TS4- Whim Challenge 4.11: Birthdays and Fitness

Gen 4 Chapter 11

I ended the last chapter with the family out to lunch.  Before they left Jackie’s dad showed up.

They stayed there for a few more hours so that she could get some time with him.

The downtime during the day when everyone is at work and school that I enjoyed so much is really boring now that Hanna is a child too.  Luckily Khloe’s girlfriends seem to show up a lot more often lately.

Once again one of them ends up repairing something.  So weird.

Jackie’s dad invited her over to his house.

While there she met her half sister Hazel and her stepmother.

On Jackie’s birthday they were invited too.

Which was pointless because Hazel made a mess…

…and her dad was on the toilet.

Oh well, I guess the family that counts was there for her.  She turned out gorgeous!

A loner in a family this big?

Soon it will be Brin’s turn to age up and be a teen like her cousin.

For some reason, Khloe got tons of cooking whims.  She ended up filling up the fridge for a change which was nice.

Hazel came home from school with one of them and started making a mess again.  I just had them ask her to leave.

Shockingly, Colin had a woohoo whim for Saya.

Everybody’s been sick and I’m always hoping they’ll get the darned medicine whim so I can do something about it.

This made me laugh.

I searched the apartment and couldn’t find them.  They ended up being in the bathroom with Aahdya moping of all things.

Luckily, Khloe had a social whim and after starting a conversation I had her “sit and chat here.”  Geeze.

The kids got out of school and none of them went into the apartment.

I got Fitness Stuff.  It’s hard to see but she’s got the earbuds in.  I wonder if she got them because she’s a teen or because she’s a music lover?


Get your groove on!  Time to check out the gym.

This is Fitness Outdoors by Drutrubuilder.  I freaking love it!

Hanna was not happy at all to be punished for making a mess.  They sure do make messes a lot.  Saya, get that sneer off your face.

Uh, yea.  So y’all are supposed to be in the gym.

I was getting frustrated.  Nobody was going near the rock wall and nobody was having any whims for it.  Khloe hung out talking at these treadmills.

Colin was on these and Jackie was doing yoga.

The kids were all just doing whatever and it was starting to get late.  I was not happy.

Gasp!  I was just about to make them go home when I saw Colin on the rock wall treadmill thingy!  Hurrah!  It was pretty cool to watch but he wasn’t on it long.  They’ve definitely gotta go back soon.

But there’s a darned nightlight!

Well, at least she wasn’t scared I guess.

Then it was time for Brin to age up to teen.

Ugh.  Slob?

I didn’t realize until looking at the pics that I gave her the same shirt just in a different color that Jackie has.  I guess I’ll have to change it.  I had a hard time putting goofball and slob together into outfits.  She has a pretty no-fuss haircut and no makeup.  Her other outfit is sweatpants.  I was really lost with this one.  Note from the future: I totally changed her outifts after this.  I love them.

For your entertainment.  Gave me a chuckle.

Chapter 4.12

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5 thoughts on “TS4- Whim Challenge 4.11: Birthdays and Fitness

    1. I love her but the loner trait is driving me nuts! Plus, when she gets the be alone whim it never does anything when I make her go somewhere alone. Oh well, they can’t all get good traits!

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