TS4→ On Their Own: Outtakes, Bloopers, & Credits

Basically, everything that wasn’t in Chapter 8: The Youth Center

Nico and Ace were at the youth center for almost a week.  I had a blast and even considered extending their time there.  I definitely want to do this challenge again but with a single teen that isn’t related to another save that depends on their return to continue like this did.  I tried writing this in the order the screenshots were taken but decided to rearrange them by topic…

09-05-18_4-54-43 PM

Watching all the kids piling into the building after school was so funny.  I actually had to start over.  I played almost a day with Ace and Nico in their own household still but the kids in the youth center weren’t taking care of themselves so I started over after adding the boys in.

09-05-18_4-41-47 PM

The pet rat Ratbo was a big hit with the kids.

Screen Shot 09-05-18 at 05.56 PM

09-05-18_5-04-36 PM

The candy bowls were a big hit too

09-05-18_5-10-39 PM

09-05-18_6-47-50 PM

09-05-18_6-48-40 PM

Screen Shot 09-05-18 at 05.04 PM

09-05-18_5-03-45 PM

I suppose that’s a way to get kids to learn yoga eh?

09-05-18_6-16-54 PM

09-05-18_5-08-03 PM

The radio that I put upstairs since both Nico and Jia are music lovers drew everyone up there too and drove me crazy.

09-05-18_7-04-52 PM

09-05-18_7-15-16 PM

09-05-18_5-12-21 PM

Vlad’s visit…

09-05-18_5-28-04 PM

09-05-18_5-29-07 PM

09-05-18_5-29-53 PM

09-05-18_5-30-32 PM

09-05-18_5-31-40 PM

09-05-18_5-32-09 PM

09-05-18_5-32-39 PM

09-05-18_5-33-10 PM

09-05-18_5-33-57 PM

It was so odd!  Shea didn’t act all under his spell like they usually do.  I sent him back to bed and the dazed moodlet eventually wore off.  I suppose it’s no surprise that he left the next day!

09-05-18_9-34-00 PM

Caleb showed up another night and just stood there a few minutes then left!

Harvestfest Pumpkin Carving…

09-05-18_7-01-47 PM

09-05-18_7-05-34 PM

09-05-18_7-08-43 PM

09-05-18_7-13-09 PM

09-05-18_7-18-05 PM

09-05-18_7-21-29 PM

09-05-18_9-27-02 PM

Nighttime pic.  Ace’s broken one cracked me up!

Harvestfest Gnomes…

09-05-18_7-15-30 PM

09-05-18_7-16-02 PM

09-05-18_7-23-31 PM

09-05-18_7-24-04 PM

09-05-18_7-24-59 PM

09-05-18_7-27-11 PM

09-05-18_7-27-55 PM

09-05-18_7-28-12 PM

09-05-18_7-29-20 PM

09-05-18_7-30-33 PM

Nico:  See, that’s how it’s done.

09-05-18_7-30-57 PM

Ms. Plumbottom: I’ll show you how it’s done, kids.

09-05-18_7-31-34 PM

09-05-18_7-32-42 PM

09-05-18_7-33-33 PM

09-05-18_7-34-46 PM

09-05-18_7-35-32 PM

09-05-18_8-30-07 PM

Ms. Plumbottom singing for pop star Kyong while cooking the tofurky for vegetarian Diana.  Poor girl, I kept forgetting and feeding her meat!

09-05-18_9-31-08 PM

Speaking of pop stars.  Poor Jessie.  Speaking of Jessie, he just randomly walked into the building!  The day after Shea left.  I saw he was in a household alone so I added him.

09-05-18_6-31-28 PM

Sims, including vendors, kept randomly coming into the house!  It worked out for my benefit with Jessie.  The rest were an annoyance.

Screen Shot 09-05-18 at 06.39 PM

Miranda: Gotta pee!

Screen Shot 09-05-18 at 06.39 PM 001

I shouldn’t have had that glass of water!

Screen Shot 09-05-18 at 08.28 PM


Jia’s birthday…

09-05-18_9-09-14 PM

I tried the “sing together” thing.  They sounded so bad!

09-05-18_9-10-44 PM

09-05-18_9-11-52 PM

I gave her the childish trait.  Thought maybe her time around Ms. Plumbottom might have rubbed off.  Her other traits are geek and music lover… same as Nico.

Screen Shot 09-05-18 at 09.41 PM

I’d made a holiday so I wouldn’t forget about the boy’s birthday.  I didn’t actually plan for them not to go to school that day!

Screen Shot 09-05-18 at 06.14 PM

Random moodlet that would have gone with the other chapter from when Ace and Damion were playing water balloons in the cold.

Wolfgang and Miranda…

09-05-18_4-59-36 PM

I can’t really explain why I was so captivated by their relationship from the start.  At one point, I’d considered seeing if he and Nico had chemistry but after I saw how he acted around Miranda and vice versa I decided not to even try.

Screen Shot 09-05-18 at 04.59 PM

Miranda took an immediate liking to Wolfgang.  Eventually, I added both Wolfgang and Gulliver to the household for pretty much the same reason as I added Nico and Ace.

09-05-18_5-06-17 PM

I don’t think either Nico or Ace were happy about it.  They were always giving them these looks.

Screen Shot 09-05-18 at 05.17 PM

But, eventually, Wolfgang decided he liked Miranda too.

09-05-18_5-15-06 PM

I think Ms. Plumbottom must have decided to talk to him about it.  After all the girl was pregnant!

09-05-18_5-16-20 PM

I looked and saw her texting…

09-05-18_5-17-19 PM

Then saw him looking at his phone!  LOL!

09-05-18_5-18-18 PM

Little tease.

09-05-18_6-10-31 PM

Bad day in school I think.

09-05-18_6-11-03 PM

First real autonomous flirt beyond the few I did here and there in the beginning.

09-05-18_6-11-49 PM

Pouty face.

09-05-18_6-23-26 PM

So cute!

