TS4- Drifter II 008.3: Here We Grow

House 008 Chapter 3

Ah, the joys of parenthood.

If you remember from the last chapter Saya had ran after a friend and ended up sleeping on a bench way away from the house.  She finally woke up and dragged herself home.  Her needs were terrible.

In the morning Jane and Jeffrey go to the back of the house for some alone time.

Awe so cute!

Ugh that garden.  She barely has time to water it let alone harvest or graft the plants.

I waited until the morning to have her age up Zane.  Everyone was so exhausted.  Isn’t he adorable?

I added to the house so that he’d have his own room.  This is the way I built houses before drifter.  Made me laugh.  I know I’ve gotta build an actual house soon but I’m not feeling up to it.

For some reason Jeffrey couldn’t feed Zane with the table turned the other way so I had to move it.  Hopefully, they won’t drive me nuts with the high chair because it’s nice to have.

After eating, Zane asks daddy to help with basic needs flash cards.

Even though she has her own bed now Saya headed over to the park to sleep on the bench.

Then she grilled burgers.  I cheated and had her put them in her inventory.  I’m sick of sending Jane over there to do it.

Time for potty!

Nobody was near for him to ask to go up so Jane had to wake up and take him out.

Poor Jeffrey didn’t have time to pee before work.

Chatting with mommy while she writes.

All she needs is level 4 to get promoted!

Darned garden.  Really need to get free services.

Late night bath.

At least I can control him to give him food if he gets hungry when everyone’s sleeping.

Learning blocks with dad.

Yummy applesauce!

Welcome to the family Gin Raines!

She is named after Gin Blanco in the Elemental Assassin book series!

Zane gets double the block help while mommy takes care of baby Gin.

Zane goes in to meet his new sister.

Oh no!

Jane goes to work and then the others go to work a few hours later but I just don’t trust these two to take care of Gin.

Nanny Woo to the rescue!

Since the baby was fine she cooked.  How nice.

Then daddy headed to work and she helped Zane with blocks.

Yay!  So much easier having a sim around that knows how to care for babies.

I noticed that Jane almost had enough points for free services so I had her work on the Freelance Botanist aspiration to get the final points needed.

Then it was time to age up little Gin.  Wow, I wasn’t expecting that pretty mocha skin color!  She is so cute.

Chapter notes:

At some point, while playing out this chapter I realized that I hadn’t rolled the house traits yet.  Wow, did I get good ones!

This chapter is (I think?) 5 days.  House value $17,560 with $8,812 in reserve.  I still have to look through houses and decide what I want to build but since walls don’t depreciate I figured it’s no big deal to build the goofy thing I made for now.  Money surely isn’t going to be a problem with both Jeffrey and Saya’s jobs making like $2,000 each time they work.

Note from the future:  It’s been almost a year-and-a-half at the time that I’m writing this and I’ve given up hope that I’ll get interested in continuing this from this point.  I just couldn’t think of how to build the house and then I took a break from Sims for a few months and every time I tried playing it again it didn’t hold my interest.  As per usual, I’ve started again.  Instead of calling this one Drifter III, I’ve called it Drifter Reboot.  I used both family lines from Drifter I and II to start the new one.  So, the son of Jane and Jeffrey is the father of the new founder.  If you’re interested…

Rebuilding & Merging Two Drifter Family Lines

Drifter Reboot Chapter Index

TS4- Drifter II 008.2: Landing a Boyfriend

House 008 Chapter 2

I don’t think that Saya is very pleased with her decision to move in with her friend Jane.

After sleeping most of the day Jane wakes up and her fun need is so low she had to spend most of the rest of the day playing blickblock instead of working on her writing skill!

Saya had work that day and when she got home Jane had just started in on the garden.


Finally, after the sun had gone down and it was almost time to go back to sleep, Jane started her first book.

Saya grilled more hot dogs.

Out of frustration over the waste of food a very cheap fridge is purchased.

Saya keeps Jane company as she works on another book.

Finally, she’s able to publish the two she’s written.

While she was finishing a third book Saya headed over to the park and Jane went to say hello to her parents who were there too. As she was talking to her mom I noticed she had that bro moodlet and looked to see who was around.  This guy Jeffrey was the only one so she called him over to meet him.  Sure enough, he’s a bro too.

