TS4- Heart & Soul: Beginnings

It’s been a little over a year since I’ve written any chapters for the Heart & Soul Legacy and as I was finishing off my first chapter after starting back up with the Marx and Holt families it occurred to me that very few of my current readers have likely ever heard of them. ‘Til Death Do We Part an Ambrosia Challenge was 30 chapters and Heart & Soul the spinoff story is also a little over 30 chapters. Now, I won’t lie.  I would love if everyone took the time to read those stories.  I consider them my best work.  But I know that would be way too much to ask.  So I decided to do a recap.  Even if you’re familiar with the Marx and Holt families already it might be fun to revisit their antics! Hope you enjoy the story…

In order to move forward, we have to go back.  Way back.  Back in September 2014 when Sims 4 was released.  Pinstar posted the legacy challenge rules on his website The Sims Legacy Challenge and Nyssa Marx (from my Sims 3 legacy) made a return to start the legacy once again.  I did a scored legacy and raced to the finish.  You can read it if you want, Marx Legacy.  I’ll warn you, though, I’d just started blogging and the whole 10 generation legacy was a whopping 34 chapters that read like building instructions!

Two years later… CitizenErased14, author of the Dust 2 Dust story made a challenge based on that story called The Ambrosia Challenge.  She put out a call in the writer’s lounge on the forums for beta testers and I eagerly accepted the challenge.  I decided to delve back into my Marx Legacy save which had stopped at generation 10 to continue the legacy until I have the 13th generation heir, Amira Marx.  Thirteen being a superstitious number and all some sims thought that Amira’s illness was a curse.

Whether it was a curse or not Amira’s mystery illness cost the family their millions and their legacy home.  Then, it cost her life.  Her parents moved away never to be heard from again.

But Amira stayed.

That’s where the Holt’s come into the picture.  After decades sitting empty due to stories of the house being haunted, Dante Holt purchased it for practically nothing.  Amira was not pleased to be sharing her space with someone.  Especially someone who couldn’t see her.

Dante fell in love with Leigh and when he discovered that she was pregnant with his baby they had a quickie wedding.

That’s where Edric and Elijah came into the story.

Amira discovered that unlike the rest of the family little Edric could see her!  Edric spent most of his nights hanging out with Amira while his family slept and most of his days napping.

Edric, being an analytical mind, decided that there must be a reason that Amira had been turned into a ghost.  So he went to the home of the oldest sim in the neighborhood Cali and asked her roundabout questions regarding death and ghosts hoping she might know.  While Cali was cooking dinner Edric fell asleep on and when he awoke she was dead and the Grim Reaper was there to reap her soul!

Edric begged Grim to give Cali more time and his wish was granted.  But that got Edric thinking… if Cali could be returned to life could Amira too?  He asked Grim and he replied that yes it is possible but no one had ever actually accomplished the task.  He would need to grow a death flower, the hermit in Granite Falls could tell him how.  He would need to find a rare angelfish and milk the essence of life from a cowplant.  He would then need to combine these ingredients into the food of the gods… ambrosia.  After telling Edric this he laughed and said no sim could accomplish such tasks in one lifetime.  When Edric asked where he could get an angelfish and cowplant Grim dissipated into a cloud of smoke.

When Edric was a teen, he finally had the opportunity to meet the oddly dressed hermit in Granite Falls and ask him for a death flower.  The hermit laughs and says it’s not that easy!  He explains to Edric how to grow a death flower himself but warns that he’ll need to be a highly-skilled gardener in order to succeed.

Over the years, Edric had many pursuits in addition to his ever-growing garden.  He was quite the genius and built his own rocket ship and was later in the astronaut career.

And as he became older he grew to like his friend Lia a little more than his other friends and they got married soon after high school.

And then Rose was born… but due to a little mistake I made in the challenge tasks, I decided not to make her the heir.

Edric was so focused on all of his many pursuits that he let his health decline.