09-05-18_8-38-10 PM

Time out!  I think you’re in labor.

Screen Shot 09-05-18 at 08.43 PM

Looks like he’s made his decision.

09-05-18_8-51-01 PM

This was so confusing.  As you can see from Wolfgang’s reaction above, she was in labor but she didn’t have the moodlet or act like she was!  Partway through the meal, she got up and started walking out the front door to “have baby.”

09-05-18_8-51-49 PM

I wanted to see and I wanted Wolfgang to be there so I reset her and sent him with her.  She didn’t have to go to reception she literally walked straight to the delivery room where the doctor was already!  I had to teleport Wolfgang inside!

09-05-18_8-53-27 PM

I suppose Amadeus is a bit cliche but I thought she’d like to name him after Wolfgang even if he’s technically not the father.

09-05-18_8-55-50 PM

Back home here is where I found him!  I can understand the floating weirdness from my crib mod but why there?

09-05-18_8-58-00 PM

I had to age him up so I could move him out with Wolfgang and Miranda.

Ace and Gulliver…

09-05-18_4-24-58 PM

Like Nico said in his journal, Ace and Gulliver were inseparable.  They were already friends when they moved in there and they were constantly seeking each other out.

09-05-18_6-34-03 PM

Even into the bathroom!

09-05-18_6-35-18 PM

Which is where I decided to finally initiate the first flirt.  Unlike Wolfgang and Miranda, I was really nervous about this one.  Maybe because I had so much more invested?

Screen Shot 09-05-18 at 06.46 PM

Screen Shot 09-05-18 at 06.46 PM 001

After I initiated a few flirts to see if there was anything there.  I sure was right!  Their friendship is so low at this point because Ace was going through one of those ridiculous mean phases where he’d alternately be nice and then yell at everyone.  I hate that so much!

09-05-18_7-19-27 PM

After that, I’d find them flirting.  You have to remember, I was dealing with 12 sims so I missed some stuff.

09-05-18_8-27-03 PM

09-05-18_8-30-51 PM

09-05-18_8-31-26 PM

I used the best shots in the diary entry of course.  I have no idea when they had their first kiss.  I did eventually have Ace ask him to be his boyfriend.  It makes me nervous waiting on the autonomy mods when there’s a time limit.

Nico and Jia…

09-05-18_4-13-00 PM

If I was nervous about Ace and Gulliver, I was doubly so about Nico and Jia.  They were good friends almost from the start.  They had the same traits.  But I kept seeing them looking at each other.

09-05-18_5-11-35 PM

And even when they weren’t up on the computers they were together.

09-05-18_6-37-27 PM

Finally, I gave in and had them flirt a few times.

Screen Shot 09-05-18 at 09.02 PM

Screen Shot 09-05-18 at 09.03 PM

09-05-18_7-10-52 PM

09-05-18_7-11-26 PM

09-05-18_7-47-38 PM

09-05-18_8-23-01 PM

09-05-18_8-23-37 PM

Screen Shot 09-05-18 at 09.05 PM

Screen Shot 09-05-18 at 09.05 PM 001

09-05-18_8-24-55 PM

It took forever but they did finally start flirting autonomously.  As you saw in the journal their first kiss was the day she aged up.  Before that, it was just a flirt here and there.  But like with the others, I likely missed some with so many sims.


Screen Shot 09-07-18 at 12.22 PM 001

Ally built the youth center for me.  I did change a bit adding in stuff from new packs that had come out over the past year as well as adding in the computer balcony.

Screen Shot 09-04-18 at 01.06 PM

Ms. Plumbottom was a gem!  I found her on the gallery by searching #elder.  I changed her traits of course but nothing else.

Screen Shot 09-07-18 at 12.23 PM 002

The vampire twins that funded the youth center.  I actually had a more in-depth story for them in my failed AfterTime save and plan to grab them out of there and add them into the Robinsons save.

Screen Shot 09-07-18 at 12.24 PM 001

Shea is from one of Meggs stories…

Screen Shot 09-07-18 at 12.24 PM 002

As was his girlfriend.

Screen Shot 09-07-18 at 12.24 PM

Gigglecakes, who made the vampire twins, also made Kyong.

Screen Shot 09-07-18 at 12.22 PM

Cecethesims made Miranda…

Screen Shot 09-07-18 at 12.22 PM 002

As well as Heaven who I renamed Nevaeh since I already have a Heaven and I thought she’d be the type of sim to do that.

Screen Shot 09-07-18 at 12.23 PM

Cassie aka cgeorgopoulos made me Diana and Damion who are actually the unborn children of sims she’s currently playing!

Screen Shot 09-07-18 at 12.23 PM 001

And last but not least, SoulGal made me Jia who obviously I adored from the start.  I even added the computer area just for her story about upgrading computers!

Gulliver and Jessie were random townies.  Gulliver was part of one of those families that looked nothing like him so I didn’t feel bad pulling him out and like I said before Jessie was a single teen household.

I want to thank everyone who made or let me borrow their sims for this project.  There were actually a few others I didn’t use.  One I searched and searched but couldn’t find.  The original plan was to rotate kids in and out of the center as I played there but, unfortunately, I was on a time crunch.

And a huge thanks to CathyTea who created this awesome Youth On Their Own (YOTO) challenge!