And he’s a doctor!

The two get along great.  Spending time with her parents is forgotten.

Instead of making the rounds of the neighborhood collecting she makes friends with Jeffrey and invites him to move in.  Which is kind of odd seeing as how there’s no house.  He’s a bit older than her and Saya.

Sorry Rieko.

Trying to make up for her rudeness earlier, Jane asks her dad and twin brother William to help in the garden.

Then Jeffrey comes over and William introduces himself.  Jane seems a bit embarrassed over her brother’s goofy antics.

While everyone is chatting Saya makes herself at home on a park bench.  I guess they don’t have to worry about everyone fighting over who will sleep in the tent.

Jane takes advantage of the alone time to flirt a bit with Jeffrey.  He seems very interested.

A quick first kiss…

…and a bit of woohoo.  Next thing ya know Jane has herself a boyfriend!  Talk about a whirlwind romance.  All she’d planned for the day was writing and collecting.

Saya woke up and instead of taking a plate of some of the food laying everywhere she cooks more.  Such a waste.

In the morning, Jane and Jeffrey both headed to work leaving Saya to her own devices.

She spent a couple of hours chatting with the Grim Reaper.

Then she saw a friend waaaaay away from the lot and ran to talk to him.

Oops.  That was a bit fast.

Time to adopt baby #1!  (I couldn’t decide so I did a random number generator 1-4 and got 4.)

Jane returns home from the adoption agency throwing confetti into the air.

Then she cuddles her new little boy Zane.

Zane is named after Zane Garrett from the Cut & Run book series

After Jeffrey gets home bringing in a similar paycheck to Saya’s they’re able to build a little shelter so baby Zane doesn’t have to sleep outside.

Not bad for less than 5 days!

While all of this is going on Saya has been napping in the garden area across the street from the house.  What on earth will she think when she returns home?

Chapter 008.3

TS4- Drifter II 008.1: Quest for a Computer

House 008 Chapter 1

It’s finally time to start house 008 with Jane Raines.  But first let’s see the stats…

She somehow managed to get 920 satisfaction points.

She has some fishing and gardening skills at least.

Useless traits.

Not too bad.

Once the collectables started spawning she stopped fishing so she could start looking for some.  She got fairly lucky with a few expensive metals.

She found 2 frogs that when bred gave her a $100 frog!  Later she bred them again and got another $100 frog.

She was quite hungry once she’d finished the collecting rounds and grilled up some hot dogs.  I figure this house is hard enough so I’m going to go ahead and use the inventory food cheat.

She is so not happy with the way things are going.

She collapses onto a nearby bench and sleeps the night away.

In the morning, while making the rounds again collecting, she sees her mom run by.

Feeling a bit more confident after purchasing a tent she decides to join the writer career.  Only after making the call does she realize that it would have made much more sense to save up for a computer instead of spending most of her money on a tent.  She can’t get promoted if she can’t even write!

She decides that it might be a good idea to move someone in that can help with the money.  So she calls her friend from school Saya to see if she’s gotten a job yet.

She has!  Time to make friends.

After a bit of cloudgazing, Saya moves in.

Wow!  She was busy in the last few days.

To work on the Freelance Botanist aspiration for some satisfaction points Jane plants what she’s found so far.

Then the two go to the nearby fishing spot for most of the day.  Jane feels better now that she’s not alone.

Now, that was a surprise!

Jane heads home to plant a few more things including the cow plant berry that sells for quite a bit of money as a seedling.

In anticipation of getting a computer soon she had spent money on a table and chair.  Maybe not the best choice considering that she’ll need to work today.  She’s so filthy she can’t sleep.

Since there will be toddlers in the house quite soon it doesn’t make sense to buy a shower.  After buying a tub there’s not much money left to go towards a computer but she enjoys a hot bath.

Saya wakes up just as she’s finishing the bath and they have some late night hot dogs.

Saya had to pee really bad.  I thought that she’d go over to the park and use the toilet there but she didn’t.  She stood there and peed herself then hopped into the tub making Jane go off the lot.

Jane kept heading back to the tent to sleep and repeatedly became shocked that Saya was bathing.