After a nice long vacation to relax and recuperate the family welcomed the heir Tristan…. well, not everyone welcomed him obviously.

With his focus on his family, Edric spent less and less time with Amira and she spent several years hiding.  When she finally emerged she went to check on the death flower only to discover a young boy.  At first, she thought it was Edric but it was his son Tristian.

Tristian and his older sister Rose never got along and he started to spend more and more time seeking solace fishing in a nearby pond.

After many years of suffering through his childhood with Rose, Tristian meets Skyla and falls in love.

Kristof Holt is born.  This is one of my all-time favorite pictures.  Edric was probably my favorite sim ever.  So you can understand how upsetting what happened next was.

Edric brought Tristan out to the garden and explained his plan to him.  There were 3 ingredients to the ambrosia and they were missing the essence of life.  His life was coming to an end and he loved Amira and his family very much.  He wanted to see her happy but he didn’t want anyone else in his family to have to sacrifice themselves for the essence.  Yes, you got that right.  I had to kill one of my favorite sims ever!  I cried and cried!

Tristan and Amira were both devastated but life had to go on.

Soon, Kristof became Amira’s friend just as his father and grandfather had been.

And then Kristof learned that he was going to be a big brother and was very excited!

Unlike Rose, Kristof was thrilled to be a big brother to Vaughn.

Vaughn knew something fishy was going on.  He noticed that his dad and brother would talk a lot in low voices.  Especially when Kristof was cooking.  But when he would ask what they were talking about his dad would give him some lame story like they were talking about recipes.  Why would they whisper about recipes?  Amira suggested they distract Vaughn so they took him camping and soon they thought he’d forgotten.

Tristan discovered a box of photos from Amira’s family that his father had hidden under the bed.  She was very excited.

Tristian and Kristof urged Amira to write a diary about her life… and death as it were.  This diary is now passed from Holt heir to Holt heir to learn the story of how their family helped bring Amira back to life and how they are connected to the Marx family by more than blood… I’ll get to the blood part soon.

After overhearing his father and brother whispering again about recipes and pointing to the fishbowl Vaughn went to investigate. Only to discover the angelfish that had been there as long as he could remember was gone!  Something was going on for sure.

What was going on?  The cooking of ambrosia of course!  Finally, after 4 generations the recipe was completed and Amira would be returned to life!

But her joy was short-lived.  She turned when she heard a gravelly voice speaking behind her.  It was the grim reaper!  What he said gave her the chills and made her realize that this may have been a terrible mistake.

He said: This gift you have been given will soon become your curse.  Enjoy it while you can.  Then he laughed and dissipated into a cloud of black smoke.

Kristof married Michaela his high school girlfriend.

And at the wedding, his brother Vaughn met Amira.  Despite her trying to thwart his pursuits they fell in love.

Before long they had their own wedding.  Which is where the Heart & Soul Legacy begins!  There are two families that I switch back and forth between.  The Holts and Marx families.

I think that this post is getting way too long so I decided to try to keep things as short as I can.  Kristof and Michaela had five kids. First, Isaac who was a big favorite of readers.  Then the triplets Keegan, Kyler, and Keeley.  Later there was a surprise risky woohoo baby Jasper.

Amira finally discovered what Grim was talking about when he talked about her curse.  Not only can she see and talk to ghosts but her daughters can as well!  After wondering most of his life what the big secret was her husband Vaughn finally learns about his wife’s life as a ghost.

Sadly, I never did a family photo with the Marx kids.  I think this is the only pic of them all together.  First, there was Tate.  Then, Faithe.  But Amira needed at least 3 (I think?) for her aspiration so they tried again.  And got… another set of triplets!  Yes, I had triplets in both households this generation.  They were Avery, Addison and Alek.  And yes, I had many complaints about the similar names being so hard to keep up with.

Amira’s ghost friend Bastian approached her with another ghost and that’s how she met Detective Culpepper.  She contacted him to help solve the ghost’s case so she could have peace.