Robinson Reunion

TS4→ On Their Own Ch 8: The Youth Center

Chapter 8

A/N: This is Nico’s journal from their entire time at the youth center:

I can say without a doubt that our time at the youth center changed us. Hopefully, for the better but only time will tell…

09-05-18_8-17-47 PM

Ms. Plumbottom runs the place…

09-05-18_3-52-52 PM

She’s the epitome of a kid at heart…

09-05-18_5-57-36 PM

09-05-18_5-01-31 PM

And you can tell she just loves it here…

09-05-18_4-18-38 PM

And she loves all the kids and wants the best for everyone…

09-05-18_6-09-36 PM

Even if it means watching over some of us if we’re getting behind on homework…

09-05-18_3-57-11 PM

It’s actually really nice here. The place is funded by a couple of vampire twins that lived here when they were teens…

09-05-18_6-28-09 PM

All the others have their own stories and truthfully after I’ve heard them all I feel embarrassed about the way we left…

09-05-18_4-06-23 PM

Especially after Jia hacked into the public records for me. We found marriage certificates for both of my sisters. In the end, Ella married Heaven the day we left. I don’t understand how that happened. And then Ava seems to have decided not to choose between Tevin & Zaiden and married them both!  And our parents let them get away with it…

09-05-18_7-49-18 PM

Which makes me think maybe our parents weren’t as strict as they seemed. I mean everyone has their thing and dads were working out and sports. Maybe he just wanted to share his interests with us and it had nothing to do with us not being manly or whatever.  Mom was okay I guess. She was just busy and more concerned with the girls…

09-05-18_3-54-39 PM

But our parents are nothing like some of the others here’s parents. Like Shea’s stepdad hits him and stuff. And Nevaeh’s parents kicked her out for liking girls.  Diana and Damion’s dad just disappeared one day and they came here since they had nowhere else to go…

09-05-18_4-25-46 PM

Kyong is apparently some sort of pop star. He likes hiding out here and since Ms. Plumbottom is a big fan she stretches the rules for him. He even showed Ace and Shea some guitar stuff…

09-05-18_7-14-03 PM

09-05-18_7-42-51 PM

09-05-18_4-29-49 PM

09-05-18_4-28-07 PM

Miranda is pregnant. Some rich guys baby. He broke up with her when he found out and her parents kicked her out… Anyway, she’s okay I guess. A little high maintenance. Wolfgang seems to get along with her so I try to make an effort to be nice…

09-05-18_4-24-23 PM

09-05-18_4-10-01 PM

09-05-18_4-10-52 PM

09-05-18_4-16-27 PM

Speaking of Wolfgang, it must be really nice here considering that both he and Ace’s friend Gulliver practically live here now too…

09-05-18_4-07-21 PM

09-05-18_4-01-35 PM

09-05-18_5-13-00 PM

09-05-18_5-14-38 PM

09-05-18_4-17-35 PM

09-05-18_4-02-00 PM

Ace has always been the more social one. He’s really enjoying it here…

09-05-18_6-13-34 PM

09-05-18_6-14-12 PM

09-05-18_6-16-21 PM

Personally, I mostly keep to myself. It’s usually just me and Jia up here on the computers. She’s supposedly upgrading all of the computers as some sort of community service for hacking into the FBI but I’m pretty sure most of the time she’s hacking.  If she’s that smart she has finished with the upgrades long ago. She’s nice to talk to. Calm like Wolfgang. I’m gonna miss her when we go home. And we’ve decided that we are going home. Although Ace is dragging his feet on making plans and I can’t figure out why. He’s been weird lately. Maybe it’s just being here and not constantly camping alone…

09-05-18_5-24-08 PM

Jia did some more digging for me.  I didn’t ask her to.  I’m starting to think she just likes prying into our lives.  She finds all of the lies I told while we were on our own hilarious.  Anyway, it turns out I’m an uncle!  Four times an uncle to be exact.  Which gives us even more incentive to go home…

09-05-18_5-25-30 PM

Shea went home.  At least we think he must have.  One day his girlfriend showed up after school and the next thing we knew he was gone…

09-05-18_6-03-52 PM

09-05-18_6-04-16 PM

09-05-18_6-05-50 PM

09-05-18_6-07-00 PM

09-05-18_6-07-34 PM

It wasn’t long though before someone came to take his place.  His name’s Jessie.  I think I heard his parent’s died or something.  I kinda feel bad that I don’t know…

09-05-18_6-24-45 PM

But, he seems to fit in okay so I guess that’s good…

09-05-18_6-32-46 PM

I just kinda do my own thing most of the time…

09-05-18_7-03-15 PM

It’s not like we don’t talk to other people.  It just seems like we’ve all fallen into our routines and hang out only with certain people most of the time.  This sometimes makes things awkward but all in all, I think everyone makes the best of it…

09-05-18_6-26-47 PM

09-05-18_5-49-21 PM

09-05-18_5-44-48 PM

09-05-18_7-37-21 PM

09-05-18_8-26-13 PM

Harvestfest was a blast but I think everyone was missing their families…

09-05-18_8-40-32 PM

09-05-18_8-44-28 PM

09-05-18_8-47-19 PM

Miranda went into labor and when she tried to go to the hospital alone Wolfgang jumped up saying she would take her…

09-05-18_8-48-40 PM

09-05-18_8-53-53 PM

Even weirder, he texted me afterward that they’d named the baby Amadeus and that he’s taking her and the baby home to live with him and his family…

09-05-18_9-01-14 PM

Jia had her birthday soon after…

09-05-18_9-04-41 PM

09-05-18_9-10-51 PM

09-05-18_9-21-35 PM

09-05-18_9-21-57 PM

We’ve decided to go home.  I asked Jia to come with me…

09-05-18_9-25-57 PM

I hope she gives me an answer soon.  Today’s our birthday and we want to leave and now that she’s a young adult as well she needs to leave too…

09-05-18_9-40-16 PM

Obviously, Ace asked Gulliver along.  Those two are inseparable…

09-05-18_8-34-05 PM

09-05-18_8-36-41 PM

I think we all get along well.  I’m really looking forward to this next stage in our lives…

09-05-18_9-06-17 PM

09-05-18_9-23-43 PM

Stay tuned for the credits, authors notes, bloopers, and outtakes. (There are a lot)

Bloopers, Outtakes, & Credits

TS4→ On Their Own Ch 7: Unexpected A

Chapter 7

08-28-18_2-14-40 PM

I think if anything it’s Ace that this is wearing on the most.  He always seems sad when he wakes up like he realizes he’s not at home.

