TS4- Drifter Challenge 007.2.10: Soulmate and Done!

House 007 Part 2 Chapter 10

08-08-16_9-54-34 AM

Ice cream headache.  Yes, eat the ice cream, fatten up!


08-08-16_10-00-23 AM

Okay so in my like 10 or more tests to figure out why dates wouldn’t work for me I kept waking them up in the middle of the night for it.  Since I was pretty sure it would work this time I let them sleep and then started a date at home in the morning… not realizing that Jamie’s needs were terrible.  Oh well, I powered through it and got a gold.

08-08-16_10-16-25 AM

After she took a shower and ate they went to the lounge.  The kids were in school so I didn’t have to worry about them.  Got another gold.

08-08-16_10-20-48 AM

They hung out for a bit while I tried to remember who the ghosts were and then he asked her on the final date.

08-08-16_10-29-07 AM

They went to Von Haunte.  Powered through this one too.

TS4_x64 2016-08-08 10-29-21-92

Aspiration achieved!  Thank goodness.  Notice that only Larissa came there after school?  I kept trying to get the twins to go there and it wasn’t working.  I just wanted to get these dates done, the last thing I wanted to do was cancel it to go back home to bring them back.

08-08-16_10-56-35 AM

When they got home I found a new spot for the mailbox and had him re-license a song so that I could test it out and it works.  I added some outdoor lights and a campfire and called the house done.  Now I’m just waiting for Larissa to age up.

08-08-16_12-07-00 PM

The kids from houses 001-006 in order by house.  I went into manage worlds and gave them all makeovers.

08-08-16_12-09-15 PM

Some of the kids hanging out while Larissa sleeps.  She’s almost always a mess.  I don’t know why.

08-08-16_12-26-36 PM

I invited the girls living in houses 001-005 over and couldn’t find Tasha.  She was in that darned closet crying!

08-08-16_12-28-09 PM

I got them all pregnant again.  Why?  Because I was thinking that I may move one or more of their older kids into 008 and so I’ll need another kid as placeholder for those houses.  They’re all getting close to elder so I just put them straight to their third trimester.

08-08-16_12-29-27 PM

I looked up the author career and it needs some logic skill so I had them work on that a few times when her needs weren’t terrible.  Might have been a bad idea because it didn’t give her the opportunity to do her homework, if she would have who knows.

08-08-16_1-03-11 PM 08-08-16_1-03-56 PM

She called wanting to come over and showed up burnt and then I saw him walking by the house minutes later looking burnt as well.  Apparently, they were both in a fire?  No clue what happened there.

08-08-16_1-05-55 PM

This is that girl that was crying in the closet one day aged to teen.

08-08-16_1-13-41 PM

The girls spending some time with mom one morning.

babies3 babies4

Babies were born!

08-08-16_1-24-28 PM

I’m really glad I got this shot of the twins on the day of their birthdays.

08-08-16_1-39-39 PM

Here they are aged up to teen.  I was trying to get a shot of them both blowing out the candles at the same time but one decided to do it on the other side of the bar and I didn’t get a shot at all.  Maci aged up with that hair and I don’t think I’ve used the hair either of them have.  They’re cuties.

08-08-16_8-28-50 PM

They aged up and pretty much went right to bed.  Thrilling.

08-08-16_8-41-35 PM

I believe this was a Friday after school.  I figured she had the whole weekend to do her homework so they might as well play some chess together.

08-08-16_8-50-00 PM

Ugh.  She’s going into that stupid closet to cry.  I’m not putting one in the next house.

08-08-16_8-51-42 PM

Baylee sleeping in the tub.

08-08-16_8-59-57 PM

The girls having some quality time with dad one morning.

08-08-16_9-01-17 PM

She started doing her homework so I stopped whatever he was doing and made him run to help.  She completed it and the next day did the extra credit even.

08-08-16_9-03-36 PM

After she was done everyone crowds in.

08-08-16_9-05-13 PM

More gardening with dad.

08-08-16_9-14-35 PM

Decided to get them out of the house for a bit and had them go to the park to fish.  They look way too pleased with that seaweed.

08-08-16_9-23-58 PM

I noticed these kids and I think they’re all kids from the other houses.  I know for sure a couple of them are.  The blue haired girl is Kiley’s from house 004, she has the exact same hairstyle her older sister had.

08-08-16_9-34-16 PM

These kids are always a mess!

08-08-16_9-54-05 PM

Seriously though!  My gosh.  By this point, I was getting pretty worried about how bad Larissa’s needs were going to be when she aged up the next day… and rightfully so!

08-08-16_10-02-29 PM

Larissa’s birthday isn’t until like 6pm but Thad and Jamie’s is in the morning after school started.  Awe, they’re elders now.

08-08-16_10-08-52 PM

I had Thad form a group and go to the kitchen but Jamie wouldn’t stop painting so she’s not in the pic.  Larissa never made an A in high school.  One more day and she would have.  Her needs are terrible too.  I’m not feeling optimistic about the start of house 008.

Chapter 008.1

Chapter notes:

This chapter is 10 days.  I wasn’t feeling the best so I kinda just sped through those last days so that I would have a chapter to write.  I originally intended to take more screenshots of the dates and all but after the mess with not being able to get it to work I just wanted to do them and get it over with! I’m a bit disappointed, I had planned to take them on vacation to Granite Falls after Larissa got her A but she never did.  Hopefully in house 008.  I’ll post Larissa’s skills, needs and all of that at the start of 008.

Here’s the link to the house if you’re interested: Roverscape.  Or you can find it on the gallery in game with my origin id: Rainydayz179.  It ended up being valued at $79,743!  Wowza.  They also had over 70k in reserve.  I really didn’t bother trying to make money after I was happy with the house.

11 thoughts on “TS4- Drifter Challenge 007.2.10: Soulmate and Done!

    1. Thanks Tiger! She made it through the first night fine without any potions. I’m saving up for traits, so unfortunately, no potions.


  1. Gratz on finishing!! I’m glad you were able to get the dates to work. Those singed sims are odd lol. I wonder if they were at the park grilling together or something? The twins are adorable! Good luck in house 008!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Misfit! I had actually been looking forward to the dates prior the the issues, I feel kinda bad for rushing through them but I was so over it by then. The twins are so cute, I’m going to miss them!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Well done Rainy! Congrats on completing House 007! 🎉😀 I wasn’t too busy at work, so I finished reading your House 007 at the office. 🙉🙊😉 So many websites are blocked, but blogs are not. 😃 Then, I waited to have a moment to post my comments from home. Now I need to catch up on Larissa and House 008. ☺️

    Liked by 1 person

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