After Jane left for work Saya grilled up some hamburgers for herself.

Then she spent pretty much the entire day playing chess.

Jane came home from work absolutely miserable from lack of sleep and not having fun at work.  She was not pleased with the waste of money grilling hamburgers.

Despite needing a computer she decided it was more important to have some sort of a bathroom.  Obviously, Saya wouldn’t use the park toilet and they couldn’t keep getting sent off the lot when someone needed to use the toilet or tub.  She doesn’t work again for 3 days so this purchase made the most sense.

Then, despite being miserable, she heads around the neighborhood doing more collecting to try to earn the money back she keeps spending on other necessities before the much-needed computer.

The plants in the nearby garden area have all bloomed and she gets quite a bit from selling them.

She has finally bought a computer but it’s late and she’s hungry and extremely tired so she won’t get to use it yet.

Saya shows up and complains about her problems making Jane feel even worse.

In the end, it’s just too much for her and she collapses on the ground.  She’s worked so hard the last few days to get the few things they have that her body can’t do anything more.  Hopefully, Saya will take the hint and be a bit nicer from here on out.

Chapter 008.2

Chapter notes:

This chapter is 3 days.  I forgot to write down the non-house value before I started playing again.

TS4- Drifter II 007.2.9: Wasting Time

House 007 Part 2 Chapter 9

With all of the house tasks done all that was left was to wait for Jane to age up.  Just wasting time until then.


The family is invited to the Spice Festival and everyone participates in the curry challenge.



They were all (except William) miserable from the hot curry so after an hour or so they all headed back home.


In the last chapter, these two were visiting after school.  I didn’t realize they would still be there after the festival.  That boy sure does have an unfortunate nose.


Nathan called asking if he could come over for a visit.


Freya and Jane spent Saturday morning playing chess until Jane reached level 3.


Then they headed back to the park with some family and friends.


I figured it can’t hurt to get Jane’s fishing skill up and I guess the chess playing was a waste of time because she ended up at level 3 of fishing anyway.



While the ladies fish the boys play on the slide.


Then they all head out to the restaurant for dinner.


They played a quick game on the arcade before heading back home to bed.


Thomas invited them to the Flea Market on Sunday and Freya invited Saya along.  I had her chat with her so she wouldn’t disappear like sims always seem to do when you invite them but I think she did after they talked.





Levi and the kids made a beeline for the karaoke bar instead of going to the flea market.


Thomas just stood out front the entire time.


Freya had a work task to use the bubble blower again.


Umm?  She wasn’t even tired.  I assume it must have been from the bubbles?  After awhile I gave up and sent them all home because for some reason, Levi’s needs were terrible.


Almost as soon as they got home the camera jerked over here to where an elder was dying.


When they went home Freya brought Saya.  I’d considered having her hook up with Jane in house 008 but she aged up with the jealous trait so there went that idea.


I keep forgetting he has the insane trait and wondering what on earth he’s doing.  While he flailed his arms Levi walked over and took his sandwich.


I forgot about the garden and the girls ran out to tend it.


Aimee came to visit.  We never did get to see her twins since she never invited everyone to the house.


This is a nice change from breaking stuff in the bathroom.  I approve.


Oh.  I guess he was cleaning it so he could have a citrus soak.



Freya gives Jane some cooking tips… from way across the room.  No idea why.


It’s the morning of the twin’s birthday and they sit chatting while waiting for school.  I wonder if Jane will miss her twin?


Freya does her last review of a performance so I have something to do while the kids are in school.



Argh!  She needed to take a shower and stuff and after school, she just stood there watching tv until like an hour before their birthday announcement.


William goes first…


Ugh.  I forgot to uncheck the vamp ones.


Then it’s Jane’s turn.


A bunch of useless traits.





Chapter 008.1

Chapter notes:

Final house value: $70,446 with only $3,524 in reserve because I really wasn’t trying to make money other than for stuff I wanted to do to the house.  You can download it on the gallery here: Rainescape.  See you in house 008!

TS4- Drifter II 007.2.8: Soulmate

House 007 Chapter 8


As is my habit I decided to do a little more to the house when I started up the save.  I added a pool and a few trees to the backyard, glass doors to the kid’s rooms leading out there, a hot tub to the parent’s balcony, and landscaped the front yard.