08-28-18_2-18-04 PM

Nico seems able to just roll with the punches and make the best of it all.  (No Geoffry, just no with that shirt!)

08-28-18_2-19-15 PM

The key to all of this is getting an A in school so they can earn a place in the youth center.

08-28-18_2-20-48 PM

Even Candy seems to be rooting for them.  I guess she figured things out after the dinner party the other day.

08-28-18_2-28-19 PM

The cooler weather seemed to cheer them up.  I thought that Wolfgang’s brother Lucas was going to say hi but he just walked by smiling at them.  Cutie.

08-28-18_2-30-06 PM

This teen was walking by so sad!  Nico was still eating so Ace ran over to ask if he was okay.

08-28-18_2-30-37 PM

He burst into tears!

08-28-18_2-33-12 PM

Seeing his brother was busy, Nico headed back into the library to read.

08-28-18_2-35-35 PM

Ace managed to get him somewhat happy.

08-28-18_2-37-32 PM

Wolfgang showed up.  Them just staring at each other cracked me up.  Like challenging each other to the chess match.

08-28-18_2-41-23 PM

But moments later the tension broke.  They’re good friends now.  (Despite his mean trait, I’ve always liked Wolfgang.)

08-28-18_2-43-05 PM

Finally, Ace got the boy to laugh and learned that his name is Gulliver Hooks and he’s also a music lover.

08-28-18_2-43-22 PM

Seems that the chess match is over.

08-28-18_2-44-42 PM

And Ace’s new friend has left.

08-28-18_2-46-21 PM

Nico met Hugo who is also a teen but he didn’t stay long enough to become friends.  (I hate that outfit!)

08-28-18_2-48-29 PM

Out of nowhere, it started pouring so Ace headed inside.

08-28-18_2-49-03 PM

But not before he got soaked!

Screen Shot 08-28-18 at 02.53 PM

Just when I was trying to figure out what they can do next.

08-28-18_2-55-23 PM

Truthfully, I don’t think Ace really wanted to be there.

08-28-18_2-57-12 PM

Gunther was much more accommodating this time and chatted with Nico about books.

08-28-18_3-02-20 PM

Ace wandered into the kitchen and made them all some dinner.

08-28-18_3-02-42 PM

And then took advantage of a soft surface to sleep on.

08-28-18_3-04-33 PM


08-30-18_1-23-03 PM

But in the end, they were back to their favorite camping spot.

08-30-18_1-30-43 PM

In the morning they woke up early to prepare for school.  They headed to the gym to shower and stare at fossils to become focused.

08-30-18_1-32-23 PM

And eat a bunch of produce that they’d been carrying around to fill them up a bit.

08-30-18_1-35-28 PM

And when the school day was over there was quite a shock!  Their school projects, great moods, and hard work had somehow earned them both an A!


Screen Shot 08-30-18 at 01.34 PM

Screen Shot 08-30-18 at 01.35 PM

Screen Shot 08-30-18 at 01.20 PM

Truthfully?  I was thinking they’d get an A Wednesday.  I’d have them visit the youth center once and then head home.  Either before or shortly after their birthday Friday.

Screen Shot 08-30-18 at 01.55 PM

These are the teens that everyone made me a year ago for this project!  I’ve been re-reading their bios and trying to get some ideas.  I’ve got a kind of rough draft in my head of how I want the rest to play out with the boys but really my only plan for the rest of this series, when I started playing them again, was for them to make some good friends to take back to the other save with them!  I think the new ending will be 100% better but now I’ve gotta figure out how to make it happen!

Screen Shot 08-30-18 at 01.23 PM

Just thought you’d think this is funny.  I guess it’s from all the collectibles they’re both carrying around.

Chapter 8

TS4- On Their Own Ch 6: The End of Summer

Chapter 6

Screen Shot 03-08-18 at 02.26 PM

Remember this?  If you don’t then you’re lucky.  I wasn’t.  This save was written over.  Thankfully, I was able to restore the save.  Unfortunately, it was from before everything I’d done in chapter 5.  So, I had to go back and do it all over again.  I was too ticked off to take pics and after that I rage-quit.  Here’s the thing, I’ve been playing their family The Robinsons again and decided to figure up when the boys are supposed to age to YA on their timeline since their parents are now elders and I’d like them to return home before they pass on.  I was shocked to see that they should age up exactly on the day I last played that household!  Yikes.  So, I’m going to play until when their birthday should be calendar-wise and then take them home.

08-28-18_1-09-47 PM

Looks like Ace is a bit tired of tent life.

08-28-18_1-12-54 PM

But, in true twins fashion, he doesn’t show his upset to his brother.  Maybe it’s the heat wave that’s getting him down?

08-28-18_1-15-32 PM

They’re still only halfway through the B grade so hopefully, the school projects will help give a bit of a boost.

08-28-18_1-15-55 PM

Yay, you built the same thing.

08-28-18_1-17-51 PM

That done, they headed to the gym for showers.  As they were walking in Nico got a text.

08-28-18_1-23-57 PM

They’d been invited by Mila Munch to have lunch at her house.  Nico had met her at the library the other day and she’d gone all mother hen on him when he said her being in a cooking club reminds him of his mother.  Admittedly coming here is a bit risky since their family lives in Windenburg as well.

08-28-18_1-25-27 PM

It was nice getting in out of the heat if anything.

08-28-18_1-28-15 PM

Ace hadn’t met her son Wolfgang yet.  He’d arrived home from his weekend job shortly after they arrived.

08-28-18_1-30-26 PM

Mila invited a few other friends to join them and Penny insisted that she cook.  Her youngest son Lucas returned home from wherever he had been and Wolfgang gave him a hug which was so sweet.

08-28-18_1-31-37 PM

And as they were finishing up their meal, which most of them ate in the kitchen standing, her eldest Gunther arrived home and immediately began cleaning up as if having guests was so inconvenient.

08-28-18_1-37-01 PM

Wolfgang and Nico already knew each other so they chatted for a bit.