Bastian’s great-great-grandson Gabe shows up at the house and becomes a permanent fixture with the family.

Amira and Bastian start the Mostly Ghostly detective agency.

Isaac Holt marries Misty, moves out of the house and has a baby Liza.

After their long childhood friendship, Amira’s daughter Avery Marx and Bastian’s great-great-grandson Gabe Crouse start dating as teens.

Avery and Gabe decided that they didn’t want to wait until after high school to start a family.

After years of pursuing his older sister Faithe’s best friend Rowan, Alek finally catches her attention.  Later they get married have a son.

And so, generation 2 begins!  Keegan Holt marries Mariela after her saying no many many times.

In a huge wedding…

Avery Marx marries Gabe…

In another huge wedding.

After some major mood swings and unhappiness with his job and now that he’s in possession of her diary and knows the story Keegan wants to spend time with his aunt Amira and offers his hacking services to her.  He’s in the criminal career but nobody knows it.  They all think that he’s a software engineer.

Isadora Marx, Avery’s daughter is good friends with Sascha Holt, Keegan’s daughter.

In their last published chapter, we meet Keegan’s twins Nix and Rand.


Avery and Gabe had two more boys Tad and Devon but that chapter has no screenshots at all.  Keegan’s surprise brother had a surprise baby of his own, also a boy.  I had absolutely no idea that this was going to end up being this long when I started it!  It took hours to write and hopefully it won’t take too very long to read!  If you got this far… well done!  Thank you for reading.

TS4- Ambrosia Challenge: Gen Three Bloopers and Outtakes

After Edric died I saved and exited the game.  I was so upset about it that I didn’t play for awhile.  When I started it back up Grim was sitting on the couch watching tv and he scared the heck out of me!

I can’t for the life of me remember how this clay got put into Amira’s inventory.  I think I might have been dragging it to one of the kids inventory?  Anyway, it was endlessly entertaining to see what she would make.  I would check on her and she was almost always holding some clay creation.

Amira haunting the stuffed dino in Kristof’s room.

Skyla ate nothing but grilled cheese (for her aspiration) but she was also a foodie so she constantly took pictures of it.  I just found it funny.

Skyla discovering that she’s pregnant with Vaughn.  I’ve never had this happen before.  I guess I always have them take the test.

Kristof and Parker having a steam.  I thought it was cute but couldn’t fit it into the story.

Skyla preparing to eat a grilled cheese in space.

I decided that since he needed the logic for his job Tristan might as well do the Nerd Brain as his third aspiration.  He traveled to space in the rocketship then went inside to upgrade the computer still in his spacesuit.

Kristof aging to teen.

Marlene crying at Amira’s grave during Kristof’s birthday party.  It never failed, whenever someone was at the house they found that grave yet nobody in the family ever did.

The house has a massage table and chair.  Through the whole challenge I ignored them.  One day I was bored so I had Skyla massage Tristan’s feet.  It was one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen!  I was laughing so hard I cried.  He acted like he was hurting him with every touch.

Skyla livestreaming.  I just couldn’t figure out how to fit it into the story so I saved it for this post.  Sadly she would have topped her career if she had lived to go to work one more day but she didn’t. 😦

That face though!  I thought it was so funny I took a picture.  Kristof was talking to her about gourmet meals and this was her reaction.

Vaughn aging to teen.

He aged up looking so goofy and not-Vaughn that I had to take a pic.

Kristof and Micaela’s first kiss.

Their first whoohoo.   Which ironically he wanted to whoohoo in a bush but when I selected it from the menu they would act like they couldn’t find the bush right near the house.  So I bought one and put it down just for this then sold it.

Marlene crying at Amira’s grave yet again.  This time it’s funnier though because she’s a hotdog!

After the costume party was over I looked at the character panel and Amira looked really weird.  So I clicked on her and this is what I saw.  Poor thing, didn’t get to join in on the fun.

