in the pic.  She is identical to Ginger Rae as expected.

First aspiration romance, second, family and some pretty decent turn-ons.  It makes it kinda fun having these randomized really.

Oh hell no!!!

Yes, that’s right guys.  Twin girls.  Ivy Lou and Fannie Lou.  I saved and quit for a few days before I even wrote this.

I just rolled my eyes.  Darned family sims.

Extra: Scattered

Chapter notes:

I realized the last days I was playing that I had no idea what most of the kids names were and kept forgetting about some of them even existing.  That’s not fair and it sucked so I have a plan I hope y’all will enjoy reading about.

TS2→ T-Park Po’ Livin’ 1.17: Weekend From Hell

Gen 1 Chapter 17

The joys of uncontrollable teens.  They spent hours outside in the cold playing.  I had to have one of the parents call them inside because as you can see StevieRay is getting cold!

This kiss is so funny!

Know how I’ve been wanting to get Trent into the Criminal career now that he’s too high in the Culinary and Slacker careers?  I can’t!  At first, I thought it was the job board making it start at level 4 and still had him checking the newspaper and computer.  It finally came up one day and sure enough, it’s level 4!  So no army of gnomes for us.  Unless I just buy some and that’s not nearly as fun.

To the children’s horror mom goes into labor.

More twins.  When I saved and logged off to fix the first one’s skin color I realized I’d never done the stupid randomizer pacifier thing so that the first twin will be clone #5!  I was so ticked.  It was two girls Addie Lyn and Abby Lyn.

Shockingly, now Trent has the want!

Oh sure, why not?

The already chaotic house is even more so now that we have dogs.  Probably the way it was intended when the rules were written.

Ugh.  This was only Saturday.  It gets worse.

Like when they decided that both babies needed to be on the toddler sleeping mat.  When he couldn’t put the second one there he put it in front of the bed and then nobody could use two of those beds!  I had to put them into the main room!

This looks sweet yes, but what’s he taking her outside for???

Speaking of outside.  My tent plan isn’t such a great idea considering they keep sleeping out there and getting cold.  Freaking winter.

Just put the baby down so her diaper can get changed, please!  I kept having to have Neoma (because Trent can’t change diapers!) tickle the kids to make them put the babies down.

If there was a bottle on the floor the teens swarmed to it like locusts so that the could snatch one of the twins out of a crib and feed them.  Then they’d either stand holding them for hours or lie them on the floor.

Once again, I had to wake Neoma for diaper duty.  Which was put on hold as she realized that she is yet again pregnant.

We found the trash can culprit.  They always look so sad when scolded it breaks my heart!

The moment I saw this I thought of Megs!  It started in a chapter of her Beaumont Legacy when she saw a penguin with this speech bubble and said she wouldn’t mind seeing a penguin for president.  Later there was a second hilarious post Vote for Penguin 2016!

Whyyyy????  Alright so, I bought the computer for the sole purpose of trying to get Trent into the Criminal career.  But since that will never happen I just let everyone play games on it.  But then I had to move the chair away from it.  Why?  Because the noise wakes up toddlers!  Just like the stupid TV did!  The worst part though?  Even after removing the chair Willa Rae was freaking obsessed and would stand like this the whole darned day!!!  Oddly, I couldn’t get the thing to go into anyone’s inventory.  I ended up cheating and selling it and then buying something that cost a little more than I sold it for and putting that in their inventory instead.  Grr!

Bobby Ray took his grilled cheese obsession to new levels and cooked it at least twice a day.

Why’s everyone happy?  A snow day!   *cry*

I was trying to get Trent to bathe Alegra and found her out here with the penguin.

Stevie Ray got to do the honors and aged up both of the twins.

And then promptly took one outside and sat her by the street!

Get off your sister’s head!  Another snow day are you kidding me?!?  At this point, I was just making sure nobody was gonna starve or get taken by social services.

Neoma’s needs were worse than she’s ever been during a pregnancy.  She did nothing but care for her needs and change diapers.  That’s it.  Finally, her fun was so low I couldn’t ignore it anymore.  Plus, adorable penguin walked by so ya know.