08-28-18_1-37-19 PM

And Ace got to enjoy the television.  Strange that they only have one loveseat for a family of four and this big fancy dining room that I doubt anyone uses… maybe Gunther?

08-28-18_1-48-13 PM

Not wanting to overstay their welcome the boys left in search of more entertainment.  They headed back to Willow Creek to the museum which has a large courtyard.

08-28-18_1-48-56 PM

They remembered the fireworks that they’d won at the Humor and Hijinks festival ages ago.

08-28-18_1-49-52 PM

Poor Nico.

08-28-18_1-52-08 PM

A plumbob!!!

08-28-18_1-52-15 PM

08-28-18_1-52-51 PM

A little girl who had been doing her homework earlier at one of the tables moved in for a closer look near the end.

08-28-18_1-53-39 PM

One last firework.  After all, it’s the last day of summer, and fireworks are traditionally a summer activity.

08-28-18_1-59-27 PM

After a quick stop at the gym for more showers, they stopped at the little food stand for drinks.

08-28-18_2-01-35 PM

The food stand girl looked so miserable that they asked if she wanted to skate.

08-28-18_2-03-37 PM

So cool!  (This is literally the first time I’ve used these.)

08-28-18_2-08-24 PM

Then, they went to the library because Nico wanted to work on his book.

08-28-18_2-09-26 PM

And Ace passed the time playing guitar.  He’s gotten a lot better and isn’t afraid for people to hear him.  Someone even tossed him a tip!

08-28-18_2-11-52 PM

Like it or not, it’s tent camping for them unless they can get their grades up to earn a place in the youth center.


08-28-18_1-55-25 PM

Supriya, just yikes.  Those muscles do not look attractive at all!

Chapter 7 

Chapter note: Starting this up after some time away I was surprised to see that the boys have no friends other than the hermit.  I had the idea that I might bring some of their friends from this save back with them to the legacy save which is kinda getting close to inbreeding with so many distant relations floating around!

Changing Directions

I realized that I never seem to have any explanation when I suddenly shelf a story so I decided to do this.  It actually only started with a rant about all of the problems with SNAFU but a lot has changed since then.  My husband and I are getting a divorce and I’m still reeling over the whole thing.  I feel like, at this time, I need something that will keep my mind busy.  SNAFU was great for that when I’d first started it but now it’s just a frustration.  I’ll tell you my plans after explaining why I’m shelving the current projects:

Let’s start with SNAFU…

Written March 18:

Nothing has changed in the month since I last played this family.  I’d felt like if I took a break I’d come back with solutions to all of my problems.  Instead, I still have no clue what I want to do!  And somehow all of my game settings were messed up when I started it!  All my graphics were at the lowest and my aging was set to defaults.  When I set the ages back to the challenge stage lengths it’s now showing everyone a day or two apart which makes no sense but I don’t really feel like trying to figure it out.  Even all of the lessons and stuff were reset.  I have no clue what happened.  The game was lagging terribly after returning from Egypt too.  I hadn’t touched it in a month.  I don’t know how anything could possibly have changed.  There is one chapter after this.  As with everything else I do, I can’t say for sure how long this story will be shelved and even when I come back to it I don’t know how long that will be for.  At this time, I just don’t have the energy to try to figure out what the heck happened or the direction I want to take the family.

T-Park & Beyond…

The Trailer Park Challenge morphed and changed almost from the beginning into something completely different.  There were times when I was totally frustrated but, in the end, I was actually very happy with the new direction it was taking with the “Beyond” stories.  And yet, there were little things that kept niggling at me.  Little annoyances.  The graveyards were messed up.  There were no graves in either of them!  Apparently, this is a known problem in Belladona Cove.  It’s fixed in the clean ‘hoods that someone made but when it came to deciding if I wanted to save all the sims via SimPe to transfer to a new ‘hood with Bodyshop I realized I didn’t really care.  I’m fond of these sims and yet I don’t really feel a bond with any of them.  Having the unaging sims from the other houses I wasn’t currently playing drove me crazy.  I had to keep telling someone to ask them to leave.  And then, and I’m sure all of you are sooo sick of me harping on this… the townies were driving me nuts!

I know I know.  It happens to me in every game!  I want my ‘hood to be MY HOOD!  I want control dangit! Anyway, at the point that I decided to stop playing T-Park & Beyond at least for awhile, I started trying to decide what to do next.  Unsure where to start, I sat down and went through a list of every single challenge I’ve ever done and made another list of what I liked and didn’t like about them.  I broke that list into sections: ‘hood, starting up, community lots, goals, restrictions, family, relationships, money, and blog.  Whew!  This was a six-page typed list!  All of the “don’t likes” I’d taken from the previous list I turned around into what I would like instead.  Then, I started at the top doing searches and making notes and trying to figure all of this out.  I had kind of a mixture between a build a city challenge, prosperity challenge, apocalypse challenge, test of time, a medieval thing… you get the point.  I just couldn’t figure out how I could do what I had in my mind.

Using a bunch of random search terms I somehow stumbled onto one thread after another on MTS on what they call integrated hoods. (For Sims 2.) The more and more I read about them the more excited I was!  These are my people!  People like me!  I kept a few quotes because I’m weird and somehow I felt vindicated that I’m not a total lunatic…

In a mod description: This is useful if, like me, you’re a complete control freak playing an isolated village where every sim must be a playable, and even seeing the dang garden club member and mailwoman makes your brain start ticking over ways to eliminate them.”

In a forum thread on tracking sim stats: “The neighborhood, as a whole, matters more to me than any one household.”

Ohmygosh!!!  You have no idea how cool I think all of this is.  Unfortunately, it’s for Sims 2 which means a lot of the information on integrated hoods is hidden amongst mostly dead links.  I have almost a whole notepad full of notes (in like 3 days!) and ideas on age lengths compared to years and seasons, taxes, laws, traits, DNA tracking, ect.  It really is insane and overwhelming and completely consuming which is what I need at the moment.

