TS4- Dynasty Challenge 1.3: Cat’s Clan

Gen 1 Chapter 3


I got some advise to create a club and add all of her friends from the different neighborhoods in it.  So when I started playing again Liberty was there so she asked her to be in her club Cat’s Clan.


Then Diego got off of work so they went to the Rattlesnake Juice Bar in Oasis Springs in hopes that she could meet someone from that neighborhood to befriend as well.


I wasn’t really paying attention to them, I was looking for friend candidates so I was pretty darned surprised when I heard the doom noise and saw the mixologist had passed away and Cat was making drinks!


It’s the Spencer-Kim mom but I forget her name.  So sad.


But what luck for Cat!  The replacement mixologist is Zoe Patel and she lives in Oasis Springs.  I thought she lived in Willow Creek but if she did then MC Command Center moved her.  So how about joining the friend club Zoe!


When they got home I bought Diego an easel so he can get his skill up for work and he painted this.  Poor guy.


In the morning they went to Windenburg to find a friend there.  Cat met Ulrike and got to know her a bit.  Sounds like she has a lot in common with Cat and Diego being a fellow art lover.


Diego dreams of not living on the lawn anymore.  I think we can make that happen!


Meanwhile back at the coffee shop Cat invites Ulrike to her club.  Now we just need someone from the city and Newcrest.  I looked through the sims living in the city and nobody caught my eye.  I may wait to see if MC Command Center moves a homeless sim in there.  Newcrest depends on her placing a house there and she just spent most of her money on a park.  Should’a done a house first!


She was just a sliver away from having enough skill to graft so she talked to the plants for awhile.


Finally!  She takes a cutting from the snapdragon and grafts it onto the lily.  Someday soon she’ll have orchids she can plant.


Then Diego needed to write a column for work so they headed to the library.  Cat chatted with Zoe while he wrote.


I decided to grant Diego’s wish for a little house.  I don’t have any plans to start the mansion anytime soon so I figured might as well spend a little on walls to give them a home.


It’s sparse but homey.


Since she’d almost completed the homestyle cooking skill she started working a bit on gourmet cooking.


Cloudgazing before work while Diego paints.  They’ve fallen into a rhythm now.


Then after she leaves Diego heads to the library to write articles and work on his book.


Cat is promoted to level 5!


I wasn’t sure how much mixology skill she would need and I keep forgetting to look.


I’m really loving these two together.


Liberty stopped over in the morning and Cat made her pancakes but she didn’t want any.


Cat plants the orchid.  I realized as I was writing this chapter that I hadn’t grafted the pomegranate with the orchid plant and jumped back onto the game to do so because I was afraid I’d forget.


The problem with making drinks to skill up and for work tasks is she keeps stopping to drink them.  So she makes some for Diego too.


When playing another save I realized that having a good relationship with co-workers is supposed to increase work performance!  I’d never realized that.  So she invited over the only co-worker she knew Akito and became friends with him.


Diego is promoted to level 8!


I keep accidentally clicking on work from home.  He had to recommend hangouts so he ran around the neighborhood and did it while Cat gardened.


I keep seeing people posting for a 10k house challenge on Twitter.  I got to thinking I wonder if any of these houses would work for putting into Newcrest.  After selling all of her garden produce Cat had this house built.  It is 10k Starter House by xBihzx.  I added a few extra touches so the total cost was $10,135.


I found a family on the gallery because I was feeling lazy.  They are Varn by Hockeysmurfen99.


Toddlers are so cute I couldn’t resist trying to find a family with one!  The mom’s name is Ida and she’s now in Cat’s club.  Just need a city dweller to complete it.


I saw this while I was paused looking around the neighborhood.  I thought it was funny.


Success!  This girl Joyce lives in the city!  She also works with Cat so being friends will have an additional unintended bonus.  She didn’t seem to understand why Cat was running over to meet her at first but she warmed up.  Must be city living that makes her leary.


Cat invites her to her club and now it’s complete!  Time for a wedding and parties to commence now that Cat has her friends!


I left this big so you can see everyone better.

Sorry guys but this is the end.  I really have no idea why I lost interest in this one but it’s been so long that if I decide to try the challenge again I’ll start over.

TS4- Dynasty Challenge 1.2: Go, Diego, Go!

Gen 1 Chapter 2


I really wanted to work on getting up Cat’s friendship with Liberty.  They met for coffee and ended up chatting with a bunch of sims in a group.


I considered this guy Holden for Cat briefly.  He had pretty good traits but I’m not that much of a fan of the yellow blonde hair so I decided to hold out to see if there’s anyone else.