Freya usually writes articles for her daily task but I figured it would be more entertaining to review a performance this time.


In the morning they have a mac’n’cheese breakfast.


Freya notices her hips are becoming quite wide and starts a daily jogging regimen.  It’s hard to believe she was so thin when she aged to teen.


Jane starts helping in the garden in case she decides to have one in her house.


It was Saturday and I wanted them to go do something but Freya had to first practice writing for 3 hours and then write a book!


The family has a late dinner.



It popped up that it was Levi’s birthday so a cake at the restaurant sounded fun.  It was not.  I couldn’t get them all to sit and pay attention.  It was very frustrating and by the time they were done, it was after midnight!


Freya and William watch a movie together in the morning.  Annoyingly, Jane woke up in the middle of the night needing to take a shower and never went back to bed.


Since they didn’t get to do much on Saturday they went to the park the next day.  Jane was the only one who caught a fish.


Freya had to paint for her work task so she did it there.


Meanwhile, the family made their way to the area behind the park to grab some food.  I don’t understand why nobody seems to cook on the grills in the park?  I’ve had my sims cook on them so I know they work.  Jane was absolutely miserable at this point so as soon as Freya’s paintings were done they headed home so she could sleep.


While the family was home taking care of their needs Freya headed to the city to review a performance.  She was not impressed.



A little romantic alone time before bed.


Levi does not seem pleased to have 2 ghosts in the hot tub with him after Freya leaves.  Especially napping Ashton.  Apparently, locked doors don’t deter ghosts.  Interesting.  The ghost on the right is Damion from house 003.  He visits quite often.


First Jane came over here to talk to some kid.  William followed to talk to her.  The kid left and Levi headed over to talk to one of them next.  Geeze.  Go home!


I realized that Jane had no skill close to level 3.


I’ve been trying to think of something else to put upstairs.  I know chess isn’t very romantic but it looks good up there.  While I was at it I replaced one of the dressers with a vanity table.  Now that the kids are teens and the vanity table bug won’t have them putting on makeup every time they sit down somewhere.


Everyone but Jane was in bed when it popped up announcing Freya’s birthday so they had a party of two to celebrate.


Freya had yet another task to write a book so she wrote all night and took a moodlet solver in the morning.


I realized that they still needed the final gold date for the aspiration so they headed to Narwal Arms.  Where they went on their second date in part 1.  She’d gotten so many whims for him that their romance bar was almost full by the end.  I think that was what tipped the scales in his favor and made him the winner.


Ugh.  Why do they have the playful task on there?


Yay!  Now we wait for Jane.


Let’s celebrate for old time’s sake.


Level 8!


Wow, they both headed right to the chess table after school.  Once William quit, Jane was about to stop, so Freya ran up there to play a few games with her.  She’s level 2 now.


I guess the ghosts enjoy the chess table too.  The other ghost is Kelvin from house 003.


The worst part of having 2 ghosts haunt is that they break so much!  Both showers and tubs were broken and the kitchen sink!  She didn’t get done repairing until right before the kids got home from school.


Well, at least it’s Freya and not Levi or we’d have a baby alien on the way.



This is hilarious!  It looks like the rainbow is coming out of his armpits!


Both the kids brought friends home after school.  The guy is just… yuck.  But the girl is pretty.


Freya decides to get to know her better.  Her name is Saya and she’s a foodie and outgoing.

Chapter 007.2.9

Chapter notes:

I fully intended for this chapter to be the last of part 2 but when I looked after taking this pic I had 30 already.  It was either stop here and maybe have a shorter final chapter or chance having one long chapter for the end.  I decided to quit when they were invited to the Spice Festival.  It’s Friday night so they should be able to do some fun stuff before the twins age up sometime Tuesday.  I’ve just got to put the finishing touches on the house and it’ll be done.  I don’t know why I haven’t yet.  They have the money.

TS4- Drifter II 007.2.7: Aggravation

House 007 Part 2 Chapter 6


When Freya arrived at the art gallery to study art for her job she found her sister Aimee there.


The next task on her agenda was to spray some graffiti.


Then it’s back home to her family which have oddly converged in the master bathroom to chat.