Now, I originally had an explanation here about how I was going to take an extended break from Sims 3 and 4 so that I could do this thing in Sims 2.  Then, while doing my research, I found someone that had been doing something similar in Sims 2 and then moved it to Sims 3 and then to Sims 4!  Ohmygosh!  Some of you might know about her since I’ve seen a few people that I recognize in her comments section.  Her current ‘hood story is Postcards from Sierra Nova.  The crazy thing is that a lot of the notes that I’d taken for doing this in Sims 2 was from HER Sims 2 tips!

Almost as soon as I started trying to transfer these plans to Sims 4, I realized that I’d already started doing pretty much exactly the thing I was trying to plan out but in a lesser level with the modded version of the build a city challenge rules.  I considered just updating that ruleset but have decided that this is more of a playstyle than rules.

I’ve started writing articles about integrated ‘hoods, personality, genetics, and a few other things as I explore this new direction.  Thanks for being with me on my crazy new journey.


TS4- On Their Own Ch 5: School is a Drag

Chapter 5

Both of the boys had a hard time re-acclimating to school.  After a particularly stressful day in which Nico was left working on a group project himself, he borrowed the librarian’s desk so he could journal and calm his tension.

While his brother journaled Ace decided to wind down with a little gaming and chatted with a nice motherly lady named Mila that made him miss his own mother when Mila began bragging about her baking.  She invited him and Nico to visit sometime to try her desserts.  He was non-commital unsure what Nico would think.

After he’d calmed himself by journaling Nico joined a lady I thought was very pretty in a chess game.

They’d gotten school projects and got the okay from the librarian who feels bad for the poor boys whose single mother works so much and allowed them to use the porch to work on them.  Nico was overcome with emotions and memories of when they were younger working on projects on the porch at home.

After yet another night in the tent, they took advantage of the gym’s showers.  It usually was pretty dead and nobody seemed to take notice of them there.

Going to school has made it much easier for the twins.  No more sneaking around.  But at the same time, trying to catch up leaves them both in terrible moods by the time they leave for the day.

And then, after getting a bit of time to unwind and play computer games or chess they study for hours.  One thing’s for sure, life has gotten a lot less fun.

They have been enjoying working on the projects when they have the time but they usually don’t have a lot before they have to tend to other more pressing needs.

Like eating.  Usually, someone has grilled up something while they are in the library but occasionally they do have to attempt to cook themselves.  Ace watches the burgers with great intensity in an attempt to prevent another meal tasting like charcoal bricks.

Another day after school Nico joined a nice gentleman who told him about his home in a veterinary clinic in Brindleton Bay.  He didn’t seem very confident in his chess skills and Nico beat him soundly.

Meanwhile, Ace opted to stay outside and enjoy the fresh air while practicing guitar a little.

An impromptu hug.  Now that they are doing better in school the boys seem to be feeling a little more relaxed.

Which doesn’t last long when they sleep in the next day and miss school altogether!  They spent most of the morning studying until their needs pulled them away from their hidden camp.

Nico had the idea to use the facilities at the nearby museum which seems to always be quite empty.  He was proud of himself that he’d been right.  Ace couldn’t help but chuckle at his twins’ bragging.

They found a bounty of grilled food had been left by the river and stuffed themselves.  Life is hard when you’re unsure of your next meal.

Once 3 o’clock came around they decided to head back to the library as if they’d been in school all day and worked on their projects some more.

Then they learned that the Spice Festival was in town and decided to try it out.  The curry challenge was a huge mistake because they both failed and were miserable for hours.

In a vain attempt to cool their burning bellies they grabbed some drinks from the stand.

The mixologist seemed to find their predicament quite funny.

They decided to sample some of the less spicy dishes in another attempt to clear their palates.  This seemed to work a bit better.

They were surprised to see a gentleman that had shared his grilled food one day performing and tossed him some tips in appreciation of his music and his cooking.  The man gave them a knowing look and a nod.

They’d taken to harvesting plants near their camp to have a quick snack if needed before leaving for school so Ace decided to grab a bit while they were there.

Nico took a selfie by the curry challenge table.  Nobody has to know that he’d failed it right?  He just wouldn’t say he didn’t fail it if he showed the picture!  Then, it was time for the festival to end and the boys to return to camp and decide what to do for the weekend.


They are so miserable after school!

But, they did manage to get a grade increase!  If you were wondering about the skipped day, it is part of the rules that they miss a day a week until they get an A.

Getting needs up and getting focused at the gym before school.  I wasn’t able to get them to pick up the fossils after they viewed them which I thought was pretty funny.  Now there will be random fossils lying around the gym locker room!

The librarian seems to never leave while they are there and naps frequently.  I feel bad but at the same time find it amusing.

When they arrived at the museum Dina Caliente was standing outside in a towel!

Chapter 6

TS4- On Their Own Ch 4: Back to School

Chapter 4

A/N: It’s been months since I played this and I was surprised I was able to pick it right back up where I left off.  I doubt I’ll go with the original plans I had for this, unfortunately.  We’ll see…

After finding the leaflet the night before detailing how they can go back to school anonymously the boys were motivated.  They only had one homework textbook so they took turns working in it anticipating school on Monday.

Once Ace was finished with the textbook Nico took over and Ace decided to grab some collectibles around the camp.  Being a geek, he finds this very enjoyable.  Note from the future:  I have no idea why I thought he was a geek!  He is not.

When he’d found everything he fished until nightfall.  What did that fish do to you to deserve that look???

Nico completed the fiction book he’d bought at the ranger station when they’d arrived so he went and purchased another.

He loves reading and was soon engrossed until he grew tired and headed back to camp to sleep.

It was the final night of their Granite Falls trip though not nearly the end of sleeping in the tent.

In the morning, they both got their needs up in anticipation of the bus taking them to the city.  Poor Ace seems to get bugged in the bathroom every time!

They played a quick game of cards while waiting.