Parker Summers married Micaela’s twin sister Marlene.  When I went to the house to age them up and marry them… even though it was a few days after the party, they were both dressed up as hotdogs.  So cute!

I wasn’t sure about the grim reaper I downloaded from the gallery so I placed him in the house earlier in the day to get a look at him.  Then I decided there was no point in downloading him again so he joined Amira in the darkness for awhile.  No clue why Amira kept getting an energized moodlet “from decor”.  She literally had like 3 things down there.

Amira’s transformation.  Half inside of Tristan with Kristof looking like his arm got sucked into the counter.  I was so ticked I couldn’t use a shot of it for the chapter.  Advise to anyone planning to do the challenge: either save right before they eat it so you can quit and re-do it for a better shot or at least make sure nobody is near them and that they’re all in the positions you want them to be in when it happens.

During Kristof and Micaela’s wedding half of the guests jumped up and started gasping.  I looked and their status said something like see what’s going on.  I looked around and there was literally nothing happening anywhere else in the park.

Vaughn’s birthday.  I also aged up Tristan and Skyla at the same time.

Vaughn and Amira’s first kiss.  I so wish those hearts weren’t there because this would have been the perfect picture.

Heart & Soul Succession Laws and Rules

Heart & Soul: Beginnings

Chapter notes:
Although it says Gen Three it’s technically the 4th generation of Holts if you count Dante.  I thought about changing the titles of the bloopers and outtakes but decided just to leave it because I couldn’t think of any other way to phrase it.  It’s the third generation that worked on the ambrosia.

I hope you enjoy the bloopers and outtakes as much as I do.  I find myself taking shots of things that I would normally ignore and I really enjoy going through them after the generation is over. I’ve already started a folder of pics for one in Heart & Soul.

TS4- Ambrosia Challenge: Heart & Soul

Chapter 30

Bloopers and Outtakes

Heart & Soul Succession Laws and Rules

Chapter notes:
Wow where to begin?  First, I had the idea to have Amira marry one of the Holt boys back when Edric was heir, before Tristan was born.  I had considered having Elijah and Alyssa have a boy late in life that she married.  Obviously that didn’t happen but that’s the reason they “couldn’t have kids”.  So yea Vaughn was born for Amira in a way, lol.  

Amira is uncomfortable and confused by Vaughn’s pursuit of her.  For one thing she can remember when he was a baby.  For another, the Holt’s feel like family to her.  It wasn’t until he kissed her that she started to change her mind.  Story-wise it’s been at least a year since Amira’s resurection.  But I’m still doing a challenge here so I couldn’t mess around so this entire chapter was one day in game.  I disabled need decay on everyone so that I could just concentrate on taking all the shots I needed to tell the story that begins Heart & Soul.

Amira got over her snobbishness (obviously, she lives in a tent!) which was replaced by the good trait.  The lot where Amira and Vaughn got married is the lot where my legacy families got married… Amira’s ancestors.  I thought it was suiting.  Plus I didn’t want screenshots of two weddings at the same place especially since the grooms look practically identical.

TS4- Ambrosia Challenge: Gift or Curse?

Chapter 29

When he finally had a day off of work Kristof took Micaela to the park and proposed to her.

Tristan was promoted to a double diamond agent at work.

After a lot of experimenting with other ingredients Kristof was almost ready to make the ambrosia recipe.

When he told Amira she was really excited.  She had finished writing her diary and given it to Kristof to keep as a thank you to the Holt family.

Tristan had one concern.  What would they tell everyone about Amira?  He sat her down and asked her.  They could pass her off as a distant relative surely, from the pictures he’d seen they had the same hair color.

She didn’t like that idea at all.  She didn’t feel comfortable posing as a relative and “moving in” with them.  After all this time locked in this place she just wanted an open space to call her own.  Something simple.  Something she could start a new life on.  When she told Tristan all of this he said he thought he knew exactly the place and that he’d take care of everything for her.