With two garlic plants and a garlic braid, we still have a vamp standing at the door all night.  Most of the time when one leaves another takes their place shortly after.


I stuck this garlic wreath here and she turned to a bat and disappeared.  I thought yay that really worked… no luck.  Another showed up within minutes.


Some townie ghost showed up and woke Jane.  She was not amused… and really needed a shower.


Levi and William hung out most of the night at the playground.


More additions to the master loft.  I really have no idea what else to put up there for them but it still seems a bit sparse to me.


I really don’t know why this aggravates me so much.  I keep taking screenshots of it!


Back to spraying graffiti.  This job really isn’t turning out to be as fun as I’d expected.


More painting so that we can do more to the house.  I didn’t end up doing anything else to the house in this chapter, though.


Aimee called to see if she could come over and then Ashton showed up and they had a nice chat.  Meanwhile, Freya and the kids were in bed.


Dangit!  I added another garlic braid to no avail!  What do I do?  This worked in my random legacy.  Note from the future: Right after this chapter I had a vampire break in the random legacy house!


I guess other ghosts from the haunted trait will show up when Ashton’s haunting.


This had a major drawback as they both decided to break almost everything in the bathrooms.


I realized when the kids left for school that Levi was sleeping in Jane’s bed.  She must have slept with her mom or napped all night and I didn’t notice because I was preoccupied with ghosts.


It feels like having gremlins in my random legacy save all over again!


Level 7!


I think she did nap all night instead of sleeping.  She took several naps once she got home.  Just go to bed!


I had to wake her from a nap to go blow out her candles.  Happy birthday Jane!


Bro?  Ugh.


William’s turn.  Happy birthday William!


William gets insane.  I’ll take bro, thanks.


Yes, I cheated to get a pic.  Why’s William’s hair so much darker?  Weird.

Chapter 007.2.8

Chapter notes:

The house value goal has been met for a while now but there are still some things I want to do here and there. They still need to go on one more date and that will be completed too.  Unless something exciting happens I expect the next chapter to be the last in this house.  More high-speeding fun.

TS4- Drifter II 007.2.6: Playing Cupid

House 007 Part 2 Chapter 6


Yes, children, that’s right.  Get that homework done!  Neither of them had a skill up to 4 at this point anyway but doing the homework can’t hurt right?


Then grandpa Ashton showed up and chatted with Jane.  I made William stop talking to him so it wouldn’t freeze everything.


Awe!  I’m so glad he’s here!


Later, instead of heading to bed William goes to the playground until school starts.


I decided to make good on my idea I had when writing the previous chapter to have her make some garlic braids for the house.


She’s reading the book that’s on the floor of Willam’s bedroom!


She had to buy some very expensive garlic.  I decided to have her plant it on either side of the front door in case that helps as well.


Then later Jeffrey invited them to the Spice Festival.  They all did the Curry Challenge.


When I saw a tomato bush I decided to have her take advantage of some of the plants there.


Then it’s back home to write a book for work.  This job is annoying, one day she’ll have tasks that are finished in a few minutes and other days she’ll have tasks like this that take the entire day.  She never did manage to get this book finished in time.


The next day she had to go to the art gallery and study art.  Thrilling.


When she got back home she planted some of the seeds she’d harvested the night before.  I decided to only plant 5 dragonfruit.  It seems kinda cheaty to me not having to graft to get them.  I mostly wanted the produce for the fridge.


William’s back at the playground.  I swear he’s here more than at home.  He got motor level 4 from playing over here.


When he was waddling back home there was a vamp standing there.  She seemed really uncomfortable so I suppose the plants there worked somewhat.


The area I’m most interested in is the upstairs but it seems silly to have them living like they have no money downstairs while the upstairs looks all fancy so I decided to go ahead and spend everything they had on the kitchen.


Aimee invited them out to breakfast.  I was trying to get a pic of them talking while eating but the just kept nodding their heads and stuff at each other but not talking.  Also, William’s eggs were of poor quality and I had to stop him from eating and throw them away because he kept gagging on them.  Poor kid!


Finally, after they were done they started talking.  Sheesh.