They decided to visit the flea market and Nico noticed the street vendors.  Feeling nostalgic for the time they’d sold things there as children, Ace decided to sell some things he’d been carrying around.

They tried their hand at a little basketball but found that just like when they were kids and their dad encouraged them to play they really weren’t very interested in sports.

Ace wanted to sing a karaoke duet but had no luck getting Nico to join him.

Nico was hungry and decided to try something new.  It was very spicy and he had to get chopstick lessons from Candy Behr.

Ace watched a guitar performance for a bit and gave the man a tip before they decided to leave the city and return to Willow Creek.

As soon as they got to the library he grabbed his own guitar and was soon lost in the melody.

Since it was Sunday there were other kids at the library and Nico worked some more on his book.  He later had the forethought to mention offhand to the librarian that their mother works nearby and they’ll likely be at the library a lot while out of school.

Outside, Ace drew a few walkers by with his playing and they even tossed him some tips!

The boys set up the tent in a more hidden and unused area behind the library.  Nico found the fact that Ace wanted to try roasting beetles hilarious.

In the morning, the boys headed next door to the library to take showers at the gym before going to their first day of school.  Ace showed Nico the email saying they were approved to go to the school.  They decided to use Alex and Nikolai to avoid confusion and took a different last name.

After school, they decided to check out the Humor and Hijinks festival.  They joined the Pranksters and had fun joking with the others there.

Nico watched a living statue for a bit and struck up a conversation with a younger boy there.  The boy was uncomfortable.  Perhaps it was the fireworks?

Or maybe he was just hungry.  Nico met Wolfgang Munch and they had a nice chat until Wolfgang returned to his graffiti.  Ace had fun telling jokes and told so many to this lady they became friends!

Nico bought some fireworks including sparklers.  The young boy seemed to admire them but when Nico tried to pass it to him the boy walked away toward home.

And then they remembered that life is not all fun and games and survival.  Now that they are students again they need to work on homework!

Nico never did set off the other fireworks that he’d purchased but they did get to watch some.  The Jokesters won and they each got even more fireworks as a reward!


Nico did this autonomously and it cracked me up!

The boys were using the bathrooms and washing their hands in the library when both Nancy Landgraab and Moira Fyres came in to calm themselves in front of the mirrors!  Maybe they’d had an argument with each other?

This was too funny not to take a pic!  I wonder who it is that Mortimer is cursing?

Chapter 5

TS4- AfterTime 1.12/Curses! 4.14: So Many Sims!

AfterTime BaCC Rotation 1 Chapter 12
Curses! Gen 4 Chapter 14

On Halloween, I decided to celebrate with the Maledire family!  The kids all got costumes and carved pumpkins.

Perhaps Shaina and Uzuri are a little young for knives?

They all did a great job!

There was spooky music playing to set the mood further.  Kevine danced with his dad while Beal chatted with Kumiko.

Looks like grandpa Sterling approves of Shaina’s costume.

Looks like Uzuri got a trick with her treat!

Gotta have some selfies to remember this!

Everyone’s costumes look so cool!

In the morning the kids don’t have school so Shaina plays on the pirate ship.

Then Rieko goes to cook and I realize that there’s no food!  Later I remembered the veggies they’d grown but she still needed to get some other stuff.  So off to the store, she goes!

Kumiko was playing guitar and it was making everyone tense.  I found this odd since she’s level 3.

Time to take care of all the plants.

First I saw the beebox and remembered that I still hadn’t had one of them make honey and then I remembered that I’ve yet to test out the jam making either.  The animations are kinda messed up with the jam making but the results are pretty cool.  The neat thing is that it’s a skill and they can learn new recipes for jams, spreads, and pickles.

A honey and a jam.  It’s awesome that they can be sold!

Looks like Shaina talked Teague into playing dolls with her.

I just happened to pause the game and see him like this!  I had to take a picture.

And then it’s Teague’s turn to age to adult.

I have no idea where Sabine came from.  It didn’t say a vampire was breaking in.  Maybe she knocked on the front door and someone called her back?  No clue.

Looks like the old folks need to head to their beds!

Today the kids do have school and I got to see them in their adorable uniforms.

Okay then.  It must be one of my mods that make them keep picking up plates and dropping them on the floor as a pile of trash. Probably the one that stops them from washing invisible dishes.  I just can’t win.

Sterling started painting…

Then he walked over here and I thought he was watching Beal smoke the bee box.

Apparently, that wasn’t it.

I’m not positive but I’m pretty sure that the mod that allows sims to make money in retail stores using the computer and motion gaming rig is also charging them when using it at home.  Once again, I just can’t win.  The good thing with the newer version of the challenge I’m working on most of them won’t be using this stuff at home anyway.

Raymond Ikeda came home from school with one of the girls.  I think he’s adorable.

I was wondering why Kanai was just standing in the middle of the road.  But then Sterling answered my question for me.

Not only was he having a mood swing but he started a phase too.  I swear between the mood swings and phases I can’t stand the kids half of the time anymore.

At least I can enjoy the girls as children for a little while longer.

Awe so sweet.  Oh, and this is when I finally found Nia that came home from school with one of the teens.  I’d looked for her for hours!

Look at the look on her face!  Y’all are just tempting fate!  I guess they don’t care seeing as how all of the elders are on their last days.

I got to name Dolly’s triplets! I went with ABC names.

Aftertime 1.13 coming soon!

Curses 4.15 coming soon!

TS4- AfterTime 1.11: The Last of the Joneses

AfterTime BaCC
Rotation 1 Chapter 11

Thank goodness the park is here now.  Otherwise, I have no idea where Quinn would have gone!

She was hungry but had no food or money.  She found some mushrooms and ate a bunch of them to fill her up some.

Then she saw a frog log and thought maybe she could get some money from selling some of those so she can buy a tent.

She also found some dig sites behind the Maledire’s lot.

I noticed Nico and Ace nearby.  Whatever they’re talking about it looks serious.

Those apples look yummy!

