Drifter Challenge I

Can’t Buy Love… a Drifter Challenge

Chapter 001.1: Brock Rover
Chapter 001.2: Can’t Buy Love
Chapter 001.3: Bouncing Babies
Chapter 001.4: Our Alien Visitor
Chapter 001.5: House Complete Now What?
Chapter 001.6: A New Addition

Chapter 002.1: Slim Pickens
Chapter 002.2: Lovestruck
Chapter 002.3: A Bit Risky
Chapter 002.4: Hello Darkness My Old Friend
Chapter 002.5: Triplets in the house!
Chapter 002.6: Have You Seen Her?
Chapter 002.7: Survivalist

Chapter 003.1: Supreme Villain!
Chapter 003.2: Whirlwind Romance
Chapter 003.3: Emotional Essences
Chapter 003.4: Angling Ace
Chapter 003.5: Teens!
Chapter 003.6: Forgotten Grotto

Chapter 004.1: That’s Science
Chapter 004.2: Rockets and Roommates
Chapter 004.3: Sixam!
Chapter 004.4: Transformation Addiction
Chapter 004.5: Too Many Fires!
Chapter 004.6: Extraterrestrial Explorer
Chapter 004.7: An Unfortunate Turn of Events

Chapter 005.1: A Drifting Partner!
Chapter 005.2: Treasure Hunt!
Chapter 005.3: Branching Out
Chapter 005.4: Weddings and Nooboos
Chapter 005.5: Let the Waiting Game Begin
Chapter 005.6: Together ‘Till the End

Chapter 006.1: Extreme Edition!
Chapter 006.2: Sad Painting Parade
Chapter 006.3: Construction Concerns
Chapter 006.4: Full House Insanity
Chapter 006.5: Weddings and Renovations
Chapter 006.6: The Circle of Life
Chapter 006.7: Mansion Baron!
Chapter 006.8: My Little Heart
Chapter 006.9: Yet More Building
Chapter 006.10: The Great Pumpkin
Chapter 006.11: The Lost Days
Chapter 006.12: Rosebud

Chapter 007.1.1: Meeting and Flirting
Chapter 007.1.2: Party and Painting
Chapter 007.1.3: Disaster Date
Chapter 007.1.4: Legendary Date
Chapter 007.1.5: Engaged!
Chapter 007.2.1: The Wedding
Chapter 007.2.2: A Little “Housekeeping”
Chapter 007.2.3: The House Jamie Wants
Chapter 007.2.4: Our Future Author
Chapter 007.2.5: The Playground
Chapter 007.2.6: Cursed by Less!
Chapter 007.2.7: Learning Landscaping
Chapter 007.2.8: Waiting for the Birthday
Chapter 007.2.9: Party and Unsuccessful Dates
Chapter 007.2.10: Soulmate and Done!

Chapter 008.1: Gideon
Chapter 008.2: Mercy
Chapter 008.3: Third Time’s a Charm
Chapter 008.4: Finn & Mercy
Chapter 008.5: Lissianna
Chapter 008.6: To Nooboo or not to Nooboo?
Chapter 008.7: Atticus
Chapter 008.8: Much Needed Renovations
Chapter 008.9: Hiding in the Trash
Chapter 008.10: Hello My Friend!
Chapter 008.11: Creator of Worlds
Chapter 008.12: VoidCritter Master!
Chapter 008.13: Sadness and Surprises

Chapter 009.1: The Not-So Iron Druid
Chapter 009.2: Oberon at Last!

After a long break without playing and some changes to the drifter rules, I decided to start over with house 001.  The chapter index is here: Drifter II