When they were traveling to the park next I noticed Demetrius on the list of sims that can travel with them.  He’s from house 005 and originally I thought that he was Toby’s son but I realized that he’s actually Talon’s son with the repair girl from house 006!  I decided to go ahead and get these two married.  I gave them twin toddlers and randomized their names.  Meet Vincent and Juniper:

vincent juniper


I have no idea why Leroy is still alive!


They all weren’t at the park for very long.  They had just started swimming when it popped up saying that Freya got a promotion at work and I accidently clicked on the go to work thing instead of work at home.  I was mad because this was Sunday and they didn’t get much family time.


Level 6!


They got home and mom left for work so I had nothing to do but watch the rest of the family.  Levi went to sleep on Jane’s bed.


And the kids headed to the park to play and chat with the million other kids.  Sadly, none of them are kids from the other contestants. Jane got her social skill up to 4.


Then grandpa Ashton visited again.  They’ve only had one random ghost since his gravestone was placed here.


She finally learned how to make a garlic braid and harvested enough for one!


Then I spent all of their money again on the living room area.  I’m trying to go with sort of a french country theme with this house… something different ya know?



Then it was time for another date.  They headed to the club I made.  That chick is totally checking Levi out.  Scram lady!


Time to get flirty.  I added the closet.  I don’t think they had them when I built this place.


Then a massage and some other chick checking him out.  What’s the deal?  This club feels kinda cramped to be honest.  I think I might need to either re-build or renovate.


Another gold date.  Time to party!


A little love poetry to end the night.


I was curious about the other contestants so when I was marrying Aimee and Demetrius I checked to see what’s going on with them…


Wade is married with a son and stepdaughter.


Thomas is married with a daughter.


Jeffrey and Nathan are both married with no kids of their own.  The teens are Nathan’s step-kids, his wife is next to him and the redhead is Jeffrey’s wife. Remind you of someone?


Grady is married with a son.


And last but not least we have Bender.  Married but no kids.

Chapter 007.2.7

TS4- Drifter II 007.2.5: Where It All Began

House 007 Part 2 Chapter 5


The close twins that I envisioned when wanting twins so badly just didn’t happen with these two.  It seems like almost every time they interact it ends with negative marks and they’re both usually doing their own thing.


I’ve been playing my legacy family a lot lately and it’s soooo hard when switching back to this one not to make them up their needs!


Damion, the husband from house 003 visited.  He was one of my favorites.


Freya was out collecting when the camera suddenly jerked over here and it turns out her father Ashton was dying!


Oh wow, that was unexpected.  I was just feeling sad that they would all die and I wouldn’t know until a notification popped up and if it wasn’t for MC Command Center I wouldn’t even get the notifications.


Freya was way over on the other side of the neighborhood completely clueless.


When she was done she grabbed her dad’s urn and now he has a little spot in the backyard.  He hasn’t haunted yet but I’m looking forward to it.  I wonder if he’ll haunt less or more with the haunted trait?


Ugh, remember how Aimee came over sick and it got Freya sick?  Now everyone is getting sick and I can’t do anything about it!


The kids like to hang out in the little playground area.  I’m convinced that the game generates kids to play in these areas.


Bernard from Von Haunte… haunted.


This time it’s Jane over here playing in the wee hours of the night.


I didn’t play for a couple of days and when I started up again they had some money so I decided to work on the house a bit first.  The front…


And the back.  It took forever to get the roof to do something that I didn’t hate.  They’re going to have a hot tub and stuff up there!


Out of money, Freya paints.  After taking some time off I’ve gotten over my reservations of her painting after doing so much of it in the last two houses.


What on earth?  The only thing I can think of is it’s the good schools trait?


Jane has it too.  It’s kinda goofy.  I don’t remember how long it lasted.


Levi turned out to be a great dad.  He’s always spending time with the kids.  I’m relieved that Jane doesn’t treat him the way she did as a toddler.


Wade called Levi wanting to visit.  He has high relationships with almost all of the guys that were in the house.


I took yet another break from playing.  I was just having a hard time getting into it I guess.  When I started back up they had quite a bit of money so I did the master bath, the walls, and the floors.  That painting by the bed was by Levi.  He actually painted a masterpiece this day.  It wasn’t worth much but still.