After selling all of her finds except some fruits and veggies to snack on she headed to the store.  She figured she’d splurge on a warm meal from the barista stand outside before going in.

It seems that Rieko noticed her digging near their lot.  She tells Quinn to stop by if she needs help.  Embarrassed, Quinn purchases the tent packs it in a duffle and quickly leaves.

Since she really should be in school she decides to hide out in the library for awhile and read.

She soon grew restless and frustrated with the fact that there’s pretty much nowhere for her to go.  So she traveled to Forgotten Hollow to visit her friend Mara Darkstone.

Inside she meets Mara’s stepmother Lilith, Lilith’s brother Caleb, and Caleb’s wife Sabine.  They seem welcoming.

Mara’s half-brother Adolfo joined them in the living room while her uncle Caleb went out back for a swim.

And then everyone headed upstairs to a bedroom to watch a zombie movie.  Quinn took advantage of their distraction to grab something from the fridge.  They won’t mind, right?  They’re vampires after-all.

Too tired to travel back to Windenburg, Quinn sets up her tent in Forgotten Hollow and is quickly asleep.

But she wakes up starving.  That snack at the Vatore’s house wasn’t very filling.

She travels back to the park but nobody seems to have been around to cook so she decides to try for herself with some of the fruits she’d saved from the day before.

After eating she goes on the computer and tries to play games but she feels lonely.  She wants to go to school with the other teens that she’s met but she’s embarrassed.  Seeing Mara’s family the night before has really hit home that she’s alone in the world now.

She tries distracting herself by attempting to catch some frogs but the slippery buggers keep getting away from her!

Paris Maledire sees her walking down the street and stops to ask how she’s doing and why she’s not at school with the other teens. Quinn just shrugs her off and walks away.

She figures nobody really goes to this place anymore so it’s worth the hike to be alone for awhile.

But after a few hours, she realizes she really doesn’t want to be alone.

Since the other teens are finally out of school she heads back to the library to play some games.

Nico Morrison starts chatting with her trying to convince her again to ask his dad or someone for help.

Quinn’s just feeling so lost she has a hard time listening and after a few minutes Nico sighs and leaves her alone.

The idea of leftover fruit she’d grilled that morning doesn’t sound very appetizing but beggars can’t be choosers.  After a quick shower and potty break, she disappears into the night.

As she’s getting into her tent she thinks back to what Nico was trying to tell her and wonders if maybe a little humility couldn’t hurt.

AfterTime Chapter 1.12 coming soon!

Chapter notes:

Yes, this chapter is only 2 days.  Between the time I’d started Quinn’s turn and the last screenshot a few days real time had gone by and some changes are being made to the challenge rules.  So I figured I’d play with her long enough to get a decent chapter and move on to the Maledire’s.

TS4- (AT 1.10) Nobles Ch 3: Not Just Fun and Games

AfterTime BACC
Rotation 1 Chapter 10
Nobles Chapter 3

I wanted to test out a night light mod and turned the monster back on in MCCC but I haven’t played any kids since then and forgot about the darned night light!

What the heck?  She went back to sleep finally sometime after I put in the nightlight and then woke up again a few hours later.  Ugh.

This morning is not starting out well for Joi.

Leaving the bathroom for her niece, Lark makes some apple salad.  Sounds yummy.

Since it’s Sunday there’s not much else to do but head back to the playground again.

But first, new clothes!

Shortly after they get there some other kids show up too.  Lark shows Nico something on her phone.  I wonder if it’s this Simstigram that we’ve seen on stuff for Cats and Dogs?

The vampire siblings don’t look happy.  I have no idea why not!  They aren’t burning like they should be.  They should be thrilled!  Dancing in the streets!  Uh, wait, that’s Vladdy.  Nevermind kids.  Be broody like most vampires.

See!  What is it on their phones?  Now Aubree is looking at something too!

Then I started mooning over how much some of the kids look like their parents.  Like Kizzy on the left looks so much like her mom Skye!

Or how much Joi looks like her dad Aaron.

The Morrison boys are together which isn’t much of a surprise since they usually are!

Joi and Shaina take a selfie together.  They are good friends.

Lucas is playing sea monster again.

I love that face!!!

Once again, I look for Lark and find her in the bathroom.  It looks like she must have showered because she’s changed clothes which is annoying.  The vampire siblings are hanging out in there too which is weird because she’s not talking to them.

Uzuri I hope you didn’t do anything wrong because it looks like your mom’s on the warpath!

Joi spends a few hours working on her friendship with Kizzy and it starts getting late.

How did you get dirty again?!  She must have either played basketball or went for a jog to clear her mind.  Ugh.  Better get you home.

Seems Joi isn’t in a much better state.  Since she had to pee she got first turn in the bathroom.

In the morning Joi plays with a toy from her new toybox before school.

I finally get to see the child uniforms!  I put every single kid in the entire save in one and Joi is the only one I’m actually playing so I haven’t seen any!

Joi seemed to have had a great day at school… Lark not so much.

School projects!  At least the question of what they’ll do for the rest of the day has been answered!

Oh, and Violet came home from school with Joi.  When they first got home she went into Joi’s room to play with her toys.  I think she might have stuck a toy into her inventory when Joi asked her to help with the project.

That was trilling.  They helped Lark finish her rocket too.  I don’t know why I didn’t take a pic of that.  Then Violet headed… wherever it is she goes.

Well, that was fun if a bit short for the third day.  Good thing their rotation started on a Saturday.  Although, if they get their grades up I think they won’t have many days of school anyway with the mod.

Our social butterfly might not have gotten a best friend yet but she did max social!

AfterTime chapter 1.11 coming soon!

Nobles chapter 4 coming soon!

Chapter notes:

In case you were wondering, they did repay their loan in full.  I’m so proud!  I doubt they’ll be able to spend as much time there as they did in this chapter but it was nice to see all of the kids.  I took the entrance fee trait off and changed it to attract toddlers as well as children for if I take the Robinson’s there when I get to them.