The problem with having to be social is I feel like I’m making no progress so I had her do a quick painting before she headed home for bed.  This is the first time she’s painted even though it’s her aspiration.


She needed fun so she read the vampire book for awhile.  Not sure if reading about vampires before bed is the best idea!


In the morning she went to the museum in Oasis Springs and I was thinking if she viewed art she’d get inspired to paint but I think that might only be if they have art lover.  While she was looking at the painting Diego Lobo walked over and started talking to her.  Ya know he looks a lot like Wolfgang Munch if you ignore the goofy glasses and suit.


I was intrigued so she got to know him better.  He has a job and his traits aren’t horrible.


Since she still needed to get inspired to paint they cloudgazed for a bit.


She was about to go upstairs to paint when I realized that Alice Spencer-Kim had taken over the only easel!  I love that painting.  I thought it might be new but when I posted a pic of it on Twitter someone said they’d seen it.  I went back later to see what type of painting it was but I guess I left the lot before she could finish!  Bummer.


I decided to just take her to the art center because it has more than one easel and Diego went with her and chatted for awhile.


Yay!  I hadn’t expected a promotion the first day.


This garden got to be an anchor.  I wanted her to go places and work on skills and relationships but was stuck watering every morning for hours.  This day by the time she got done with the garden, work tasks and getting her fun up it was time for work!


At least this happened!  Two days in a row!


The fun need is so annoying.  She has to work hard at work and by the time she gets home it’s practically red.  She brought Diego to the library to talk while she played but he wandered off.


She needed mixology for her next promo and I originally took her to the art gallery to make drinks but the mixologist got there and she couldn’t do any more.  No promo that day.


She was finally fairly high friends with Diego and it was time to move it up to the next level.  So they met at the gallery and did some flirting.  He was all for it.  I doubt he gets many ladys dressed like that.


The darned game didn’t pause quick enough for the first kiss.  Here’s the second!


Malcolm you creeper go find a girl of your own!


New boyfiend selfie!


Despite her very flirty mood she got promoted again!


I had just taken her to the museum to paint when Diego called her out to eat.  Sure why not?  I need to go into this restaurant and change the menu because there’s barely anything to choose from.


After that they went to The Bluffs.


Yay they’re engaged!  I decided to just have him move in because spending time with him is taking so much time away from the other things she needs to work on.  Also, I was dying to get him out of those clothes!  Erm, that sounds naughty.


I actually didn’t change much.  The color of his earrings, gave him glasses and a new wardrobe.  I didn’t change his hair or anything else.  Those tattoos were there!  I knew he had an inner freak just waiting to get out.


I gave in and got a table and chairs since eating standing in front of the fridge won’t work anymore.


After Drifter it’s really weird controlling the other sims.  He’s tasting some of the drinks she’s making.  It was almost time for him to leave for work so I figured she could mix drinks until he left.  He’s a level 7 Arts Critic.  Since she has always had an interest in art and wants to be a painter extraordinaire it’s a pretty good pairing.

01-28-17_11-43-09-am 01-28-17_11-43-20-am

Okay so when Diego moved in he brought an insane amount of money.  I had written down how much she had before he moved in and deducted it all.  Then I got to thinking if she had married a random townie instead she would have gotten $20,000 when they moved in.  So I figured she could spend that amount on a community lot.  I built this little park in Newcrest.  I actually spent over $2,000 more of her own money and I’m still not satisfied with it so I plan to do more to it in the future.  I thought it would be cool to have the wishing well since I don’t have it in any of my other saves.

Chapter 1.3

Chapter notes:

Progress- Engaged to Diego; on second level of aspiration; cooking 5, gardening 4, vamp lore 4, painting 3; career 4; park in Newcrest.

TS4- Dynasty Challenge 1.1: Living in Sylvan

Gen 1 Chapter 1

Alrighty!  You’ve already met our founder here’s her aspiration and traits.

The lot trait for this generation.

I couldn’t decide whether I wanted to start in Sylvan Glade or the San Myshumo park.  So I sent her to the park to first to see if it might possibly have some of the harvestables she’ll be needing.

After collecting all of the frogs I could find she fished for a while while I searched and searched the area for plants.

Then I remembered frog breeding and saw these two babies!  Score!

She took a few minutes to meet Liberty Lee.  I did leave all of the EA pre-mades in this save with the exception of a few I’ve married into other saves cuz that would just be weird.  I think Liberty will be our Willow Creek friend.  She seems pretty cool and I’ve never done anything with her before.