Vaughn knew something was up.  They were whispering to each other again like they used to years ago when he was a kid.  He heard Kristof tell their dad they only had one chance and that he was afraid he’d mess it up.

Mess what up exactly?  And why were they standing over there talking anyway?

He walked over and looked around where they had been talking.  Nothing seemed suspicious.  Then he noticed it.  The blue and black fish that had been in the fish bowl his entire life, or as long as he could remember at least, was gone!

On his way out the door to school Vaughn saw Kristof picking flowers off the creepy plant in the garden.  What was he doing now?  He went over and asked him and Kristof said he was weeding.  Vaughn pointed at the plant and told him he saw him pick a flower.  Kristof just laughed and said he was imagining things!  One of these days Vaughn would figure out what was going on.  He swore it.

The time finally came.  After checking and re-checking that Skyla and Vaughn were asleep Kristof, Tristan and Amira went to the kitchen.  Kristof put the ingredients into the pan and nervously cooked.  He was terrified he would mess it up.  The fish and flower they could get more of but the essence of life?  That was unthinkable.

Amira took a cautious bite.  It looked disgusting.  But it had a strange glow so she was pretty sure that Kristof had cooked it correctly.  She slowly forced it all down while the others watched her.  She felt like a bug under a microscope.  Like some freaky experiment.

When she finished eating all of the ambrosia she stood up.  She started glowing from the inside and floating higher and higher.

Then she dropped to the floor and she felt it.  The floor.  She looked around and saw Kristof and Tristan grinning at her.  It had worked!

But her joy was short-lived.  She turned when she heard a gravelly voice speaking behind her.  It was the grim reaper!  What he said gave her the chills and made her realize that this may have been a terrible mistake.

He said: This gift you have been given will soon become your curse.  Enjoy it while you can.  Then he laughed and dissipated into a cloud of black smoke.

Chapter 30

Chapter notes
I have no words to describe how I’m feeling right now. I’m seriously on the verge of tears.  I’m excited and nervous about the spinoff.  I will complete the challenge in my new legacy Heart & Soul.  It’s more than a legacy really.  Both the Marx and Holt families will be in the new story so don’t worry that I’m leaving someone out!  Chapter 30 will be a wordless chapter to complete this part of the story, then there’s the bloopers and outtakes chapter and the Heart and Soul Succession Laws and rules.  I hope everyone is as excited as I am!

I apologize for not having more shots of Amira’s transformation.  I had Tristan sitting next to her and when she transformed it looked like he was inside of her or something.  I tried to describe what happened the best I could and I did take a pic for the outtakes.

The picture with grim was the most difficult picture I’ve ever taken.  I ended up having to remove all the seating from the room because everyone kept sitting.  Then Tristan and Kristof wouldn’t face the right way.  I kept changing their emotions trying to get the right looks on their faces.  I’m still not happy with the final result but I’m never completely happy with 90% of my screenshots. 

TS4- Ambrosia Challenge: Growing Up

Chapter 28

Vaughn was so happy to finally be a teen like his brother.

He wanted to be an athlete so he started working out right away.

He got a job as a babysitter and practiced silly faces to make at the kids in the mirror.

He was a little nervous about taking care of someone’s kids but he knew the parents so he wasn’t too worried.

Kristof on the other hand, had other worries.  He had asked his mom’s advice about Micaela because his dad always said it was his mom who made the first move.  So when he saw her walking by the house he invited her to stargaze like his mom said she had done with his dad.

Then when she got up and started saying she needed to get home he just kissed her!  Not a little peck on the cheek like mom said dad did but a full on kiss!  He wasn’t sure what had come over him but she didn’t seem to mind.

After that she seemed to forget that she had said she needed to get home.  They chatted for hours and when he asked her to be his girlfriend she seemed way more excited than he had expected.

So Micaela became a fixture in the house, kind of like cousin Bryce.  She was there more than she was at home.

Kristof showed Amira pictures of Micaela that he had taken with his phone.  He couldn’t wait for her to meet her.  She said she was really happy for him.

