TS4- Drifter Challenge 004.7: An Unfortunate Turn of Events

House 004 Chapter 7

07-17-16_8-36-15 PM

Brett seems about as thrilled as I am about continuing this.  But I’ve seen others post pictures of an alien party and I really didn’t want to miss it so I didn’t have him retire right away.

07-17-16_8-50-10 PM

*sigh*  They wake up and do that but when I click on them I see no monster.  Meanwhile, they wake everyone in the house.  That nightlight is useless.

07-17-16_8-51-00 PM

Just a bit of family time.

07-17-16_8-56-20 PM

Brett gets the ability to transform his co-workers.  For some reason, it always seems to give them grey hair, which is really weird.

07-17-16_9-04-37 PM

Speaking of grey hair, his twin sister Brie comes over and I don’t know why but I’m surprised that she’s an elder.  I guess because she was pregnant at his elder birthday party.

07-17-16_9-18-13 PM

Brett continues upgrading everything in the house but it seems pointless because it seems like everything still breaks constantly.

07-17-16_9-29-05 PM

I was bored of just watching him upgrade stuff so the next day they went to the park.

07-17-16_9-32-58 PM

Brett gets some well-earned relaxation time.

07-17-16_9-38-53 PM

When they get home he cloudgazed with Lexa.


Lexa gets an A the day before aging to teen.

07-17-16_9-51-24 PM

Not sure why I took this picture.  I think it was to show he cloned death flowers.

07-17-16_9-57-18 PM

Cousin Patrick ages to elder.

07-17-16_9-58-19 PM

Awe aren’t they so cute doing their homework like good kids?

07-17-16_10-05-53 PM

Lexa ages to teen.

07-17-16_10-15-16 PM

She’s very pretty.  I like the shape of her face.

07-17-16_10-20-30 PM

I was hoping since she started with a B in high school that if Brett could play chess with her enough she’d get a skill up to 3 to get an A… she did get it up to 3, but the A never happened.

07-17-16_10-23-18 PM

This is the little girl they met at the park.  I think her name is Adrienne?  She came home from school with Drew.


Finally, what I’ve been waiting for!

07-17-16_10-54-46 PM

Yay!  The alien party!

07-17-16_10-56-48 PM

Of course, most of them were wearing that darned CC dress.  I need to figure out what it is and delete it.

07-17-16_11-00-25 PM

He made friends with this guy and took a DNA sample.


What?  Already?!?

07-17-16_11-13-02 PM

Laurie joins the others as an elder.

07-17-16_11-26-03 PM

Time for Drew to age to teen.

07-17-16_11-30-36 PM

You can tell he’s got the Rover genetics.  Look how much like his uncle Patrick he looks.

07-17-16_11-53-40 PM

The kids enjoying some time together… the calm before the storm.


Oh man.  This isn’t good.

07-17-16_11-55-38 PM

Definitely not good.  He didn’t even get to enjoy his retirement.  He was only retired a few days.

07-17-16_11-56-50 PM

I thought that since he had a death flower in his inventory it would buy him more time.  The thought never occurred to me to have someone plead for him.  Even another day would have changed the way things turned out.  Also, notice Lexa peeing while everyone is freaking out?  Weird sims.

07-17-16_11-59-55 PM

His grave goes out by his rocket and space plants.  There are 8 days until Lexa ages to young adult.


The bills came the day after he died.  Like I said, one more day would have made all the difference.

07-18-16_12-18-56 AM

He haunts the house the next day.  He didn’t break anything… not that it will matter much in the long run.


The power gets cut off.  5 days to go.


They get the warning about the water.  4 days to go.

07-18-16_12-34-17 AM

With no tv and computer, everyone turns to books and sometimes the chess table for fun.  They don’t read long and leave books everywhere that I’m constantly putting away.


The water is cut off.  3 days to go.

07-18-16_12-45-35 AM

This girl comes over after school.  She’s somehow related to them.  She lives in house 002.  I think she’s Patrick’s neice.

07-18-16_12-47-42 AM

Patrick dies.  See how he turned orange like that?


He showed up like he was playable for a day or so.

07-18-16_12-52-33 AM

Things are starting to look pretty bad.  After I took this I realized I can drag the dirty plates into the garbage can.

07-18-16_12-59-48 AM

She keeps sitting down and starting to play chess but she’s too miserable and she stops soon after.

07-18-16_1-04-50 AM

Everyone in the house is miserable really.

07-18-16_1-08-30 AM

Randy ages to elder alone in his bedroom with no cake.

07-18-16_1-17-57 AM

Then Lexa ages to young adult.  Finally!  House 004 is done!  I’m so not looking forward to starting house 005 with her needs the way they are:


Chapter 005.1

12 thoughts on “TS4- Drifter Challenge 004.7: An Unfortunate Turn of Events

    1. It was insane! I had planned for if all the plumbing started to break. The thought of the bills never occurred to me!


    1. It was torture. I had to force myself to keep my hands away from the keyboard and mouse and just had the camera on her while I watched and waited.

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