TS4- Whim Challenge 4.13: Oh the Mood Swings!

Gen 4 Chapter 13

I finally got sick of the fact that any time one of the kids used the dollhouse one of the adults stopped whatever they were doing to play too.  Plus, the kids were like addicted to it and played with it constantly.  So now that it’s gone Hanna has been spending a lot of time with this doctor kit.  Her empathy was already pretty high and now it’s close to being locked in.

Uriel wanted to say something to his mom Saya.  I figured he’d go outside to the hallway to talk to her but no.  She must have somehow sensed that he wanted to talk to her and came in and sat down on the couch.  Whatever.

I thought this was hilarious!  I watched the whole time she tried to un-jam this garbage shoot.

Nothing like making a mess right under mom’s feet Hanna!

Ugh.  Let the mood swings commence.

All of the emotional whims that she got were ones that would have made her hysteria worse so I had her do a workout one.  I know it looks goofy but I don’t feel like moving the room around so they can be in front of the tv.

It was on there 3 times that she was working out?

They keep cooking on top of this sink and putting the serving plate on there too.  So weird.

For some odd reason, the sad bear moodlet is overpowering the sleep one.

She woke up so sad!  Look at that little face!  I’m going to miss that face when she ages up to teen.

Uriel was in a phase that he didn’t want to be around anybody and his dad went to hug him and he pushed him away and started using bad words.  So funny.

Jackie had an emotional moodlet to cook which gave her some cooking skill and now she keeps getting whims to cook.  I’m definitely not complaining!

The mail seriously only got there like 2 hours before this.  The landlord came pounding on the door screaming at her!  In my defense I did que her up to pay it but must have qued something for after that which always cancels it out.

She wanted to read a book at the library and I was so bored with her at home.  She had annoying whims that I couldn’t do and was just stuck sitting there watching her before this.

I had her bring along Aadhya so I could see the preggo belly…

No preggo belly?  Awe!

This is like 2 hours later when the girls all came to the apartment.  What the heck?

The kids keep getting stuck at school for an hour or so after they’re done.

Ugh.  So Uriel was mortified and Brin was very sad.  Both with mood swings.

He wanted to listen to loud music.  Not sure how that helps with embarrassment.


Poor girl.

Ohmygosh that face!  Look at his little lip sticking out.  I have to admit, as scary as those mood swings are they keep me very occupied with the kids following every emotional whim to help them calm down.

Hey, I thought you were a slob?  Also, that outfit.  I love it!

Grandpa Tate always ends up cleaning something when he visits.  He doesn’t seem to mind though.

Colin woke up early and interrupted him cleaning up dishes for a chat.

That’s so funny!

I can only imagine what rumors Brin’s telling Jackie!

Oh no!

The funny part is that Brin will freak out every time she walks by this destroyed project.  Highly entertaining.  I have no idea who destroyed it.  I didn’t even know it happened until I noticed she was angry.

She had a focused whim to upgrade something.  Whatever.  Anyway, when watching her I realized how scary skinny she is now! She’s constantly working out.

Why are they playing the game from behind the couch?

I finally got frustrated with them being up at 2am and got these two a cheaper bed.

They were still the first ones up.  Geeze guys.

Khloe wanted to use the treadmill at the gym and she brought her friends along.  Aadhya must have been in a super speed pregnancy because she’s in labor already.  I enjoyed watching her while they were there.  Eventually, she left.

Watching this never gets old.  I really wish they got whims for using it though.  I have to wait for them to autonomously use it.

Geeze.  They’re all miserable.  They were stuck at school for two hours longer than they needed to be.  Also, I keep switching the two older girls to “meet friends” when they’re at school since they have As and they keep meeting children!  Grr.

More party frenzy.  At least they’re all sitting where they can actually see the tv this time.

I like that little controller icon.

Yet another thing that they don’t get whims for.  Also, the parents never assist autonomously.  The kids will work on the project and then get focused and leave it to do homework.

She does not look convinced in whatever responsible thing that Uncle Colin is trying to teach her.

But he gets a big hug in the end so it’s worth it.  All of the kids now have a full responsibility meter!

A/N: For some crazy reason I took tons of pics of various things that I couldn’t really fit into the chapter.  So here they are…

Look!  He gained charisma.  I’ve never seen that before!

Now that she’s level 9 parenting it tells what the kids lose with that choice too.

Look at how many satisfaction points she has unspent!  Holy cow!

Jackie’s dad’s an elder now.

First unflirty whim I’ve seen and it’s so funny.

Chapter 4.14

Chapter notes:

Not much longer before the heir needs to be decided.  Jackie has 4 days, Brin has 7, and Uriel has 9.  At this time Jackie’s winning the poll but Brin is close behind her.  I can’t wait to see who wins!  <<<Obviously this was written before we knew Jackie won.

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    1. It made it more fun but I do wish there were more whims regarding parenting. The only way I get away with doing most of the stuff they do is giving them the super parent aspiration.

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