Cousin Bryce graduated high school and got engaged.  He still visited the house but not as often.  One day he surprised everyone by telling them he had twins on the way!

Kristof wanted to get more experience cooking for a group since he would be working in a restaurant once he graduated so he threw a costume party.  It was a big hit.

Tristan was left cleaning up the dishes but he didn’t mind.  He was happy seeing his family so happy.

Finally, Kristof’s eighteenth birthday came along.  He insisted on making his own cake.  He joined the culinary career and worked even harder on deciphering the recipe for Amira’s ambrosia.

Chapter 29

Chapter notes:
I had my timing way off when I planned all of this out.  I can’t say exactly what I have planned but I thought that maxing the cooking and gourmet cooking would take Kristof into his young adult years.  He has maxed cooking and is level 8 in gourmet cooking.  The only reason he hasn’t maxed that is because I’m not ready for the story to move forward with Amira’s resurrection yet!

TS4- Ambrosia Challenge: Family Heirlooms

Chapter 27

Kristof was a good cook.  So good in fact that everyone insisted that he throw a dinner party so that they could sample some of his meals.

After the dinner party was over Parker texted him that there was a big party at the bluffs.  It ended up being a couple elders and some of his parents friends there.  He couldn’t believe he’d stopped cooking his newest experiment for this!

So he went back to his house and started a club meeting instead.  They cooked and chatted.

One morning after work Kristof caught Vaughn eating one of his mom’s grilled cheese.  He laughed and told him he couldn’t believe he was actually eating that when there was a fridge full of gourmet meals!

He did take occasional breaks from cooking to spend time with his friends.

He had a crush on Micaela.  He just didn’t know how to tell her yet.

Tristan got a promotion at work that gave him several free days off every week.  He wasn’t sure what to do with all that free time.  The gardener that Skyla had hired was rubbish so he fired him and started tending his father’s plants himself.

One day he was looking for something to do and he noticed a box under the bed.  Had that always been there?

He got on his knees and pulled it out.  Inside there was a painting and some photographs.  It was hard to tell but he thought that the girl in some of the photos looked like Amira.  A note fell to the floor and he picked it up and read it.


Your grandfather was cleaning
out the attic and found this old
box.  I saved it from the trash
but never knew whether I should
show her or not.  Take care of
our girl.


After showing Kristof and talking to him they decided he should be the one to show Amira.

Kristof was outside grilling when Amira appeared before him all excited and gushing about the photographs of her and her family.

He suggested that she should write down her story.  Something that the family could keep and pass down through the generations.  After all she was always pointing out to Kristof that the Holts had their own legacy going and that he would be the fourth generation.

So she asked Tristan to buy her a diary and every night she added a little more of her story to it.  The father and son loved seeing her so happy and excited.

Chapter 28

Chapter notes:
This chapter seems short now that I’ve written it out.  It was actually almost a week, just not much happened.  I stopped because Vaughn is about to age to teen.  Yay!

I had originally planned to have Tristan find the photos in one of the drawers in his room but after looking at them I decided that the painting canvas wouldn’t fit in there.  I had to unlock the police box and size it up.  

For the diary picture, I had to save the game, age Amira to a teen, have her do homework, take the picture then exit the game.  All that for one picture!  I know there’s some mod that CitizenErased14 uses for her sims to write in their journal but I didn’t see the point for just one shot.

I wrote the rules for the spinoff legacy today so you’ll see tidbits here and there in the last few chapters of the challenge I’m sure.  The diary for example.

TS4- Ambrosia Challenge: Something Fishy

Chapter 26

Kristof (finally) became a teenager.

As did all of his friends.

On the left couch is Bryce, Marlene and Karl.  On the right is Micaela and Parker.

He knew he needed to learn mixology for his cooking job when he got out of high school so he got a job as a barista.  He didn’t understand what mixing drinks had to do with cooking but decided the job gave him a reason to learn.