Sadly, I couldn’t find anything there except a potato plant.

She got all of her needs up at the park and headed to Sylvan Glade.

She got all the frogs first and then fished while waiting to see if anything was harvestable soon.

Things must be awkward in their house!

Woot!  She caught 2!

Holy cow this is awesome!

This is a really really great start for her money-wise.  She now has all the basics on her lot.  I had planned to take her back to the park to get her needs up but that was before her awesome catches!

She wanted to research vampire history to find out more about what she was getting into.  After reading a bit she discovered a book and purchased it so she can continue learning about them.

She stopped at a nearby pub for a quick drink of nectar fulfilling a few whims while there and meeting a few sims.

Then it was back to Sylvan Glade.  In my drifter saves I usually use moodlet solver potions and stay there for a few days waiting for things to be harvestable but I didn’t have that option this time and had at first planned to take a tent but that doesn’t give her an option to fulfill her bladder need.

That’s awesome!  Now we have less to graft.

Finally a few things (lily and snapdragon) were harvestable so she grabbed them and headed home.

Before bed she planted her prizes.  Did you know if you plant a cowberry it’s instantly worth $475 in buy mode?

In the morning she got a counter so that she could start cooking instead of eating non-filling quick meals.

Then she made her way to the city to see what GeekCon is all about.  She met a bunch of sims while she was there then headed back once again to Sylvan Glade.  At this point I think both her and I were sick of that place!

Uh, what?  She needed to go home and when I hit M this popped up.

Then Vlad showed up!  I guess he was checking up on her progress?

The problem was her needs were terrible!  He kept talking to her while she freaked out and couldn’t travel.

See!  Ohmygosh.  I thought she’d pee herself!

Fast forward past finally being able to leave the long conversation with Vlad… It’s the next day, Wednesday.  She got a job in the culinary career that morning and starts in two days.  She didn’t wake up until after noon so she got her needs up and headed back to danged Sylvan Glade where after fishing for a few hours the strawberry bushes were finally harvestable!  So from Sylvan, she got snapdragons, strawberries, lilies, and pomegranates.  Now she can graft to make dragonfruit for money and orchids to graft on the pomegranates to make death flowers.  First, she has to get her gardening skill up!

She planted everything before bed then had to water it when she woke up.  For some reason the ground on this lot is all weird and she couldn’t plant in some places so I just moved everything into planter boxes to make it easier.  Now that the mission for plants is over I’m worried that I waited too long to get a job but there’s nothing I can do about it.

Chapter 1.2

Chapter notes:

I didn’t create Cat myself.  I got her by randomizing sims from the gallery in CAS then changed her clothes and makeup.  I had planned to leave a note here so you can find her on the gallery if you’d like but when I tried to find her it brought up a bunch of sims like her all by different people!  So I have no idea who the original creator was to thank them.

At this point, I’m a bit worried since I haven’t worked on her career, aspiration or skills yet!  She’s barely filled any whims either.  My strategy was to get the dragonfruit going to have a good steady income while she also works on her gardening skill.  I had no idea it would take so long.  I had planned for her to begin her career on Weds not Fri.   I think my focus should have been career/aspiration/skills first and money 2nd.  I was just so sick of Sylvan Glade I wanted to be done with it.  We’ll see how it goes!

TS4- Dynasty Challenge 1.05: An Unlikely Bargin

Gen 1 Chapter .05


Meet Cat Argeneau.  Her parents recently died days before she aged to young adult.  The hospital bills stacked up in the final days and the house had to be sold to pay for them leaving poor Cat homeless and with nothing when they passed away.  Since then she has been roaming looking for a place to call home.  On this day, this strange day, she stumbled upon what seemed like at one time had been a little community but it appeared abandoned.


She stood in the square looking around.  It was very pretty cool and a bit spooky.  It was surrounded by empty lots that looked like there used to be homes on them.  She was saddened thinking of whatever fate had caused such a neat place to become deserted.


She stood looking at the worn old statue and as she contemplated where she would sleep that night. Then she noticed a road winding up toward the mountains.


She had no where else to go so out of curiosity she followed the road until she came to a gate flanked by two huge gargoyles.  Speaking of huge the mansion was enormous!


She didn’t even pause to think about it.  She marched right up the steps to the door.  Perhaps whoever lived here could tell her what happened to the little town.


When the door was opened she did a double take.  Was that?  No way.  Couldn’t be!  He looked just like the man in the worn statue in the square!  She blurted this out and the man just gave her a unreadable look.


