Drifter Challenge II

This is the chapter index for Drifter II.  It’s not a requirement to read Drifter I but it might make more sense once you get to Drifter Reboot.

Chapter 001.1: Starting Over
Chapter 001.2: Single Child
Chapter 001.3: It’s Electric!
Chapter 001.4: The Teen Years

Chapter 002.1: A Fruitless Search
Chapter 002.2: Hot and Cold
Chapter 002.3: Pepper’s Crooner
Chapter 002.4: Granite Falls Fun
Chapter 002.5: Scrambling for Cash
Chapter 002.6: Got My Way
Chapter 002.7: Complete!

Chapter 003.1: Deja Vu
Chapter 003.2: My Cowplant Best Friend
Chapter 003.3: Raking in the Cash
Chapter 003.4: RIP Cowplant
Chapter 003.5: Tesla Ages Up
Chapter 003.6: Terrible Twos
Chapter 003.7: Aging Up
Chapter 003.8: Enjoying the Final Days

Chapter 004.1: Bad Traits
Chapter 004.2: Got a Rocket
Chapter 004.3: Settling Down
Chapter 004.4: Nooboo & Alien Friend
Chapter 004.5: Refocusing Attention
Chapter 004.6: Toddling Around
Chapter 004.7: Mad Scientist?
Chapter 004.8: Love Lost None Gained
Chapter 004.9: It’s an Ending

Chapter 005.1: A Rocky Start
Chapter 005.2: Chasing Down Kids
Chapter 005.3: Engagements and Weddings
Chapter 005.4: Such a Good Dad
Chapter 005.5: Treasure Hunt
Chapter 005.6: In the Homestretch!
Chapter 005.7: Meet and Greet
Chapter 005.8: Final Days and House Tour

Fails Chapter Index

Chapter 006.1: Let’s Try this Again!
Chapter 006.2: Love is in the Air
Chapter 006.3: Heat of the Moment
Chapter 006.4: Circle of Life
Chapter 006.5: Mansion Baron
Chapter 006.6: Learning Lots of Skills
Chapter 006.7: Sisterly Bond
Chapter 006.8: A Bit of a Vaca
Chapter 006.9: Rosebud and Raines

Chapter 007.1.1: Meet the Guys!
Chapter 007.1.2: Utter Confusion!
Chapter 007.1.3: Let the Competition Begin
Chapter 007.1.4: Fishing for a Date
Chapter 007.1.5: Drifting Love
Chapter 007.1.6: The Dates Begin
Chapter 007.1.7: No Passion?
Chapter 007.1.8: Always a Party
Chapter 007.1.9: So Close!

Chapter 007.2.1: The Struggles of Love
Chapter 007.2.2: Twins!!!
Chapter 007.2.3: Cuteness Overload
Chapter 007.2.4: Too Much Toddlering
Chapter 007.2.5: Where It All Began
Chapter 007.2.6: Playing Cupid
Chapter 007.2.7: Aggravation
Chapter 007.2.8: Soulmate
Chapter 007.2.9: Wasting Time

Chapter 008.1: Quest for a Computer
Chapter 008.2: Landing a Boyfriend
Chapter 008.3: Here We Grow