Ugh.  Jane was awake so when this goofy vampire knocked on the door she went out and talked to him.  I wonder if it would be against the rules to make some garlic braids and pass them down from heir to heir?  Even if it is I think I’ll do it anyway.  They just get me in a bad mood for some reason.


Hey William, go talk your sister into doing her homework too!


Freya had an unfinished work task to paint a mural so she headed to the city.


Bender showed up all flirty and talked to her and this other lady for awhile.  I couldn’t figure out why the timer wasn’t ticking off the hours.


Then, duh, I realized that was graffiti and this is the mural!  *sigh*  Half a day wasted for like $70 bucks!


Back home to cook dinner for the kids.


Then it’s time for date night!  Finally, the kids are older and they have money to travel.  They decided to go to the place where it all began.  Levi won the fishing competition in part one and earned himself a solo date with the lovely Freya.  She might have been confused over who she wanted from then on but they spent most of their free time together after that.  I wasn’t all that surprised he won considering the amount of time they spent together and how hot and heavy things got on their last date before the finale.


A little closet woohoo for memories sake.




Then, with another gold date under their belts, they head upstairs for some dancing.  Jeffrey was there and they all chatted.  The guy with the red hair and orange hoodie is Toby’s son.  (The Cortez family from house 005)  I didn’t realize it until later though so I don’t think she met him.  Too bad since both Toby and Griffin are elders now.


I didn’t remember if I got a notification or not.


Then a passionate kiss before heading home to their little family.

Chapter 007.2.6

Chapter notes:

Like I said in the chapter, this was played out on 3 different days over a couple of week’s time period.  I think I just needed a little break from Drifter.  Hopefully, I’m motivated and will be able to finish up this one and move on to 008 soon!

TS4- Drifter II 007.2.4: Too Much Toddlering

House 007 Part 2 Chapter 4


Here we are again.  I took a few days off of playing drifter and finally get back to it.  For some reason, it seemed like forever waiting for the twins to age to children.


I have no idea why but there wasn’t any food in the fridge.  Freya got a sandwich and was about to put Jane into the high chair when Levi asked what she needed and she said food.  So he put her in the high chair and I was looking to see if William needed anything and noticed that Freya had taken Jane back out!  Dang parents with toddlers drive me nuts!


Freya’s fun need was always low so since the kids needed attention I was having her play with them.  It has the added bonus of being cute.


I swear these toddlers do not act as their traits say they should.  William should have been independent not a charmer and Jane should have been clingy… although she did act a bit wild right before aging up.  Anyway, William’s skills were much higher than Jane’s because he played by himself and got them up.


These vampires are just a nuisance.  I wish they would at least LOOK like vampires!  I’m starting to wonder if it’s possible to remove the pack… but then I have the build mode stuff in some of the houses now.


See?  So independent!  Jane had to have someone take her every time.




More cuteness.  I think he was telling daddy a story.  Also, the only money they made from this chapter was the parents painting autonomously.  Which was like $5,000.  (Some of that was from a painting by grandpa later tho.)


This was funny.  She was giving Jane a bath and Levi hopped into the shower.  I’m glad toddlers don’t embarrass them!


Then it’s William’s turn for a bath.  Freya was just about to give him a bath when Levi picked him up and carried him in.


Ugh.  She was one unhappy toddler.  Very quick to temper.


Dangit Jane!  Stop being mean!


Awe snuggles.


This is my favorite part of toddlers.  Them chatting and playing together… which didn’t happen very often with these two I’m sad to say.


Daddy gets a hug from William.




William takes it in stride that his sister is playing dolls in the nude.


If there were neighbors I’d wonder what they think?  I guess there are always sims walking on the street, though.


Freya’s dad Ashton came to visit.  It was great to see him.


Not sure why they’re chatting in the bathroom.  I’m glad it’s big enough for a pic.


Daddy just chillin’ with the tots.  Freya was exhausted so she was sleeping.


Great-grandma Mona from house 005 came to visit.  She’s always angry.


Speaking of angry.  William woke him up.  Never wake a lazy sim.


Back to sleep.  At least the sparking computer doesn’t bother him.  I did eventually have Freya call a repair service.


Freya’s little sister Aimee came to visit.  Unfortunately, she was obviously sick and I wondered if she would give it to the others… she did.