In the bathroom?  Okay, whatever.  It was a boy.  He had the weird skin again.  I named him Odis Lee.  Then, I realized I didn’t do the freaking pacifier thing AGAIN after starting the game!  So now there will be 6 clones!  I’d say you can’t tell but I’m constantly mixing up Bobby Ray and Stevie Ray because other than that hair they are identical.  Also, I’m really ticked because I had her do the fertility treatment with the inteen thing and she didn’t have twins meaning another pregnancy and she’s close to elder!  All of the teens have super low aspiration meters and keep doing the freakout-scream-wave-hands thing.   All.  The.  Time.  Which is one reason there are barely any screenshots of Monday and Tuesday.  The thought that they’d be going to school was all that got me through the weekend!

Chapter 1.18

TS2→ T-Park Po’ Livin’ 1.16: Aspiration Issues

Gen 1 Chapter 16

Ginger Rae rolled this want that may just finally pull her out of her near-aspiration failure once the new baby is born.

A lamp was delivered but I have no idea why or for whom.  I know I’m allowed to use if for anything but money so I’ll have to think about it.

Okay then, thanks.

Life, when the older kids are in school, is so different!  It’s calm and peaceful.  Things get cleaned and accomplished.  I’m not looking forward to the weekend.

Now that Buck is fully potty trained he goes crazy wanting to get down the steps to pee!  This results in having to carry him out to let him do his business then carry him back in.

Bobby Ray’s aspiration level is already inching down.  One of them brought a girl named Elizabeth home from school.  Neoma suggested that instead of playing on the computer maybe he should go talk to the girl since he wanted to be friends with her and talking is how this happens.

There we go.  Chat it up, guys.

Or not.  Is she really playing fetch in the house?

Dad comes home from work and again encourages Bobby Ray to talk to the girl.  He did but it didn’t last long enough to become friends.

Ginger Rae’s mini-me Willa Rae aged up to a child.  Her hair is okay and her clothes were decent so she’s left as is and let loose into semi-autonomous life.

Dad is getting close to aspiration failure thanks to his ever-present fears of diaper changes and wants only to purchase fun items like games and bubble blowers.  The pleasure aspiration is not a good one, unfortunately.

In an attempt to get a want granted for Trent, he helps Bobby Ray with his homework.  It didn’t work darnit.

Ginger Rae somehow managed to get her A grade back and Trent came home with a promotion.  Grr.

That promotion you gave me?  Thanks but no thanks.  I quit.

Ugh.  I’ve been having him look for a Criminal job for days and it hasn’t come up!  Now he’s unemployed.  The ray of sunshine here is that I had to purchase something to take away the promotion money and he had a want for an expensive game so I bought it and fulfilled his want and now the game is forever lost in his inventory.

Ya know, I thought Buck was a rottweiler.  I was very wrong when he aged into a collie.  He looks identical to a stray that roams the lot occasionally so when he aged I thought that stray had gotten into the house!  Alegra seemed pleased.

Note from the future: I couldn’t figure out why after he’d aged up I’d started mistakingly calling Buck Max in my head.  Then, I was re-reading my Poverty Challenge trying to decide if one of the kids that moved out should do it and realized they had an identical dog named Max!!

I almost had a heart attack when Willa Mae got off the bus and passed out.  I paused and tried to find information on what needs that they get taken away for but couldn’t find specifics.  I’d assumed it was only hunger but now I’m worried.  Stevie Ray, on the other hand, is just upset that his sister passed out where he was walking.

A few hours later it’s time for the twins to age up.  Vaughn is such a cutie.

I’m actually pretty upset about this.  I’d hoped to have Vaughn in the running for heir.  The money aspiration will drive me insane though.

Next was Stevie Ray who decided he wanted to be just like his twin…

Well, at least they can’t have full therapist inducing aspiration failure until they are adults.

I’ve become a bit obsessed with watching everyone’s wants trying to keep them at least minimally happy.  Stevie Ray needed fun and wanted to play with a family member and have a snowball fight.  Mom’s needs were better so off they went.

Bobby Ray’s needs were halfway decent so he got to do homework supervised by dad again.  This time it did complete the want which was great and I will avoid diaper changes from him even if it does annoy me.

Ginger Rae, in a snit, went outside to ruin a painting.  Mom played red hands with her for a few minutes bringing her fun up a bit and she then began painting.  Apparently, it was her own painting she was destroying!  Whatever.  Maybe she’ll finish it and we can sell it at the next yard sale.

Chapter 1.17