His friends didn’t mind.  They got to try out all of his concoctions.  All non-alcoholic of course at his parents insistence.

Of all of his friends, his cousin Bryce spent the most time at the house.  He came over almost every day after school and didn’t leave until Kristof had to go to bed.  He said his dad was cool but his mom was a nightmare and when Kristof told his dad that Tristan told Bryce he could come over any time and stay as long as he wanted.

In the Holt family you were either a genius or you were creative.  Dante was a computer whiz, Edric was a savant, rocket-scientist and astronaut.  Leigh and Rose were artists, Elijah was a famous composer and Kristof could make magic in the kitchen.  Even Skyla was tech savvy.  Then there came Vaughn.  If it wasn’t for his looks you wouldn’t think he was a Holt at all.  He was active.  He never stopped moving.  His parents put in some monkey bars so he would have an outlet for his energy because he was driving everyone crazy doing pushups and situps all the time.

That wasn’t to say he wasn’t smart.  He was, maybe too smart.  He noticed that his dad and brother would talk a lot in low voices.  Especially when Kristof was cooking.

But when he would ask what they were talking about his dad would give him some lame story like they were talking about recipes.  Why would they whisper about recipes?

After Vaughn had started asking questions Tristan realized that they had made a mistake somewhere but he didn’t know how to fix it.  He didn’t like lying to his son so he would tell him the truth, just leaving out the important part.  He didn’t understand why but his dad had stressed to him that only one of his kids could know the truth about Amira’s existence and their quest to bring her back to life.

He brought his concerns to Kristof who hadn’t noticed that Vaughn was on to them.

With his early morning job Kristof didn’t have much time to spend with Amira as it was.  He didn’t want to cut their time together even more.  She suggested they find a distraction for Vaughn.

Which is how the big camping trip came along.  Tristan thought the best distraction would be to get Vaughn out of the house for a couple of days.

The family all had a great time.  Kristof cooked all the meals and studied his mixology and gourmet cooking books.

The morning before they left Vaughn talked their ears off about the bear he saw while on a hike.  Everyone knew it was a guy in a bear suit so they weren’t worried.

When Vaughn and Skyla went outside for a horseshoe contest Kristof congratulated Tristan on his brilliant plan.

Chapter 27

Chapter notes:
First, I wrote this chapter once already and somehow lost it so I might not have put as much work into it the second time around out of frustration.

I made a mistake with Kristof by not having him do more than one childhood aspiration.  He still hasn’t gotten the Never Weary trait which is almost a must in this challenge.  With the barista job, he goes to sleep at like 8pm so he literally never sees Amira.  I had to wake him up to take the shot of them talking.

A word of advice:  If you’re planning to have your sim read skill books on vacation edit the cabin before they leave and remove the bookcases.  Kristof drove me nuts putting his books into the bookcases and it can’t be canceled out.  I kept having to drag the book out of the bookcase and back into his inventory.

TS4- Ambrosia Challenge: Normality

Chapter 25

Chapter 26

Chapter notes:
Okay so I started the chapter with captions for the pictures but it got kinda redundant after a while.  So I just took them out.  I had absolutely no story in mind for this chapter… just the family being happy.  

The blonde teen in the grey sweater is Rose’s son Bryce if you hadn’t figured it out.  

I completely forgot that there are gardeners in the game now and Edric’s garden was almost dead by the time Skyla called to hire one.

And Vaughn, wow those red hair genes are strong in the Holt boys!  Elijah was the only one born so far with a different hair color.  I’d have to check back in the first post but I believe that Amira has the same color as well! Edit: Yea she has the exact hair color as the boys.

Edric never spent time with Amira once Tristan was aged to child.  I decided that Tristan would still  occasionally hang out with her and Kristof at night.  As far as I know, that’s not against the rules.

TS4- Ambrosia Challenge: Big Brother!

