TS4- Xenophilia Challenge Ch 1: Something Strange

Chapter 1



Lazlo had always known that he had been named after an ancestor that lived in a place called Strangetown but when he found the letter and photograph with directions to a house in Oasis Springs he was surprised and confused.  The letter and photograph appeared on his kitchen counter the morning of his 21st birthday.  Having recently lost his parents and has no other living relatives he felt like he had nothing to lose and decided to check out the house and see what this “task” entailed.

Standing outside of the house on the first day Lazlo was more confused than ever.  There was a note on the kitchen counter with instructions…

  1. Turn on the satellite in the front yard.
  2.  You may travel away from the house only on the first day, from then on you will be sequestered in your home.
  3. You may not move anyone into the house.
  4. You cannot hire anyone to work in the house.
  5.  Be home by 9pm.

Lazlo takes the advice of the note and goes out to meet some other sims.

He draws quite a crowd.  He meets a total of 13 sims that day and a few he’d even consider his friends.  Throughout the day Lazlo couldn’t help but feeling like he was being watched.  He decided he was just paranoid from being in a new town with some unknown duty that he wasn’t sure he’d be able to accomplish.

He arrives back at the house at exactly 9pm and notices strange lights outside.  When he goes to investigate he’s beamed up into a spaceship!

After a few hours aboard the spaceship which Lazlo would gladly forget he’s beamed back to the house.  He heads straight for bed.

Lazlo has always dreamed of writing science fiction novels.  When he wakes up in the morning he begins his first novel and chalks the experience of the previous night up to strange dreams and an over-active imagination.

Something strange is definitely happening to Lazlo’s body.  At first he thought he just had a tummy ache, he imagined he even saw little sparks around his belly.  Then he decided that he was having some kind of weird weight gain.  He was glad that he had met some locals that he could call to chat on the phone when he was lonely.  If anyone mentioned stopping by to see him he made up an excuse why they couldn’t.  He couldn’t let anyone see him like this!

Lazlo stopped eating eggs and toast for breakfast and went on a strict diet of yogurt.  It wasn’t helping much with the weight gain.  If anything he’d gained more weight.  One morning he was shocked to feel something move inside him!  He thought back to the picture of his namesake and the strange green baby… his thoughts were just too insane to accept!

Until one night a strange cradle appeared out of nowhere.  When he started having terrible pains in his stomach he was too frightened of the implications to go to the hospital.  To his amazement he gave birth to a little green baby.  Like the one in the picture!  His reasons for being here were beginning to become clearer to Lazlo.  He named the baby boy Comet.

After Comet was born Lazlo was once again beamed up into the spaceship.  This time he knew what to expect.

When he returned there was a crowd of aliens at the house waiting for him.  They informed him that after Comet aged up to a child he would need to learn to disguise himself and that he could never leave the house undisguised.

So when the time came for the baby to age up to a child Lazlo explained to him about the disguise.

Comet couldn’t explain how he knew how to change his form.  It was just an ability that he had been born with.  All he had to do was think about looking human and he did.

Lazlo had learned his purpose here and just as the letter said his son Comet had become a joy to him.  But how many more babies would there be?  Now he understood why he could never leave the house.  He’d managed to get some books published and with the income from the books and the allowance that appeared in his account every week he had enough to pay the bills.  He loved his son but he wondered if this would be his life from now on?

Chapter 2

Chapter notes: The photo and letter are from Lazlo Curious of my Curiouser and Curiouser Sims 2 story.  

At a later date I rewrote the rules to this challenge.  You can find them here: Xenophilia Challenge Rules.

I had headline effects turned on after installing the mod and thought that Lazlo’s reactions were so funny that I had to take screenshots and include them despite hating having the UI and plumbobs showing.  I didn’t bother adding notes to those pictures because I only took them to show his reactions.

The house is Curious Strangetown by Smudget.  There were much more accurate representations of the Curious house on the gallery but 1. I hated the Curious house & 2. None of those houses had enough room for a full house of alien children.  As it is I’m most likely going to have to add on to the basement so they can have more than one bathroom.

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