Well that was weird and disconcerting.  The man just disappeared into a cloud of dark mist before her eyes!  Cat began to think she was losing her mind.


A moment later the man, who she learned was named Vladislaus Straud, called to her from the adjoining room. After following him in and sitting down with him she asked about the whole poofing thing and he became quiet.


He told her it had been many years since he had any contact with anyone and he has fallen out of practice of hiding his vampire powers.  If Cat hadn’t seen it with her own eyes she wouldn’t have believed him when he said something so outlandish as that he was a vampire!  She asked him what she would need to do to become a vampire like him. At this point she’d do anything to fit in somewhere even if it was in this strange place.  Vlad sat looking at her in thought for a few minutes.


Then he walked her over to a book.  In the book he showed her a very complicated recipe for something called ambrosia.  It had diagrams of plants and instructions on how to graft them to create new plants.  He said he wanted human companions but he couldn’t bear to watch anyone else close to him die.  He said that in addition to some other requirements he needed her to provide this ambrosia on a regular basis to keep his companions young.  In return she and her heirs would become immortal.


He excused himself for quite a long time and when he came back he had a piece of paper with a list on it and handed it to her.   Before he pushed her out the door and gave her directions to the lot that would become her home he pleaded with her to be quick with completing her tasks.  Not only would it be better to become immortal while young but he was eager to have human companions in his household again.


A home!  Finally!  Cat was so excited and stunned she could hardly believe it.  With shaky hands she pulled the note out of her shorts pocket and looked over the rules she had hastily agreed to without looking at them first…

  1. No childe of mine will be uneducated and unemployed.  You and all of your heirs must reach the top of a unique career and become proficient in 5 skills of your choosing.
  2. It is important to have goals to aspire to.  Each generation should complete a set of goals they have laid out for themselves.
  3. Everyone should experience love and loss before taking on immortality.  It is also imperative to produce an heir.  You and your heirs must search and find their soulmate and woo them.
  4. I do not want to see another community torn apart and abandoned as mine was.  Thus I task you to visit other communities and build something nice for each one so that people will be drawn there and they will thrive.
  5. It saddens me deeply to see all of my hollow with no houses as I know it has saddened you.  I also task you with building a house for someone to live in in each of the aforementioned communities so that someone homeless may have a home.
  6. I would also like to see my hollow thrive again.  In addition to your heirs you should produce more children, grandchildren and so forth to fill new homes that will be built here.
  7. Life is lonely living with no friends.  Go out into the outside world and meet others.  Make friends and host parties in other communities.  Pass this task on to your heirs so that they will never know the pain of loneliness as you and I have.
  8. It is important to be able to have something to show for all of your efforts, thus you must contribute collectibles plus a painted portrait of all heirs to an immortal museum that you will build.
  9. Once you have completed the requirements above for your generation and your heir has been born bring me the ambrosia that I seek and I will make you immortal.

Chapter 1.1

Author’s note:

This version of the Immortal Dynasty Challenge was written by Pollyannasims.  The rules are here.  There’s actually more to it and it’s much more detailed than what I had Vlad write out.  I wanted it to sound like something someone would write but the basics are there.  When I started reading Pollyannasims’ play-through of this challenge I was intrigued by the idea of doing it with the goal of becoming a vampire, so we talked about it and decided that my sims would still need to make the ambrosia like any other person doing the challenge.  I just made it a requirement by Vlad to give it to him when it’s made since technically there will be no reason for my immortals to use it.  

As to the name Cat Argeneau… Pollyannasims asked me if I was going to do a naming pattern for this challenge.  I hadn’t really thought of it but once she gave me the idea I decided to use names of vampires from my favorite books.  Argeneau is from the Argeneau series by Lynsay Sands one of my all time favorite book series!  Cat is from the Night Huntress series by Jeaniene Frost, Cat’s husband Bones is one of the hottest male characters in the genre.

Using the heir rules from the legacy challenge website I’ve decided to go with Strict Equality… meaning the next heir will be a male and it will switch between female and male each generation.  This ensures I’ll get a chance to use some of the awesome guy vamp names!

I did this intro chapter as a story but I plan to continue it in my regular commentary writing style.  This one was just a bit of fun and quite stressful to tell you the truth.  I couldn’t control Vlad so I had to watch for him to do something and pause quick to take a pic.  Also, he started playing the organ and she REALLY didn’t like it.  I didn’t have mods in to make her mood fine again so I had to search for a cheat.  I’ll leave posing and story based Simlit to others who have more patience!