Chapter 24

Tristan was very nervous about telling Kristof about the baby.  Surprisingly his only question was where would they put the baby’s bed.  He told him not to worry, that the baby would have it’s own bedroom.

After school Kristof bragged to all his friends about being a big brother soon.

He stayed up late that night so he could see Amira and tell her the big news too.

Tristan just couldn’t stomach the idea of cleaning out his parent’s old room and so he and Skyla moved their things in and made their old room into the nursery.  This room was the biggest in the house anyway.

Kristof informed his mom that when he got bigger he was going to learn how to cook so they could eat something other than grilled cheese.  She didn’t understand why… grilled cheese is the best!

When he felt her belly the baby moved.  He couldn’t wait.  His parents told him it wouldn’t be long.

They took time off of work waiting for the baby to be born…

…and sure enough Skyla went into labor right there in the park!

Tristan was less panicked this time around.

Especially when he got to hold his new son.

They named him Vaughn.

Kristof was thrilled that it was a brother.

He asked his parents why was he so small?  When would he be bigger?  When can he play with me?

They were just relieved that Kristof was taking it so well.

Chapter 25

Chapter notes:
I lied.  Kristof was angry about a new sibling.  LOL  But it didn’t work with the story so I found some poses that made him seem excited.

I wasn’t sure about the name Vaughn at first but the name Vaughn Holt just has a nice ring to it.

TS4- Ambrosia Challenge: Life Moves On

Chapter 23

The night of Edric’s death Amira and Tristan sat staring at the glass containing the essence of life.  They didn’t speak.  There were no words to describe the shock and pain they were going through.

Amira tried to comfort Tristan the best that she could but she felt solely responsible for Edric’s death.

Tristan would spend long hours in his parents bedroom.  It felt like at any moment one of them would walk through that door.

The garden began to wilt without his father’s constant care.

Even though he’d already found the elusive angelfish he found solace in fishing.  As soon as Kristof was old enough to hold a pole he started tagging along.

All of his friends surrounded him with support.  Truly they were all mourning.  Omari, Arabella and Fernando’s parents had died when they were teens.  Uncle Elijah, Ellie’s dad, died a few days after his twin.  Camdyn’s mom Baylee had passed away as well.

Tristan and Skyla both loved the outdoors… and their friends so they met up with them all when they weren’t working.

Which meant of course that Kristof was surrounded by his own friends.  Since his dad had a club with his friends Kristof and the other kids started their own club.

The blonde with glasses is Parker, black hair in orange shirt is Karl, the girl with braids is Marlene and you can’t really see Micaela on the monkey bars.

 (The family visiting the Boles house.)

Kristof grew up with Amira taking care of him and playing with him at night.  His dad told him she was a secret.  He liked having a secret best friend.

Rose gave in and let Bryce hang out with Kristof.

He liked his cousin.

Life had a way of moving on even if you didn’t feel ready for it.  But one thing that never changed was Skyla and Tristan’s love for each other.

Skyla loved being a mom.  She always helped Kristof with his homework.

Still she was a little shocked when she realized that she was pregnant again!

As soon as Tristan got home from work she ran out to tell him.  He was very excited.

Chapter 24

Chapter notes:
I apologize for this chapter being so all over the place.  I really didn’t have much of a story in mind and just played and took screenshots.  Then I had to try to re-order them into some semblance of a story.

Truly Tristan was fishing because he needed one fish to complete his Angling Ace aspiration, which he did.  He also completed the Leader of the Pack aspiration.

Even though there’s a nooboo on the way I am dreading redecorating Edric’s bedroom.  I wish I could just leave it the way it is but that seems kinda silly for a baby/child room.  *sigh*

Tristan got this whim shortly after his dad’s death, after I locked it in his mood changed back to sad and it took 2 days before he wasn’t sad anymore and they could try for baby.  I didn’t have her take a pregnancy test because I wanted to draw it out a little longer.  The picture I took of her holding her belly was totally random but I did get a shot of her discovering she was pregnant for the bloopers and outtakes chapter.