A little later Ashton came knocking on the door again and Freya had to get out of bed to invite him in.  Poor girl was always tired.


Levi entertained their guests while she slept.


Jane woke from a nightmare and grandpa told her a story.  Mom had to wake up to put her back to bed, though.


Colin, Mona the last ghosts husband, came to visit that night as Freya was just about to crawl back into bed.


Odd place to play with a toy.  Luckily it’s a safe neighborhood… well back to the whole no neighbors thing but you know… nevermind.


Then FINALLY it’s time to age up to children!  Not soon enough I swear.  Jane goes first.



Then William.



Yes, I cheated and controlled them to get a pic.   They’re cuties for sure.


I went back into the game after my exhaustion from the toddlers was over and extended the house a few squares on each side, split the nursery in half and made them each a bedroom.  I think it came out pretty darn good.  I found most of it by going under different categories and searching for pink and blue.  I closed the game before I realized I didn’t write down the house value.  I think it’s at a little over 30k with the upstairs completely bare still.  I’m starting to get worried that I won’t think of enough stuff to put up there and make it look good because the size of the house downstairs keeps increasing.

Chapter 007.2.5

Chapter notes:

I really hope that Jane has a better disposition as a child and teen than she did as a toddler because frankly, I didn’t like her much as a toddler at all.  William was adorable but she was always mad or sad for stupid reasons and was just plain mean to everyone most of the time.  I wanted twins because I thought they’d spend time with each other but these two were rarely in the same room.  I’m a bit disappointed.  Note from the future: Boy this chapter comes out kinda bitchy.  I guess I shouldn’t have written it right after playing it.  Jane really got under my skin, sorry guys.

TS4- Drifter II 007.2.3: Cuteness Overload

House 007 Part 2 Chapter 3


Time to get spammed with twin cuteness!  Although they aren’t very exciting as babies really.  I decorated the nursery for now but I’m thinking of changing the shape of the house some so that they can have separate rooms as children.


Just as I thought Levi is a great dad.  He has some sort of baby radar and comes running whenever one of them cries getting there way before Freya.  Although he usually doesn’t do what they need the first few times he always manages to get there sooner or later.


He even painted this!  Awe!


She got promoted to level 5 although she didn’t work.


It’s birthday party time!  Thomas is the first guest and he makes a beeline for little William.


Time to age up Jane first.



Then it’s William’s turn.



Freya brings William over to meet his grandpa Ashton.


Wade has a conversation with Jane.


Thomas and Leroy play with both toddlers.


While Jeffrey seems to enjoy his solitude by painting in the corner by himself.  Perhaps he’s thinking it should have been him with the family?


Selena was in a bad mood and was really ticking me off.  It was good to see everyone though despite that.


So cute!  Cannot handle the cuteness!


William drew quite the crowd.  I know it is rare to have boys in this family so I guess it’s not surprising.


I have no idea who gave him that burrito or if he swiped it off of the table.  Freya was getting him something when I noticed him crawl onto the bed and start munching away.  His auntie Aimee plays with a toy while he eats.


Jane has a chat with Nathan.


Then everyone leaves and the twins are tuckered out from all of the excitement of their birthdays.  Night night!


Well, of course until you have to be woken up in the middle of the night to eat again.


And then back to sleep.


After getting a few more hours of sleep Freya had to wake up again to feed Jane.  Darn I hate it when they use their diapers before you can make the parent stick them on the potty chair.


But it is adorable when they get baths.


Working on thinking skill.


Look at them toddling around!


Both of the parents spend all their time with the kids even when I’m not telling Freya to spend time with them.


Fun with dad!


Ugh.  She got an angry moodlet from something and totally took it out on poor Levi.  Their relationship took a major dive and I almost made Freya intervene because I felt so bad for him.


Dang ghosts!  The ones from the family I don’t mind as much but the ones from townies really annoy me.


Levi was up most of the night with William.


Wandering outside.


Finally, mommy woke up to go put him to bed.


It wasn’t long before they needed to eat, though.


Poor kid.


Finally with both toddlers tucked into bed the exhausted parents get a little sleep… at 3 in the afternoon!  Hope you enjoyed the cuteness.  It’s been a madhouse!

Chapter 007.2.4